Wednesday, July 6, 2011

AFGHAN WOMEN LAWMAKER'S IN ACTION: "MY GIRL" ... A Tribute to those LADIES a Lil on the HOT & SPICY side PT.2 ...

This Part Two of "My Girl" ... A tribute to those LADIES a Lil on the HOT & SPICY side ... will be to take a look at the new Afghanistan Parliament in action with it's women lawmaker's expressing their right to voice their opinion's in the good old fashioned Democracy style. Now this is what Democracy is all about ... got to love these gal's ... I mean ... they really earn their paycheck's ... we need more of these type's in Washington actually! These gal's dont give a shit about political correctness, or their damn reputation! :)

But in honour to you ladies ... I also want to post a video to dedicate to ya'll from us (U.S.), of one of my favourite's of course, of Avril Lavigne doing a cover of Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" (Excellent remake Avril done, I may add) ... I love you bad ass gal's! :)

"MY GIRL" ... A Tribute to those LADIES a Lil on the HOT & SPICY side PT.1


Afghanistan Parliament Uniting Upon Shoes! Women cat fight broke out! ... Thanx to IMREGRETTIN

AVRIL LAVIGNE: ... Bad Reputation ... Thanx to AVRILERJAPAN



Infidel753 said...

Heh.....I guess democracy can get a tad too lively. It's lucky Islam forbids alcohol -- just imagine what those ladies would be like if they got drunk!

Maybe this kind of thing is why the Chinese and Russians developed the habit of making people take off their shoes when they go indoors?

Ranch Chimp said...

Hell Infodell! ... I didnt know that the Russian's also had that shoes off policy too(?) ... my dauhgter out in Rowlett (suburbia Dallas) does that shoes off policy stuff ... but too, she has them expensive imported rug's too ... I thought may be why ... no ... I dont take off my goddamn shoes anywayz ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. I love giving gal's a few drinx, and having them get a lil out of line ... or shall I say ... spicy ... alwayz been fun for me! :)

As far as Islam forbiding alcohol ... who need's alcohol or would even want that when you have a Hookah pipe ... and the best opium poppi's in the world? :) ... I wouldnt want no goddamn booze either with that! :)

Later Guy ....