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KYLE RICHARDS & ACLU: ... South Carolina and Michigan's Battle ... "PORN Again and BORN Again" (Incarcerated American PT.3)

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Part 3 of "Incarcerated American" will take a look at two ungoing cases of suit's in court's in Michigan and South Carolina, not connected, but an issue that has been long overdue in America to be dealt with ... one being the restriction/ ban of literature in jail's/ prison's across America, with the exception of the Holy Bible, Quran, and mainstream magazine's ... and the issue of pornographic material's being allowed in prison/ jail's. Having been incarcerated myself, and as far as I know, the first person in Texas (appoximately 20 year's ago) to get alternative religious material's into the Dallas County Jail and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (prison system), I am obligated to address this in this journal, and as a promise to other's who been incarcerated and/ or familia/ loved one's incarcerated. I didnt have to go through the court's, I dealt with staff/ official's of Texas' institution's to allow inmate's to also be allowed material's of alternative belief system's, and alternative art/ literature ... and it was granted basically. Detroit News: ... Report: Malcomb County inmate suing Snyder, the State over pornography ban in prison ... ACLU sues South Carolina jail over literature ban, Prison's lawyer's say ACLU want's to allow porn


ABC15.comNews/ Phoenix: ... ACLU sues for right's to pornography for South Carolina inmates ...

In the Michigan case with Mr. Kyle Richards ... it is to allow pornographic material's into the jail's/ prison's, in his case claiming issue's of being cruel and unusual punishment as far as sexual and sensory deprivation, and I want to commend Mr. Richards on this and wish the best as well, because this is a hard case to push/ make ... especially in such a sexually repressive country, as I point out in this journal's "Sexploitation Nation" Series . One of the most common arguement's is that ... if a person is incarcerated they should be punished, those who argue this look at pornography/ sex as a type of reward/ pleasure only. I dont see it as that ... I feel that sexuality is a good health practice and basic necessity, such as eating/ food/ water, defecation/ urination, sleeping, excercising, etc ... I mean this is as natural to us all as a species.

Also I would think that not just folk's that are liberated but especially even fundamoralist's type folk's would be supportive of this ... Why? ... because many of them folk's downplay homosexuality, and especially advocacy of such ... to deny a safe and hygenic heterosexual activity, would basically promote homosexuality, since sexuality is a necessity to most ... they should also speak out more about celibacy as well in the Catholic Priesthood, because this has also forced pedophilia and homosexual act's as well. After all ... the prison's/ jail's are full of sexual activity as it is, much even illegal, and being encouraged by some staff even, who are even behind illegal sex trade activities ... and this is not just amongst the male's ... the female's are also just as active equally in their institution's as well.

Another arguement is taxpaying citizen's saying that they dont want to pay for this ... this is also a popular misunderstanding by many who have never been incarcerated, or had familia/ friend's that were. Understand as it is ... hardly a damn thing is paid for by taxpayer's in the prison's, but the very basic's of basic's as to what it take's to stay "alive" (dead inmate's dont make money), most of the inmate's I known, had to buy most of their food, as well as all their personal hygiene product's, at over inflated price's at that, as well as the phone/ communication system's which also are corporate system's that have major contract's that bring in billion's a year, off the inmate's and familia's/ loved one's of them. The $35/ $40K a year ya'll pay in taxes to these institution's, are basically going to staff's, inhouse clinic's, and private corporation's into the privatized prison business and staff's/ director's. Plus the inmate's do cheap corporate labour at the same time, which make's it so major manufacturer's/ companies can have them do free to little or no cost labour, and not have to hire folk's of the free world civilian's for them job's. Basically as I wrote in the other Part One in this series, prison/ incarceration's is a big business ... especially what they sell to inmate's. Even much of the agriculture is done inhouse, yet charged extra to the taxpayer's, I could go on and on ... it's a racket to a large extent. Adult/ pornographic material's WOULD BE paid for like everything else by the inmate's off their book's/ account's ... NOT taxpayer's ... that's just an urban myth.

As far as the case with the ACLU in South Carolina ... this is more pop culture urban myth smokescreening, that this is about them only wanting to get "porn" into the prison's/ jail's. It is common knowledge that probably the most promoted book/ literature in these institution's coast to coast is the Holy Bible, and of course the most popular ritual in them is getting "born again". The thing is, since we are a nation with so much cultural diversity as well as our own national identity/ culture as being such ... we can all understand that not just one belief system work's for everyone ... and if getting born again worked so well ... well ... you wouldnt have so many repeat offender's getting born again, and again, and again, and again, or so many that have gotten off drug's/ alcohol for a short duration during their incarceration, simply because they didnt have enough money on their book's in there to afford the black market drug's that are as prevalent as soap and toothpaste in some of these institution's. They get back out to the freeworld, back to the old hood/ friend's and such (I mean, you certainly cant afford in most cases to upgrade your standard of living and neighborhood ... and are back where you came from), off paper/ parole and they relapse again and again, having to get born again and again.

There are many book's that are more current and up to date with our overall culture and time's and advanced belief system's that are even more inspirational than the Holy Bible or Quran for many folk's, and if they cant get access to them, how can we expect them to rehabilitate at all, if those inspirational literature's, that some rely on, are not available to them? I mean ... I certainly feel the same way about the Holy Bible or the Quran ... I would never deny either one of them to any inmate.

PORN Again ... BORN Again ... I support both

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Infidel753 said...

At least six states in the US allow conjugal visits for prison inmates who are married. If prisoners are allowed the real thing, it seems odd to deny them pictures of it for punishment reasons.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your voice and opinion here Infodell. I also heard that the conjugal visit's are somewhat allowed, I wasnt sure to what extent, or what state's though, and havent really looked into that ... yet ... but again, thank's for bringing this to light. I agree as far as denying it for punishment reason's, and I also think that sexuality promote's good health, and is as common as excercise, even if it's just masturbation. The odd thing was in the video in Phoenix that I posted, the gal/ reporter said when she worked in El Paso (TX) she would get fan mail from inmate's who watch her ... this is also common, what's odd though, is that alot of these good looking reporter's dont realize that the inmate's are watching them with the sound muted, need I say more? :)

Later Guy ....