Monday, July 25, 2011

CONVERSION THERAPY: "Saving Gay's is like Saving the Rain Forest" & What happened to Good Ole Fashioned Sex Deviation's ? (Sexploitation Nation PT.7)

Pope Benedict XVI addresses cardinals for Christmas wishes in in the Clementine Hall at the Vatican December 22, 2008. REUTERS/Max Rossi

Pope Benedict addresses colleagues right before Christmas 2008 concerning homosexuality, comparing saving gay's as to like saving nature and the rain forest's, that homosexuality is more of an illness to be treated, not a sin, but homosexual act's are a sin ... now remind you about all the male on male sexual abuse that has surfaced in the Catholic church, I have to wonder how many of those colleagues may have been involved with homosexual act's, eh? Is not sodomizing boyz by adult male's a "homosexual act"?

Part 7 of "Sexploitation Nation" will take a look at more pop culture news and rant's over the "Conversion Therapy" racket ... back in the 1980's or so ... you also had other faithed based government milking businesses to make folk's think through hypnosis that they were victim's of satanic ritual abuse back in their childhood, etc. Of course, this more recent venture is once again to create another programme to save folk's or convert them, etc.

Our society forced into a debate over someone and how they practice sex ... that's about as importante as worrying about how we arrange our eating utensil's at the dinner table, how we prefer to squat when taking a shit, or the proper way to urinate, or sleep ... or thing's/ practice's that are normal daily function's of animal's all over the planet ... including the human animal species, which has went so far out of their way to try to seperate themselves from nature thinking their different and superior to nature ... we havent evolved to that point ... yet. As far as religion's ... or what so and so in an ancient civilisation done or said ... I mean ... who give's a shit? (beside's for the art and literature value) Does any of it put food in your belly? a roof over your head?, get you a paycheck?, in 21st century societies? I myself reckonize my animal/ self nature ... and that I need what other animal's need, and know how delicate life/ flesh is, having faced death, pain, need for nourishment, sleep, etc before ... that's the reality!

I was so filled with awe, love, affection, and almost had tear's in my eye's, reading what the Vatican of course said about comparing saving gay folk's, to saving the rain forest's ... I didnt know whether to cry, fall to my knee's in praise, wind my watch, text my neighborhood Pastor, or take a shit. However, it's great to see that everyone is full of love, saving humanity and trying to get gay dude's to get gal's pregnant to, since we have such a population shortage, too many job's and not enough worker's, and over abundance of wealth and food ... especially the Vatican. A couple gay folk's to me, having an affair, or relationship/ marriage, etc ... may not be in tune with the majority of the species, but not very deviant in my opinion, but to each their own. I dont have much else to say, other than what I said in other posting's linked here.




POPE LIKEN'S SAVING GAY PEOPLE TO SAVING RAIN FOREST'S ... of course good for the Vatican and their love of humanity, creation, ecology, etc ... which should be inspiration to also stop protecting so much pedophilia abuse they have been accused of and have admitted to ... I mean, why would you not let a priest marry knowing their practicing homosexuality, especially on children at that? Perhap's ... to lead them into temptation, then start another side business to save them from what you fostered on them indirectly ... after all ... it is business, is it not?

HOMOSEXUALITY & PSYCHIATRY: HOMOSEXUALITY IS VERY ABNORMAL BEHAVIOUR ... of course at the very end of this article, it show's who is clearly backing this, not until you hear all the deviation's of course first .... below I wanted to add this link (updated 13 August 2013) **** I wanted to add this also, because frankly I dont give a shit whether homosexuality is "normal" or not ... the fact is, that it's a reality, it exist's in practice, and whether or not you accept it or not, is not going to change that, period.

***** FREE REPUBLIC: Exposed: The Myth That Psychiatry Has Proven That Homosexuality Behaviour Is Normal

"The Marquis de Sade" ... Thanx to JHERMBABY ... while browsing some point's on sexual deviation's ... I chose this crew to take a look at it. I mean, what in Hell ever happened to good ole fashioned down home deviation's ... back when I was a kid I was reading about real sexual deviation's, like the work's of the Marquis de Sade

Of course, hearing of all this sickness their looking to cure, I couldnt help to think of one of my old favourite classic's from "Alice in Chains" ... called "Sickman" ... Thanx to FCKROCKNROLL ... this will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"



Infidel753 said...

The Vatican link actually talks about saving humanity from homosexuality as being like saving the rain forests. If they talk about "saving" homosexuals, it's only in the sense of trying to make them give up homosexuality. Aside from that it's nothing but their usual God's-plan gibberish, though.

The psychiatric "abnormal behavior" link really shows how similar this mentality is to the old anti-Jewish conspiracy theories. Fags/Jews are engaged in some vast evil conspiracy to cover up how evil they are, and the fact that there's no evidence for this and hardly anyone believes it, just shows how effective the conspiracy is.

That kind of thinking does deserve attention from psychiatrists -- it's a form of paranoia.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hell ... I know that Infodell!! But it was more fun making my post putting my twist on it. They look at homosexuality as a disease ... I look at religion as a disease to humanity, and look at humanity as a disease to nature.

What inspired this posting was listening to this CNN video and the show host and doctor discussing the psychological respsonse variation's to therapy, society, etc ... this goddamn shit was so goddamn twisted and confusing at first to me, just listening to this, I had to view it twice just to grasp all this shit ... I wondered year's ago .... what kind of person actually worries about what the Hell someone else does sexually? Now I know. I never would have guessed 20 year's ago I would be writing about some crap like controversies over folk's having sex, or their eating, pissing, shitting, sleeping habit's, that most other goddamn animal's do daily too. I mean ... really .... get a f'n life people! or get laid or something! Geeeez!

Thanx for your voice here Infodell ....