Friday, July 29, 2011

YELLO (MEIER/ PERON/ & BLANK): ... "Oh Yeah", "The Expert", "Jungle Bill" & "Bostich" ...

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(left to right) Carlos Peron, Dieter Meier & Boris Blank

This induction into the RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY will be to honour and take a look at 3 artist's out of Switzerland who call their project "YELLO", Boris Blank, Dieter Meier and Carlos Peron have really done some impressive work's across the board for over 3 decade's now, and deserve every ounce of credit due for their influence and mark in this genre of the industry.

I look at them as a cornerstone of the post modern industrial music genre, who were some of the earliest of what's labeled as Electronika and Techno ... kind of a more eccentric dance sound that permeated those club scene's in the 1980's especially, and still to this day have earned their stay, with so many remixes of classic to current work's. I can tell you in the 1980's, whether you visited these type venue's in New York, Dallas, or London ... they were in big demand, and for good reason ... and these are the town's where I discovered these gentlemen with their wee morning hour's intoxicating mixes, which inspired me many year's ago to dig deeper in their worx. All I can say is impressive work Gentlemen and Thank You!

They have so many mixes and I spent several hour's literally on and off over the last week or so scouring YouTube to try to decide on 4 to post here, that are short and cover their year's, most known, and focused on visual and audio qualities most. Enjoy ....

YELLO- 11- Oh Yeah (HD) Live ... Thanx to SLAVA MALTSEV

THE EXPERT (this is a newer piece of work released late 2009) ... Thanx to RASTACHEETAH

JUNGLE BILL ... Thanx to YelloVEVO

BOSTICH ... Thanx to YelloVEVO



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