Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CUT, CAP & BALANCE: Ranch Chimp's CONSERVATIVE Approach/ Proposal for TRUE Fiscal Reform ...

I have alwayz agreed with Conservative's that we need to cut our excessive spending in Washington ... which has been enormous ... and being a fiscally conservative American, I found cut's that can be made immediately, and so much, that you wont even have to touch senior's medicare/ medicaid, or even SSI/ Entitlement's, and you will get much American support across the board. Show your true conservative patriotism as I and other's do, and put your money where your mouth is ... a large part of the solution below. Thank You ... God Bless Ya'll ... and may God Bless the United States of America.




Weaseldog said...

I saw an article not long ago that argued that total pentagon related expenditures amount to more than a $trillion / year. That most of their expenses are spread out in the budgets of other agencies.

Even the conservative view of their costs would allow us to rehire all of the fired teachers and give them all raises that are competitive with professionals in private industry.

Just cut the budgets for administrative paper pushers that allow excesses such as $50,000 for private bedroom furniture.

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Jack/ WD ... and I see that your more hip to shit than the average bear ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) ... because that doesnt suprise me a damn bit at all, and that's exactly how they play these budget game's, they have more goddamn department's/ account's than you can shake a stick at, where the cost's are divied up into 20 bloody department's (I know alot of their trick's Bub). Therefore at the same time, hitting two or more bird's with one stone, for one, when asked for "accountability" of a certain aspect and/ or cost of what such and such serve's, and two, to make thing's/ spending less than it actually is.

$50K for bedroom furniture!!(?) ... get a goddamn rope brother! ... even the car rental's they have are for gas guzzling high end/ luxury vehicle's ... boy oh boy ... are they enviromentally conscious, the list of their personal spending and benefit's is endless, why do you think they are so slow to change? Who would want to?

Thanx for your contribution here Jack ....