Friday, July 22, 2011

MIGUEL CABALLERO: "FASHION & ACTION" ... Fashion in Mind, for those Special Time's ...

This posting into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be a tad different than the usual music/ art's pick's, and will focus on the fashion world. And to take a look at and honour, the Miguel Caballero Company and it's unique design's and their multi purpose. So unique, that they had to patent their specially designed composition's/ material's.

Also I want to credit a friend (I cant post their name here), who was just visiting from Monterrey, NL, Mexico for bringing this to my atencion while in Dallas. I fortunately was able to find some YouTube video in link below and some read on the company.

Of course the average working class person cant afford this line of design's, but the competition is also in the worx, and over time will flex out more in the market's. In Mexico right now there are some tough time's due to conflict's of those in the drug trade and other related issue's, that we hear about here and there, and a need to be more aware and careful where you are and who around when in public too. There is just more of a chance these dayz to run into action, whether relaxing at the pool, or taking in some music and drinx at one of the venue's, or just shopping and strolling the central mercado's/ market's even, and a need to keep that in mind. I personally cancelled my plan's a year ago to visit Monterrey simply because of the issue's on this ... and I am one who frequented Mexico quite a bit year's ago.

Bulletproof Clothing ... Thanx to VICE



Four Dinners said...

I love Mexican food!

er...that's not really relevent is it?...soz...just me being me..

Right off to watch the fashion vid...lot's of scantily clad young ladies I hope?...;-)

I'm such a heathen you know...

Four Dinners said...

Bullet Proof???? Good grief! And I thought Britain was screwed up!

Quite extraordinary old bean. Quite extraordinary!

Ranch Chimp said...

Heathen's 4D? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... arent we all Guy to an extent? ... and exactly why I have no use for religion's :)

Sure Mexicano food is relevent here ... after all ... what's Mexico without it's food ... however, I want to tell you that there is s difference between TexMex food and MexMex food ... and most "gringo's" like myself are more addicted to the TexMex, although dont realize it's TexMex and call it Mexicano (there's a big difference) I am like the old school Mexicano too (like those from Mexico), because I am also a big fan of MexMex ... the shit I eat brother would make most folk's think their mouthes are on fire as far as salsa's, or their asshole's in the morning ... I also eat thing's like cow tongue's in taco's and gut lining's of animal's such as in Menudo, etc and other internal organ's ... that's just me brother ... I spent a large portion of my life in a Mexicano enviroment, my neighborhood even is probably over two third's latino, and no ... it is not in poverty ... as so many American's have a stereotype view that latino's are living in poverty. I took a friend to Mexico who was visiting from the Pacific Coast (USA) who never been to Texas or Mexico, he was suprised when in Mexico how much it was like USA, since he been to place's such as Egypt before where the poverty was remarkable compared to anything in the west. I also consider Mexico as Texas's back yard (Texas was a state of Mexico once as well, then even a country of it's own, Texas currency had a nude woman on it, fact) ... we are a culture of the same actually, just different language's, and even those dialect's fluxuate between Texas and Mexico, making spanish speaking Texican's/ Tejano's have a harder time trying to understand those Mexicano's from South Mexico or such and their dialect and slang term's of espanol. Long story Guy, but thanx for your mention here.

The bulletproof thing ... no biggie, it's just a sign of the time's ... you remember how Londontown was year's back with all the IRA threat's, etc ... I mean ... once I was at the Harrod's after Xmas sale (mid 1980's), just to browse like many Londoneer's do who cant really afford the sale shit anywayz, and we got evacuated from the store cause of an IRA bomb threat, or down on the Tube/ Underground (subway) ... it's just a phase and internal battle in Mexico, but yes, it crosses the border too unfortunately.

Thanx for stopping by 4D ....