Thursday, July 14, 2011

THE ULTIMATE REVOLUTION/ ALDOUS HUXLEY: Creating a "MASS"ochistic Society, that LOVE's their Servitude & Punishment, without Violence & Religion

First of all, all credit to this posting to a fellow Dallasite (Irving) Jack at WEASELDOG'S LAIR , for bringing this to my atencion, he linked in his comment's on my Christian Lopez posting. No, I didnt even know who Aldous Huxley was, or read any of his book's, so much Thanx to Jack on this. I can tell you that what Mr. Huxley say's though in this video is accurate, and the reason for a must in this journal, it IS importante to know. Then after the video I will add some word's, and also incorporate this into my previous "Debt Crisis PT.1, the Paper Doll Show" ... and of course, Special Thanx to Aldous Huxley.


Some may just think this is another conspiracy theory, or because it was in 1962, it may be out of touch with the current condition in 2011 ... but it is what Mr. Huxley said, might or could happen only ... and this sum's up accurately what we are seeing now basically. Whether it's the politipop politic's and game's/ threat's that are designed, such as in this so called debt crisis, the reason for war ... or the newest horseshit they're fixin to feed us, to try to create austerity in America, which is currently being tried out in other countries as you see, to see how much of that they can get away with as well, then of course, if it succeed's as planned, we will get it next ... and that is what most of our representatives are not telling us, or their behind the door talk's they are currently engaging in, bottom line, and it will surely not be about any of them missing a paycheck or getting any entitlement cut's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... nothing appear's as it is, period.

This is also why I say that thing's like martial law of course are option's, but frankly, you dont even need to declare martial law in these times, since you already have enough book law's to ball and chain folk's as it is, and the fact that none of these like to call anything what it truly is. For instance ... austerity is simply more financial control and ratholing of folk's money, the war in Libya isnt really a war as I posted, it will be called everything but war, withdrawal of troop's from Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere else (unless it's a country that has no resource's to take or wealth) isnt really as it look's, as I also touched on before, etc. And of course, the tele, internet, etc ... you have to be cautious to a degree as well, because those are all current day propaganda tool's in high usage, and will also have to be much more regulated over time too (not for us, as much as for them) ... that will leave you mindless and loving your servitude and punishment as Mr. Huxley put's it.

Probably the most screwball, odd, and hilarious part to all this ... is that the very threat's of terrorist's we are spoonfed daily, in a weird way are an ally of our's/ the people ... as odd and twisted as that may sound (but of course, you would rather live under these dictator's than the Taliban, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh  {: ) ... kind of like better to live under the Democrat's than the Republican's {: ) ... as I posted in previous posting's, they are a worse threat and enemy to those very power's that dictate us actually ... in fact, the whole reason we even have terror threat's are because of those who dictate our representatives and other government's representation, understand also, that many in our Government representation are not even aware how they are dictated, and only doing their job's as far as taking lobbying interest's and budget's into consideration, etc. I dont like these jihadist's either, but the fact's are fact's, period. Again, alwayz look for the flip- sides and especially "motive". And boy oh boy, are future terrorist's going to give these neo- global dictator's a run for their money, especially on cyber terror to come (their already scrambling to try to get a grip on that) ... ya'll aint seen nothin yet {: ) Of course it is a reality threat to us and our lives, because we will have to suffer the casualties most, those who dictate have haven's they hide in mostly, but all their asset's and market's are what's going to get hit ... you see ... these terrorist's also know, that the best way to hurt these power hog's is to hurt their asset's/ finances. On the other hand those asset's/ finance are also our food on the table and energies, so basically we have become too dependent on the forces that have control over us.

This bullshit you see in our government on this debt crisis thing, was all rushed and orchestrated as I posted in previous posting's they would do, just like they done on the 2008 bailout scam, the rush to the Iraq invasion, or even the so called Health Care Reform stuff ... all rushed and mostly forced by the GOP side ... and if the GOP side didnt do it, those who control the government by lobbying, special interest's, and so forth would work on the Democrat's to do it, or anyone they can. It's importante again to have the 2 party deal/ system for this control, with all the morality issue's and other measley nonsensical issue's, and instigating racism, classism, sexism, etc, etc ... to keep the masses at each other's throat's without violence and stay one step ahead of them, while they throw us a few dog biscuit's here and there to make us think we have accomplished something in 20 year's that should have taken 20 minute's   {: ) ... in the past of course, religion and other repression's was the sole tool's to control, now with a changing mindset and many believer's in God even abandoning religion, they have to find other method's ... and they know they are close to total control, this is why the recent desperation and creation of all the sudden threat's and snowjob's basically ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, let's just call it a "Rush Job", eh? {: )

Remember the bailout's? What will happen to us if we dont do this and that, as in this journal's earliest 2008 posting's (just one example here) , where I pointed out, we are going to still have a crisis, whether we give them the money or not, and that it would all go offshore, which now we can see ... IT HAS, and we are even in worse shape, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ), this is why I point out time and again, DONT GIVE THEM NOTHING ELSE, PERIOD! Then they alway's like to play the "Kiddie Kard", saying what doom and gloom await's our future children of course, and of course we give in out of fear or whatever, then 20 year's later when our children are still getting the shaft, they have two side's to blame it on, if there was only one side, they would have to take the blame, etc, etc ... you get the picture? Some of the old timer's in campaign's have all the answer's of course, as Sen. McCain had wrote on a piece of scratch paper when he ran for President, yet he didnt know how many home's/ properties he even owned ... you got to wonder ... since some of these folk's know how to stop the war's, fix the economies, create job's, etc, etc ... what is the holdup?, what have some of ya'll been doing all these year's? Oh ... forgive me ... their opponent's are the problem (which is true to a degree, yet it's the whole thing) our problem isnt the system's we have set up for government, or even the many law's, we have a well designed system and right's/ Constitution, etc ... our problem is that you have a selected group in one room who are trying to do a job, supporting their supporter's, and no one want's their budget to be hampered or rearranged, eliminated, etc ... believe me, there are ton's of thing's that can get cut beside's social services and government services, consumer protection agencies, etc ... and we all know that! Whether we admit it or not. Beside's, that's the whole purpose of the "Privatization" thing, not to free us from government, but for those power entities to be the new government basically, when we lose our government and sell it to the highest bidder, we have nothing left.

One of the thing's that these power icon's are missing ... is that they are going to simutaneously create one Hell of a mess in this storm we are starting to experience, and are going to get one Hell of an opposition in time ... this is why I write in so many past posting's of what I call the "collapse" ... as all previous empire's collapsed throughout history who tried to do too much, and outstayed their presence/ welcome ... folk's lose faith in them eventually and either oust them violently (example here) or walk away ... but they all fail over time ... and so will this one, and thus anew start's. You can control most of the people, most of the time, but you wont be able to control them all, all of the time ... and that force feed's and grow's in the masses as well as the horseshit you blind them with ... nor will you see it coming. So ya'll's choice is simple if you dictate ... give in now, or later and suffer the consequence's/ reaction's of which. You can bank on it too.

Enough said ....



Four Dinners said...

One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.

Yes I hate the perpetrators of 9/11 and 7/7. Yes I hate the IRA who blew up innocent civilians.

Yes I admire the Frnch Resistance who blew up Germans. Yes I admire the Special Forces who took out Bin Laden.

That's because I'm English.
Were I Afghan or an Islamic fundamentalist I would probably beg to differ...

I wonder what the innocent civilians in Nagasaki and Horishima thought seconds before they were vaporised?

Probably something along the lines of the child about to die of starvation in Somalia and the old lady shopping in Manchester as the IRA bomb went off and the poor sap of a soldier as he realises he's stepped on a mine....

"Why me?"

That's all we can ever think mate.

It's never them is it?

Terrorism is a form of violent politics that has gone below the sewer.

Where an increasing amount of humanity seem to be heading lately...

ta for the visit.



Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning FD! ... That pretty much sum's up perfectly in fwe word's what you said Guy. As awful as this may seen FD, I cant help to get a laugh just seeing these folk's in these upper position's scrambling over each other and trying to comepete on who's got the best bullshit, line or whatever, then the constant flip- flopping they are forced into, having to cover the past lie's, etc ... so in a way, it's also cheap entertainment. Actually I have visited your site more than that where I commented, and I had to place my comment and sign in at least 4 time's before it took it, as happen's on several other site's too, sometime's I just give up trying to comment, other's I read are having similar problemo's.

Thanx for your visit and word's here Guy ... cheer's!

Weaseldog said...

I didn't really understand what 'Brain Washing' was when I was kid.

I remember watching The Manchurian Candidate (B&W) when it was unofficially aired on local television. I thought it was very scary.

This speech ties it all together with modern methods. It's clear that modern marketing techniques have their roots in this research.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey WMD/ Jack ... I heard of that "Manchurian Candidate" flick, never seen it though, or knew what's it about, as far as the tele, I like the documentaries, on Discovery, Science Channel, Animal Planet, PBS/ 13, Military Channel, National Geographic, History Channel, are my favourite's ... lot's of cool stuff there to view!

We just got to hone our skill's Jack, is all. We know what the score is, some dont want to I reckon, to each their own, I'm sure as Hell Jack, not going to ride the train that is most popular though if it just bring's misery, that's just me.

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... you dint know what brainwashing was? ... I reckon as a kid I didnt either, and was probably brainwashed and didnt know it ... sound's funny though Jack, like throwing brain's in a washing machine ... need to ask my grandaughter that (what is brainwashing, to see what she say's :), when she get's back home (she's visiting the Phillippines right now, 8 year's old) :)

The thermostat outside say's it's 104 degree's Jack ... I couldnt tell if it was over 95 though, I know I must be getting brainwashed on that, heh, heh, heh, heh, when I first walk out in it from the air- conditioned ... it remind's me of standing in front of a pizza oven :)

Get this ... I got on Channel 8 here (WFAA) ... and all these folk's are saying it's "Perry's" moment ... that he should run for President ... I agree ... better to throw some slacking jackass like him into the GOP group to fuck them up even more! :)

Later Jack ....

an average patriot said...

Those bastards did this. Oh yeah despite the trillions spent it was obvious in 08 that the timing was no accident and this will get much, much worse. Most of these sheeple do not have a clue. The frigging politicians should be the first to sacrifice but you know the bastards exempted themselves from it.

I am disgusted with the pricks primarily the Repugs but not exclusive to. Anyway if you are close enough you should go to Jack's. He is one of the ones that will tough it out when the shit hits the fan.

Hi Wease

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes, you are accurate Jim, they did know all this in 2008, and that's why the bailout rush deal, to drain all surplus left, I would myself have started writing about this stuff before 08 such like yourself, but I didnt buy my first computer till then, and when I did bring this up at time's in cyberspace, I was viewed by some as a pessimist or laughed at basically, and I am sure some folk's view you the same, it's just a herd pop culture fashion is all. Now though Jim, million's of American's are getting hip to this game, thanx to all the info that is getting out on this corrupt cesspool, like I wrote in the start, folk's will need to really get some hard hit's to wake up Jim, and they are now seeing the light and taking the hit's.

The reason I point out about the austerity thing, is because what we dont clearly see yet, is this is next on the agenda, and of course with all the cut's to the general masses, this will also have a social order effect, trust me. Of course, all those who sit in their armchair's and/ or have wealth or whatever, dont care or think of it much, because they think they are safe, that's what they dont see ... they will NOT be.

I dont have any problem with wealth at all Jim, or meritocricy type rewarding, tax incentive's to corporate, etc ... but what we are seeing Jim, is folk's who have basically robbed society, have not created a damn thing, invented nothing, or done nothing, take all the wealth only ... nothing else. We see folk's who claim that they are bootstrap independent strong, elite ... yet whine like babies for public support in corporate welfare ... strong elite? their actually frail coward's that dont even have spine or integrity, a waste of human flesh basically.

This nonsense the GOP is ranting about the tax cut's extension's going to those so they can create job growth? All nonsense, all the figure's and math show that as those incentive's were given/ allowed, their profit's in some cases quadrupled, and they have ALL downsized in America as far as hiring, and most of the money was invested offshore, this is all fact.

No ... I havent met Jack yet face to face, but we live in the same metro area (Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex) I would guess, from what he tell's me, he is located about 10 to 15 mile's top's from my home, he stay's in the City of Irving (NW Dallas suburb city) I live in the City of Dallas (NW), the Metroplex is actually huge Jim, it is about 60 miles across and deep (very spread out), I had friend's in from Rhode Island one year, they rented a car and told me it was further driving across our city than their state actually.

Your accurate Jim and Thanx for your addition/ voice here