Wednesday, July 27, 2011


PBS: From Ohio to Nevada, voters fed up with debt ceiling deadlock ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR


***** CNN: The debt ceiling: Where you stand in battle ... (video)


It's no secret according to the link's/ post's above and this journal, that I have looked forward to these time's for a long time. While many folk's are only looking at the hurt, fear, frustration, death, and feeling awful about it ... you may fail to see the flip side of all of this ... YES ... including even terrorism, violent protest's, etc ... and this is why I call this great time's. You cant EXPECT change or for what need's to fail ... FAIL, by simply supporting the same ole same over and over and over ... it's kind of like a bad relationship, where the partner's keep making up to again break up, running back and forth to the same ole same, knowing that there is nothing left deep down and it's worthless to support and maintain ... and most imporantely ... a waste of all parties time. We all talk about our children's future(?) ... well believe me ... this is the healthiest thing for our children's future ... what is not healthy is this constant passive mindset in this era, that we can just peacefully (all due respect to Dr. M.L. King though, that was able to pull off some peaceful change ... but his era and situation was a tad different) and only protest peacefully in the street's dressed up in cute costume's with catchy phrased sign's and so forth and alwayz expect to get result's of any kind. While ya'll are standing in the heat and protesting, the power's are sitting in well guarded secure enviroment's and air conditioning, not paying a damn bit of atencion to you, and frankly dont give a shit about your families, communities or anything else, beside's what they can get out of you.

As far as the fear about meeting the deadline to raise the debt ceiling ... Look ... it should have no question of being raised ... first ... then the budget talk's AFTER, plain and simple, I explained the objective of all this in so many of the linked posting's, many of these folk's in power are not friend ... but enemy, if anything. Many like myself welcome their threat's with open arm's ... go ahead and not raise the debt ceiling ... it's ya'll who are going to hurt in the longrun alot more than us who are being trampled on by these self righteous inbred worthless incompetent parasite's and all their affiliate's and puppet master's. The flip side to us ... is of course it would be hard ... nothing worth the stretch and effort is easy, and we fail to see that. For one, it would break down our credit from the top to the bottom ... which would be a blessing, very hard of course, but blessed in the sense that our whole problem for a large part, is we stay in debt to these power's, we lack discipline, and like them, overspend ourselves and squander money ... and most importantely think that we can just buy our way out of everything, or have a magick antidote to solve everything ... we have became too much at time's like those who govern and dictate us ... which is weakness.

I dont like terrorism any more than my neighbor ... but I look at "why" we have this issue ... havent these folk's made themselves clear time and again ... to stay out of their government's, affair's and land's? Wouldnt you feel the same if someone came in your backyard to dig it up searching for anything of value and telling you how to live and what new foreign rules to abide by? Both the two polarizing mindset's of the majority of our population alwayz has excuses for why we pry into other countries business ... and both these side's are at all time's "right" in their own mind's. The very power's that rob us of our entitlement's, right's, Constitution, trying to make amendment's to their benefit only and not the people who are the spark plug's and petrol for this engine ... are the very power's that these terror group's are fighting against as well, for what they do in their land's. And that's why you also have so much rebellious wave's going on right now across the globe ... as I pointed out in my earlier posting's, this need's to come ... and just not domestic ... the power's want us to be "global" .... and .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... ya'll are going to get ya'll's wish ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... in time ... you can bank on it : ) Keep pushing them ... the more ... the better actually ... like any animal cornered ... they will eventually come for ya'll's throat.

As far as these politician's who use your entitlement's that you paid into year's for as a political weapon to their opponent's to try to make their opponent fail at whatever cost's as you see the GOP purposely doing to the President and his administration in this case. These type's are the lowest of the bunch, the "pure trash" ... and not a sliver of integrity even, if they pulled that shit in the real private sector's of society they would be in the unemployment line's or left to file bankruptcy, liquidation's, etc and if they pulled that in any of the underground trade's such as organized crime and drug cartel trade's ... they would be quartered, and if they said the lies and turned on their client's (people) like that, they would end up in an alley or river bottom with their tongue's cut out as a message, in some cases stuck in a slit through their throat's.

As far as this debt ceiling increase and the debt itself, as I posted in the last posting's, it will most likely be increased for some short stretch to use again and again as a tool and constant wedge to stick in our asses when they look to play scam's to cheat us again, and either way ... we will all get screwed in anything they do, regardless of the post show from media's and blog's you will see the day after trying to explain how their party won or got this or that ... bottom line, none of us are going to get a goddamn thing out of none of these but more miseries ... anymore than ya'll got on this other bullshit on so called Health Care Reform or Bailout bullshit, or any other reform's that are just a shaft up our asses another couple inches ... one thing that CANNOT be REFORMED ... and it is these worthless habitual liar's and cheat's that we keep on the payroll thinking one day they will actually serve the people ... get rid of them!


Weaseldog said...

Tell it brother! Shout it out so everyone can hear!

an average patriot said...

I am so sick of these frigging games. Those Political children should lead by example and give up their "entitlements" first then people would think differently but that won't happen.

Those pricks will probably get Obama to cave again and go short to as you say "keep milking him"

Anyway, remember the debt bomb 1) If we paid off our debts, our problems would be solved. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

The banks wrote the Federal Reserve Act in secret. They said you would not be allowed to have money unless you first went into debt. In fact when you pay off a loan, the bank cancels money supply. So if we all paid off our debts including the government debt, we would have no money and the economy would collapse. We would all be reduced to barter.

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... there's no need to shout Jack(WD), million's of other's are ... I simply was doing my job in this journal and pointing out some realities for the reader is all :) This is kind of what I master at you can say ... human nature. Thanx for your voice Jack ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Absolutely Jim ... you know were fixin to get a fucking of our lives any way you slice it, no matter what media spin or horseshit you are fed after ... this is why I was so in lack of confidence in 09/ 10 when I wrote the "2010 Show" series, while so many dem blogger's as usual were writing the same stuff over and over, about how "dumb" the GOP/ Tea Bag's are, how they wont have a chance in Hell being so stupid, etc, etc ... making little cartoon puppet's about them, etc, etc I was writing that YOU SHOULD NOT THINK LIKE THAT up against your opponent and IF the crowd's that turned out in 08 deceide to NOT this time (2010) ... and IF the republican's get any majority in the houses ... what they will do, and that is percisely what you see right now, bottom line. Then after they won Congress ... the media's were putting up pie chart's again with their analogies and assessment's on what percent of this vs. this work's, and who has what, etc, etc ad nauseum ... the chart's dont mean squat accept to their follower's ... even pointless rambling at that, inaccurate, fucked up, and twisted beyond reckognition, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... the point is ... they (GOP) DONE their job, and got enough power to do this job/ crap, dont matter how dumb they are or stupid or hick's/ bigot's they are or whatever ... the fact is ... their fucking ya'll up the ass royally ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) Twist/ spin THAT! :)

Absolutely Jim, I remember all that in detail ... after all ... it's also right here, and is why I posted it (and Thanx again). Reduced to barter? How bout Bratwurst (spelling?) (I love those goddamn thing's with horseraddish mustard on them! :) well, it will be tough, but what credit/ debt was at a time and what it is now and the market's are different ... and not changing direction can only lead to death anywayz, technologies have changed the species/ societies Amigo, and this era will require a new way of doing thing's to get progress and to adjust sufficiently to that change. Beside's ... this will all collapse in time ... they alwayz do, you have thousand's of year's to compare and look at. We can take it slow and easy, softly, and do it piece by piece, or let all Hell break loose and take another route (heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I am a pro- choice type :) And I agree with your son who is home on leave now ... it will take them defender's as well of our land to work with us, the people ... and in time, the dust will clear ... but right this moment better be ceased, at least as much as we can :)

Thank You for your link's and word's here Jim ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Allow me to elaborate here Jim, as far as the system that was set up on credit, why, etc. What we are seeing now is the last grasp of chance of total power by the 3 entities and reason for their extreme greed. We have evolved to a point where because of our technologies advancement's, we no longer need the mega market's, power's, their mass production and set wayz of assembly line's, we dont even frankly need their political puppetry no more, mega religion's, and this is why all the scrambling of the power's to buy up everything and regulate us all, shutdown our voive representation, and rathole all wealth and resource's, energies, etc ... because they see they are on their way out of power that they reigned on for over a century ... they see we no longer even need their major media's if we choose, and have the ability to be much more independent across the board ... and they fear that Jim. And this is why I have relentlessly pointed this out in this journal Jim about no longer needing them ... which include's their market's, stratgies, etc ... look at the ABC video closely toward's the end posted here ... small investor's are actually still waiting for sound bite's as far as if their portfolio's and investment's are safe, and if IT IS OKAY to pull out of the market? What we fail to see Jim ... is that it is fine to pull out and start alternative inde investment's and market's and we have the ability now and tool's to do do, and need to do ... that is the KEY HERE Jim.

Ranch Chimp said...

The sooner we abandom them , their market's, instituion's and product's and keep our revenue's to ourselves and those we CHOOSE to do business with, the sooner we will break the chain's that currently enslave us. We keep giving them all our money and business ... we need to stop, and block them out as if they dont even exist anymore.