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CASEY ANTHONY MURDER TRIAL PT.2: (THE VERDICT) ... Witch Hunt's, Media Assassination, and Law Enforcement INCOMPETENCE ...

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Ms. Casey Anthony

As I wrote in Part One ... I would do this post as soon as the verdict come's in. Ms. Anthony found "Not Guilty" of murder/ manslaughter, the verdict reading below in the video, then some link's as to reaction's, complete coverage of it, etc. Then word's I will add concerning why I waited so long to write on this, and why I wouldnt even give any comment on it (also posted in part one) then a look at the reality of this case without the flash card's. For myself, this case reminded me in a sense of the O.J.Simpson murder trial year's back ... full of endless theories, testimonies, suspicion's, media assassination, etc ... yet, till this day, I havent been able to find one solid piece evidence wise that can convince me that he was guilty of anything except, taking the cop's on a high speed chase ... NO ... I never had a reason to think he was guilty either.



CNN: WHAT TROUBLED THE JURY? ... Update addition added Wed. 06 July 2011


Of course as I pointed out in Part One ... a friend Suzy, asked why I havent wrote a thing on this, expecting that I would be posting it in my "Killer Parent's" series . But that's because in that series ... there is overwhelming evidence, usually self incriminating evidence/ admission of guilt, suicide of the killer, etc. This case I was NOT ignoring .... but following it like passionately actually.

Many are of course disappointed with the verdict as well as pleased, whether I or anyone else think's this gal Ms. Anthony is guilty or not, that was not the issue ... the issue was to find out if this defendant was who killed her daughter Caylee ... the prosecution who was into this knee deep was determined from the start to make that point, and confident of course of the case they/ state presented 110%, or else it never would have became an indictment. You had nationwide witch hunt's on this defendant, and as her defense attorney so accurately put it ... constant media assassination. They accuse Casey of not expressing remorse for what she did (Why do so many of us require a defendant to express remorse before they are even found guilty of anything, in a country that say's your innocent until proven guilty?), not thinking about Caylee, etc ... which is exactly what people asked for and expected during the Witch Trial's of past centuries in America and Europe ... "show remorse for your sin's/ crime's so we will show you mercy in return, etc ..." ... doesnt mean a goddamn thing if your guilty or not, we want your ass, were right, your wrong, etc, etc ... this is the mass mentality overall ... follow the goddamn herd thinking ... say what your friend's are going to like to hear, and stick together like a pack of rat's, in particular here, the Nancy Grace following, which I'm sure is in the million's, Nancy alwayz make's some great point's, an ex- prosecutor herself, and been obsessed with this case in particular, I'll be curious of her take on this verdict. But this is something that still permeate's our so called liberated society of today even ... in large mass.

Casey didnt forget or ignore her daughter Caylee ya'll ... it was ya'll in mass that forgot her, and instead thinking of your own sick sadistic desire's because of how mentally unsettled ya'll type's are, and so quick to gain brownie point's with your worthless following's/ associate's ... ya'll tossed Caylee out the door, and chose to persecute Casey relentlessly week after week, despite even looking deep into the case ... that's the reality. Some of the responses to this I been reading are incredible, actually admitting in some cases that they hoped that even if Casey wasnt found guilty that the Jury/ Prosecution, would find something to keep her locked up indefinitely, because they fear for other children, saying that Casey is still a child murderer ... do ya'll realize how goddamn stupid that sound's? Maybe ya'll think she eat's the babies flesh in ritual's, or uses the fat to make ritual candle's, eh? And to those ... including especially Nancy Grace of CNN with her relentless daily attack's like clockwork, Casey will alway's be guilty of course.

What did those self appointed persecutor's ignore that made them so sure/ determined that this defendant was guilty? ... all of the evidence that was clear as day being presented in the court, only instead ... feeding off of each other's daily rant's and working themselves into a frenzy while doing so. All through this case ... I havent seen one shred of solid evidence ... not one, beside's Casey telling lie after lie ... but is that evidence enough to prove her guilt beyond a doubt? This is a young woman who is being hunted like the "Wicked Witch of America" about to face death row/ execution possibly ... lying is a quite natural reaction, unless your suicidal. Some of the expert's for forensic's including chemical/ science investigative conclusion's were shakey as Hell ... and coming up with some of the most insane/ speculative theories in their so call professional expertise even. The meter reader, Kronk, who found the body of Caylee first made even 3 phone call's to law enforcement of his suspicion and/ or find ... only after 3 call's to finally get a deputy to show up and tell him ... "your wasting our/ my time ..." with enough lack of interest of what may be Caylee's remain's, resulting in only skeletal remain's after time, for forensic's to work with. I couldnt even find "motive", as hard as I looked. But ... no one want's to talk about that ... only about Casey's daily and hourly facial expression's and what they suspect only.

Casey was found guilty by the Jury of about 4 count's of lying to law enforcement, which if I was her attorney ... I would ask for that to be suspended/ time served with a no- contest plea from my client, for the duration of incarceration which ought to at least be 2 day's credit for each day in custody, maybe even 3 for 1 as Texas does, not sure about Florida. I feel the Jury done their job on this one, and feel that the prosecution and especially law enforcement done an awful job, being too hasty on one hand, and too incompetent on the other. Whether or not Casey is guilty in any connection to Caylee's death ... I havent a clue ... all I am saying is I havent seen one piece of evidence to conclude she is. Congratulation's to Defense Atty. Jose Baez and crew for their hard work in this case ... JOB WELL DONE!


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