Wednesday, February 9, 2011

AMANDA BENNETT: Shoot's her Children, Self, and Dog (dog survived), because she was unsatisfied with her Marital Relationship (Killer Parent's PART 5)

Amanda and her kidz

This posting of "Killer Parent's PT.5" will focus on the recent Austin,IN case where a mother, Mrs. Amanda Bennett shot and killed her 14 yr old daughter Jasmine Abbott, 9 yr old daughter Katelyn Bennett, and 4 yr old son Ryan Bennett ... shooting each in the head, then shoot's the familia dog, who survived and was in recovery, starting a fire in the home after, then shooting herself as well.


***** PD/ RCJ: "KILLER PARENT'S" PART'S 4, 3, 2, 1 

This case was a few week's back ... that I have tried to read up as much on that I could find, but certainly wanted to make sure it's in this journal being a father/ grandfather myself. You dont want to forget the victim's of these type crimes/ act's ... and this is not to spotlight in any positive way those who commit these act's ... but I also find it importante to not forget those who commit these act's and be aware of what surround's us, whether it's to have a better understanding of problem's in society or why these folk's do what they do, or for whatever reason one can get any beneficial knowledge from this at all.

But one of the thing's that stand out most to me in alot of these crimes/ act's ... is that those who commit them ... go so undetected it seem's ... and many you see in interview's who were maybe neighbour's, friend's, familia or whatever dont seem to know or have suspected a thing before the tragedy. Even watching several video's of those on YouTube (from WLKYTV (Louisville, KY metro area) ... that I was unable to post, because embedding was disabled) news covering this ... these folk's as in several other cases say they were the "happy familia" ... great personalties, kid's were great student's, etc, etc ... but something is definitely incorrect of these assessment's, I mean ... I have talked to a few of the most horrific known killer's according to societies standard's for instance ... and frankly I can tell you that they had really great personalities, emotion's, and seemed fairly normal, we had alot of regular guy chat over sport's, gal's, music/ art's, etc ... however ... they all had a couple thing's in common, despite the difference's in their crimes/ act's that led to their conviction's/ death sentences ... two of those thing's that really stood out to me, was first ... their childhood upbringing and/ or environment's, the 2nd was their perspective on the issue's and condition of humanity in general.

These act's by those such as this Amanda Bennett character above didnt just form overnight, as if one day she was the great mom, all loving, etc ... then all of the sudden one day ... because of a spat or disagreement between her and hubby, she just decides that the only solution to her "relationship" ... and I say "her" because that is exactly all she gives a shit about obviously, is to kill her children and even the familia dog ... then on top of it all ... leave a suicide note to try to blame it all on hubby, saying that "You got your wish ... No kid's, wife, familia, etc" (similar) ... this is just a cheap cop- out, nothing more. It wasnt hubby who killed the children and/ or intended to kill the dog as well, or set the house on fire ... nor did he even file for the divorce, he just simply walked away obviously and separated because they were having issues as a couple. And also let me point out, because some may blame this on "gun's" ... that Amanda Bennett is the one who loaded the gun with bullet's and pulled the trigger, and if she didnt have a gun and was determined to kill these poor kid's, herself, and the dog, she would have done it with another weapon or tool or kitchen utensil.

It is always the kid's that suffer at the hand's of the adult's ... it never fail's in these incident's and many other problem's in our societies ... they always remain defenseless to our wayz, our over abundant and unbalanced amount of greed, selfishness, and quest for power and/ or popularity ... yet I always hear so many adult's ask the question " ... What is the problem with these kid's of today? ... etc" (similar) ... what do they think is the problem ? Then we have all these who are quick to grandstand on how they are always great parent's, and strong on their values, contribute to the community, are quick to point out what is morally, culturally, and socially as a "good parent", etc ... even condemn other's because of maybe their sexual preference, who simply may want to be a parent and help their/ the children, because they may be gay/ lesbian or listen to unpopular music/ art's, have an alternative and/ or non- mainstream lifestyle, or whatever reason they pick them apart for. We are also most influencial in making our children what they are as young adult's later. So ... you want to know what is a great parent? ... it's simple ... go to the source who receives the parenting ... the kid's, and ask them.


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