Friday, February 25, 2011

MELISSA PETRO ... Come's OUT of the closet, just to get TOSSED back into it ... (SEXPLOITATION NATION PT. 3)

This Part of the "Sexploitation Nation" series, is another post I been meaning to post for a couple week's, just hadnt got around to it until now. But this posting will be to look at the story of Ms. Melissa Petro ... who was just railroaded to the max in my opinion, even by Mayor Bloomberg of New York City (who was only saying what his voter's expected) ... in the recent surge of attack's on sexuality and such across our nation. Of course there are dozen's of post's that I could have done, but Melissa really stood out to me, because her story and public lashing was confusing to me, to say the least. Ms. Petro also remind's me so much of a dear old friend as well ... who had similar value's and method's and even attitude's toward's this business, that my friend also worked in as an inde. I chose the "Village Voice" piece above instead of the "Times" or "Daily News" cause I thought it had a couple decent link's and well done interview. A short video below I found on YouTube on her resignation, then some word's I would like to add.



I also want to throw in this posting here, only because the "Village Voice" mentioned in the above link their covering of it. But this case didnt even involve the sex industry, Ms. Lorenzana was actually attacked by her company, because they said her work attire was distracting her colleague's at work, even though her attire was actually professional and common in the corporate world ... just to show the increased "morality correctness", and it's twisted mindset in our country.

Melissa Petro's public announcement on her resignation from New York Public School's ... from NYDAILYNEWS

These posting's are not to advertise sex or to be for any such entertainment, but to look at a serious issue that is responsible for so much exploitation of children, of male, female, and transgender, as well as the market's in human trafficking, illegal contraband sale's/ black market's, spreading of STD's, the severe drug addiction problem, and the list goes on of the ripple effect we have created in our society here. The hypocrisy especially today are at such record level's that I have seen in my lifetime. For instance when I watched Mayor Bloomberg grandstand at his podium during his press conference saying that "we will not tolerate this type of behaviour, etc ..." (similar wording) was shameful to hear as they tried to hammer this young woman on morality issue's. They basically forced her indirectly to resign and also sign paper's saying that she would not sue the city also. The hypocrisy part is, that so many client's of these worker's in this industry are actually those like friend's of even higher up respected people such as the Mayor and even other importante folk's we hold high in our society. When I lived and worked at an inde brothel in Montreal (QE) as a teen for instance ... a large portion of the client's were NOT factory worker's, but small company/ business owner's and upper rank's of larger companies even, but the list of folk's that use these service's is endless. Many of these gent's are also married with children, so many also date girl's for various reason's, not because they CANT get laid otherwise, but because they are so busy in many cases and pressed for time, also another reason is because their wives are limited on their sexual activity and exploring of interest's in some cases and it allow's the man to explore where their partner may be lacking or not interested in perhap's, some just looking for a lil adventure and afraid to ask their wives maybe, the list is also as endless. Also there are so many different level's and type's of service's in this industry and method's that are used, that I could write almost indefinitely on this topic alone. There are also women that use these service's (much lower percentage wise), as well as especially nowaday's married couple's who hire these worker's to interact with as a threesome or more, or even to dictate fetishes/ roleplay etc during sex activities of some couples is also increasingly common.

But back to Ms. Petro ... she of course was a NYPS teacher up in the Bronx, who abandoned her former occupation because she was through with it, kind of fed up and basically disappointed from her experience, she decided she wanted to teach and also advance her education even further ... she had a blog (the bloody blog was the whole reason for all this) where she spoke of realities of the trade that were not pleasant, and her negative experience's, so I would figure that the majority of morality hugging folk's would love that. But no ... they hated that too I reckon ... I mean here is Melissa trying to come out of the closet and even expose some of the harsh realities and trying to play a more popular and acceptable role in society, do what's considered to the masses as the so called "right thing" ... and ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... Hell, she cant even do that without being blacklisted, pidgeonholed, and tossed right back into the closet. If that isnt pissing in the wind trying to do the right thing, I dont know what is. I mean your damned if you do and damned if you dont, that was the real shocker to me that stood out in this. But I really admire her strength in all this too ... it is so easy to retaliate and raise Hell over the way she was treated, or whine about it, but ... she didnt whine or choose for the endless hearing and approval bitch fight's with these societal purist's (bullies are more like it), she just walked, plain and simple, which tell's me also ... she will not be pushed into their little corner's or closet's. This is just so twisted to me in this particular case, I cant even try to figure it all out, so the reader will have to just come to their own conclusion's on this one, this one truely lost me.

Melissa also reminded me of an old friend who worked solo/ inde with her background, who I will not mention her name either. But this friend I will just call Amelia, because that was a name that she used in the business (not her actual name), but her story wasnt just similar, but she actually resemble's Melissa facially and her tone of voice so much I almost laughed (no sarcasm meant toward's this business or Melissa of course). But Amelia was born and raised in Texas, she's late 30's now and into sales for a large fashion/ clothing retailer I wont mention either here in the Dallas Area. But she started after dropping out of high school as a dancer, and worked as a dancer in Mexico for a short while, broken home, poverty income level, etc, etc. And like so many gal's in the business do, many are formerly dancer's, and after a few year's, by the time your in your early to mid 20's usually, it's easy to get passed over whether it's for a slight gain of a couple pound's, or you lost your innocence look, or a number of reason's, and many gal's decide to date a couple of the old client's/ club venue customer's that frequented their show's for instance later, that they acquired friendship's with. Amelia tried the street thing too for a very short length, because she frankly couldnt stand working around the crack addicted gal's who took over the street scene, who were rough gal's, and even would come at gal's like Amelia with knives or threat's because they may be prettier and feel their a threat to their business/ client's (competition wise). So she went indoor/ house and inde/ solo, technologies have made this more possible, and a blessing, since the street scene these day's can be really violent. But I remember once when Amelia just looked at me with this look of like boredom mixed with anxiety one day after a client visit, and I asked her if something was wrong? worrying that he may have gave her a hard time or something, she just said something like " ... Thomas ... I'm just so burned out ... like the routine of it ... I have my own clientele of about 10 regular's, and it get's so routine and old, just the same guy's seeing me over and over and the same routine with them and their need's ...", the burn- out also come's with the fact that you have to avoid the law as well as have a friend cover your back, such as in her case keeping track of her client's location's, vehicle's and just a close eye, especially if the client is new, it can get dangerous at time's out there as well. But Amelia really got me on that one, I didnt even know how to respond, I mean I seen in her eye's and tone, she was truely just plain burned out and ready to do something else.

This is all such a deep subject and so wide, that you could devote hundred's of page's to this from my perspective ... and yes ... I primarily blame so much of the sexual violence, crime's, drug addiction, STD spreading, the black market's, sour relationship's, broken marriage's etc, etc, strictly on how we handle and approach this and sex related issue's. And I will continue to address this since I dont cater to a specific group or advertise, endorse, or accept any funding from anyone. AND YES ... I am an advocate of across the board legalized sex industry service's, nationwide, especially in Texas. I wish Ms. Petro the best of luck in her future endeavor's and congratulate her on her honesty and approach to dealing with this misery that was tossed to her.


Demeur said...

I don't think anything has changed in over a millennia. It is after all the oldest profession. Jeez just look around the net and you'll find sex for sale or for free.

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Demeur!

Folk's have been opposed as long over this, but they dont have to participate. Nor does it interfere with folk's value's either, I mean ... what someone else does in their free personal time has no effect on those who dont participate, even if they were a strict religious person. Some religious folk's believe that they must at least spread the word or message for instance that it is not acceptable or such, well ... the word is out, and they done their job, case closed. I see alot of benefit's to legalizing it for instance across the board is all. So do many other's, their just frightened to say so for political/ social reason's or such. It's one of the simple basic's of human existence that is made complex.

Thanx for your voice here Guy ....

Beach Bum said...

but the list of folk's that use these service's is endless. Many of these gent's are also married with children, so many also date girl's for various reason's, not because they CANT get laid otherwise, but because they are so busy in many cases and pressed for time, also another reason is because their wives are limited on their sexual activity

I went over to what was then West Germany in 1987 for REFORGER and talked with a Germany chick who thought Americans were so completely sexually repressed that in most ways that count we were insane. Even now I can't say she is wrong.

Ranch Chimp said...

Never been to Germany Bum, but heard from so many, especially GI's that it really is a beautiful place.

I (job) had a technician back several year's ago (10 yr's I reckon) come in from Germany to set up a print press we bought ( a million dollar press, that was German), that print's stuff like credit card's, security ID badge's, etc ( yes, it was a tight secure job, they had camera's on us around the clock except for the toilet! :) because of the security) but he was lost here, never been to Texas, and rarely the USA beside's New York, so that week I showed him around, he wanted to visit a "nice" strip club and such (I actually dont even go to strip club's, being more into "live" music type club's as my thing, punk rock, etc) so I took him to a nice joint in Arlington (a large Dallas suburb, where I worked) he was amazed at the size of the venue here, and thought it was swanky upscale like. But he told me that his small city back in Germany had legal brothel's and stuff, but they didnt have the loud music and such large layout's like strip joint's here. He mentioned the brothel's cause he freaked out when I told him the girls' working in there for other extended service's let's say, were illegal, of course concerned since he was visiting being around illegal activities, but I said dont worry, cause the someone's getting paid to ignore it (I'll leave that there) but he was also confused on America's thought's on these service's and entertainment, cause basically ... we indulge, yet criminalize, if that make's any sense. He enjoyed the place's here (went to two), but wasnt used to all the loud music and said it was very fast compared to back home, he describe's his city back home as very laid back, but it was a small city of 50,000 population too, but yes ... brothel's were as common as a convenience store from the way he describe's it.

Thanx for your word's here Bum! Got to shower and shave, runnin late.