Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Critical condition: Takara Davis is in a coma after a car crash but has been cited by Las Vegas police for jaywalking

This PT. 4 posting of "Citation Violation Nation", will be to look at a recent case in Las Vegas(NV) (*****See below "MailOnline" piece/ link also) where a 13 year old girl was hit by a car at 45mph in an intersection ... rushed into emergency ... went into a coma ... while an officer at the investigation scene of the accident, citate's this girl for "jaywalking". I was so blown away by the officer's work and devotion to investigating and crime ... I dont know whether to give the officer a medal or a chest to pin it on ( A Judge in Clark County did throw out the ticket ). But as a parent I would be happy she pulled through a hit like that, which is all that's importante.

***** MAILONLINE: Mother's outrage as daughter, 13, is booked for jaywalking while still in a coma after car accident

But also in all fairness here to the citating officer ... the officer was doing their job. However ... what many seem to miss in these cases is that it take's more to being a competent officer in this democracy than just the ability to follow a rule book and citate anyone who fart's on the wrong day without any further thought. And most importante in a democracy to have an understanding of the citizen's need's and community in which you serve ... that is what America is about. I see far too many officer's still in urban America who have all the required background education, know their penal and violation code's fairly well, and how to follow order's to a tee ... but frankly dont know much either about the communities and it's citizen's their placed in to serve. As a result ... cop's have been unable to properly "protect and serve" these communities ... which is a basic requirement of American law enforcement as well. In Dallas they tried to correct some of this back a decade or so ago, after enough roaring from the communities over this. But there is still need for improvement as you can see below in "Part Two" (this case in Dallas, being of long time familia friend's) of this series, here in Dallas especially.

What was happening here in Dallas ... was they were putting young rookie officer's with rookie cop's in some of the most troubled area's of the inner city, who were from suburban communities ... and many of the cop's even in Dallas were hired from town's like Detroit and Boston ... where they even grew up in their surburban communities ... Dallas back then had such a shortage of cop's ... they had local want ad's in several American city newpapers and website's to come to Dallas to join the Dallas Police Department, and get travel expenses paid and multi thousand dollar sign on bonuses ... needless to say ... they hired alot of cop's that way, and/ or from suburban communities here, then put them on assignment/ patrol's in these inner city hood's without no veteran officer's for an on duty training period.

Another issue to some of this, is over the last few year's due to tightening of city/ municipal budget's ... so many officer's have been pushed to write more citation's to bring up incoming revenue's ... they need the money ... bottom line. But's it's also lousy enough in this nation as it is, that citizen's in many urban communities, especially in my own here in Northwest Dallas, cant even get the proper protection, and of course is a reason why it's very helpful to arm yourself in America ... I seen too many home invasion's and execution style killing's in this town and LA even, as well as my own neighborhood.

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Beach Bum said...

...competent officer in this democracy than just the ability to follow a rule book and citate anyone who fart's on the wrong day without any further thought. And most importante in a democracy to have an understanding of the citizen's need's and community in which you serve...

Maybe its just me and I have encountered an usual number of police assholes but most of the cops I have met for the last few years are by-the-book Nazis who enjoy their power over civilians just a little too much.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah Bum ... there are some like that, and it's unfortunate when you are the one who their dealing with. It depend's too on the enviroment/ sector alot that they work in ... I met quite a few cop's that were pretty cool, but may have not went by the book to a tee, then too, there are certain unwritten rule's too amongst cop's. I cant talk about much of that here for legal reason's, since this is somewhat of a "public forum". You see ... for me Bum as far as I'm concerned, it's a matter of getting the job done and sufficiently, and in a free thinking society you must also be able to have some kind of balanced judgement, not just a book of rule's that tell's you how to think ... your dealing with people, not word's on paper in other word's. For me ... thing's like perfection, right/ proper, competent, efficiency, or such ... is a matter of making thing's "work", when you can think and make thing's work and handle a majority scenario's/ situation's at the drop of a hat ... that's "job efficiency".

Also alot of folk's dont know much about the law's and their right's, and knowing the basic's about this is a help to the citizen, there are way's you can resist questioning and such from officer's without getting them upset, by utilizing what you have by law, not in a cocky way to the officer ... but in the legal sense and way. Before any officer or court/ bench magistrate/ judge read's any right's to me ... I have an overall basic understanding of them, and will politely utlize them ... after all .. this is America ... and that's part of it. I see so many folk's that just seem to abandon excersizing all their right's and singing like bird's when they get stopped/ detained ... there's no reason for that ... Hell ... your NOT being interrogated, or getting a paycheck to do their JOB.

Thanx Bum ...

Ranch Chimp said...

BUM: (off subject) I was just telling you the other day about all the great weather here, but this morning we first got hit with ice and sleet, then snow the rest of the day, today's high was about 15 or so, it's 14 degree's now, and with strong wind's behind it. What's really a trip, is that all these tourist's started rolling into town yesterday (while it was sunny and mild) ... lot's of folk's too and media's ... because of this weekend's SuperBowl 45 ... geeezz, I can imagine what them poor folk's are thinking, if they thought it would be poolside weather! :(

This is about the strangest weather place in continental America that I seen.

Tim said...

just wondering...was the officer doing the driver of the car a favor by issuing that ticket to the little girl? When it does go to court and it's decided who was at fault, having noted the girl Jay walked would be an advantage to the driver. If nothing else a shared responsibility. In the end it is about money in the court system.

Ranch Chimp said...

Tim: You must have missed it, but the ticket was already thrown out by a Clark County Judge. So any court as far as it look's would be only civil I reckon in her defense as far as reimbersement for medical or whatever ... and you know how alot of the insurer's may respond ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh trying to weasel out of paying maybe ... but if they do ... and I catch any wind of it ... you can bet I will do a posting specifically on that insurance company heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :)