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TEXAS' COLLEGE CAMPUS GUN SHORTAGE ... How do we SOLVE this? ... as SIMPLE as a "Texas Two Step" approach? ...

I wouldnt even be posting this post if it wasnt such a major issue in the Lone Star State (Texas) ... but this has been all over the news here and especially "talk radio" (which is mainly conservative). I would figure with all the other concern's we have in Texas education institution's, such as recent budget short fall's and teacher lay- off's, urban gang issue's, religious fundamoralist's trying to sneak "creationism" into science class and re- write history book's, all the special interest's who so called "borrowed" all the Lotto money out of the education fund's finance pool, etc, etc ... that there would be other importante issue's to deal with in Texas school's and Texas college campuses.

First of all ... I have been a 2nd Amendment and NRA supporter for a few decade's, a former sportsman as far as hunting (gun's, archery, throwing knives), I have alway's supported home/ self defense, as well as the concealed weapon's bill's that were passed here and across America, etc. But first a video below from a Houston news broadcast, then some thought's and question's that came to mind on this. **** The video from Houston News expired ****


***** DALLAS NEWS.COM: Texas poised to pass bill allowing guns on campus

I have been hearing this all over Texas news and locally around town as if this is such a sacred emergency issue, and the opinion's on this from Texan's has been in the million's, a large number of Texan's and political rep's support this, and seem to have this sudden rush programme to get this legislation through. Much of what I hear on this out of political folk's and those pushing this, is they want to prevent another massacre from happening such as at "Virginia Tech" ... which I agree that there would have been a chance to stop the kid doing the shooting if someone on campus had gun's. I see some of the crime's that has been pulled on student's, especially female student's, and have alway's supported those gal's who carried a piece/ gun on their person, even knew personally a couple gal's who carried gun's who attended college, even though they didnt have a concealed weapon's permit, was it legal? ... of course not ... but what's the chance that anyone will know, or how "often" will you have to reveal or use it? Those gal's who didnt like gun's, I recommended to carry screwdriver's instead of knives, which are more efficient in self defense and very sturdy, not "illegal", and with some basic study of where vital organ's are on the human body work very well (and dont buy them cheap dollar store screwdriver's, buy the good one's, such as "Sears Craftsman") I never had a concealed weapon's permit in my life and toted gun's on the street's as well (concealed of course).

I just dont see any reason to push this bill through at this time, I am not saying that student's are not responsible, I am looking at many thing's here. Those who support this bill say that it will just be for a selected few student's, after a background check and that you have to be 21 by state law, but also there is legislation being pushed out in West Texas to lower that age to 18, that your not hearing about. The incident that happened at Virginia Tech is not very common either, as a matter of fact ... there was an incident in Austin, TX back in the 1960's of a student who went in a tower and had a field day picking off student's and faculty of the UTA campus you wont hear much about because it was so long ago.

I am satisfied with the gun right's we have and feel they are sufficient and really loose enough ... I dont see the need to try to put more gun's on college campuses, I mean ... there are supporter's of this legislation who are hammering this so hard as if there is a shortage of gun's on Texas college campuses ... and instead of thinking this out some, just approaching this with a simple explanation/ reason, as if it was a dance step like the "Texas Two Step". We are also having some time's currently that has led to alot of frustration's for student's as well and alot of pressure's they have, I dont feel arming student's right now is just that essential is all. Most student's that I have talked to and known frankly didnt care to carry gun's anywayz. Also knowing how law enforcement must deal with these situation's such as Virginia Tech ... I also see too many gun's as a possible danger ... How? Let's say a situation went down like this, and several student's just started pulling out gun's and started trying to defend themselves ... there is a greater possibility that some student's may shoot the wrong person(s) in the confusion, because these act's are very quick and spontaneous, if you ever been in a shooting situation you would understand how some of this can catch you off guard, and having to make split second decision's. Also when law enforcement team's have to deal in these situation's, it make's it harder on the officer's to determine who need's to be focused on as far as their target's when there are multiple shooting's/ shooter's. We can argue till were blue in the face over this and present 101 scenario's and reason's to arm student's and faculty member's on campuses actually. A popular arguement here in Texas, is that Utah does it ... geeez .... so what! Do you realize that just a metro area such as Dallas alone has over twice the population of their entire state? ... I mean ... what if I proposed putting a gun on our state flag like Utah want's to do? ... Hell ... Texan's would pitch a bitch on that as being an abomination or insult to the Lone Star Flag! I dont give a rat's ass if half the state's in America do it ... is it the most essential and importante thing to do right now in Texas? I dont feel at all that not passing this legislation is any threat to our right to bear arm's, I just dont see this as importante to get through, we have alot of issue's to deal with beside's arming a bunch of student's at college campuses. And we also have plenty of right's when it come's to gun's as it is. But NO ... I wouldnt support this legislation and dont feel at all that we need any more gun right's period across the board to be pushed ... we have plenty of right's as it is and plenty of gun's.

Enough said ....

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