Friday, February 18, 2011

THOM HARTMANN: "GOP Garage Sale ... America- HALF PRICE OFF" ... and "Importance of the VOTE" (How to Privatize America PT.2)

This posting will be PT.2 of "How to Privatize America" (PT.1 HERE) . I also want to point out here that this is not one of these posting's to attack Republican's or make fun of them ... I have voted Republican the most, worked for a local Republican politician for over 6 year's at his printing/ graphic's company, where I ran their pre- press operation's, and used to do ALL the local political ad's for Republican campaign's, as well as all the stuff for the PRCA Rodeo Circuit , but those were my two primary account's/ client's who employed me and were damn good folk's to work for! And believe it or not, the President of this company knew and told me 2 year's before GW Bush was GOP candidate for President, that Bush was the GOP's primary choice (yes, before any media even announced it) ... we used to have alot of political small chat all the time (even introduced me to Congressman Pete Sessions at a company barbeque and fundraiser over some small chat), he was a great Guy personality wise, alway's in small chat with his employee's. But he told me he hope's Bush loses ... I said "Hell James, I'm voting for Bush! ... and I cant believe you saying that being a Republican politician yourself!" ... I asked him "Why?" ... he said "Thomas ... every goddamn time we get a Republican President and administration ... small businesses around town start closing up!" I didnt listen to James ... I voted for Bush/ Cheney ... and my only worry was if Bush was too religious? But I DIDNT even "think" about "business"! ... and that is where I f'd up. No, I cant truely say I'm exclusively Democrat, but since around 2006 I have voted straight Democrat ... but for damn good reason, not because I hate Republican's either. It's basically a matter of the lesser of two evil's, and making the ride smoother for the working and middle class American's ... because frankly they are the bread and butter of our economy and employment.

And what inspire's this posting is all this stuff recently such as now going on in the State of Wisconsin ... the strong talk about weakening union's, all the budget cut's that are about to take place, the lay- off's, etc, etc ... which are going to sweep the entire nation especially over the next couple year's, and have a pretty heavy political impact too. And that is also why I been pushing all this talk running my bloody jaw's over this since the start of this journal almost 3 year's ago ... I seen this shit coming since around I reckon, 2005 or so, is when it started getting really visible, so I been expecting this for awhile now. The market shift's and change's, the new global market player's, currency issue's, war and defense cost's etc, etc ... was all visible for some time ... so what we are seeing now and about to come, was visible, but frankly most folk's simply didnt pay atencion to it. Most folk's simply dont care much about stuff until it hit's home basically.


Also inspiring this is some small chat with some buddies locally the other day, and these guy's dont keep up with politic's much at all or vote for that matter, and they are all employed ... but been having alot of concern recently, and they ask me about this stuff in small chat cause they know I'm into this "blogging thing" and keep up with some of this. All 3 of these Guy's got trade's, none are union, all are working, yet underpaid in our opinion's, but been seeing alot of change's at the workplace, cut's, increased cost's to insurance, a couple lay- off's, etc ... I'm independent and on my own, not working for a company, nor union. Wolf is around my age in the auto mechanic/ repair business, Rick drive's those long flat bed truck's, haul's lumber ... Alex does exterior plumbing and electrical work for a local 250 unit apartment complex, where he only had one other helping him, but that help was cut loose and Alex has the whole complex on his own now, and a freeze on raises, change on insurance plan's and cost's at work (costing more and getting less basically) and he has 3 young children, his wife work's part time in domestic service's (inde) ... he dont vote (not sure if he can) ... and been here less than 10 year's, him and his wife came from Mexico, basically to work and make a familia, their in their early 30's. On Rick who's also younger than I ... they cut day's and hour's and benefit's change's ... on Wolf, he got temporarily laid off, and get this ... when he filed for unemployment, the company hired him back, but at a small decrease in pay and 25% less hour's and less benefit's. And frankly ... their not at all happy to say the least ... and have asked me what I think about this, and if there are any answer's? But it isnt only these 3 guy's that inspire's this ... but every damn where across town of folk's that I just have small chat with has the same similar rant's and concern's. And all this talk out of the mega companies that time's are hard to employee's is more nonsense ... everyone is just getting over greedy and cheap ... as my buddy Joe Ruben alway's said ... "Their just trying to get two for the price of one ... their cheap!"

Some video's below for a look at the current condition, then a few more word's I will add. Thom Hartmann I knew nothing about, but just ran across him on YouTube, and liked what he had to say on several post's ... so he is a new one for me and this journal.

1) THOM HARTMANN AND SETON MOTLEY OF "WWW.LESSGOVERNMENT.ORG" (I didnt link this because it came up a blank page, but this is the web address and name) THANX TO BIGPICTURERT
(concerning job's, wage's, union's)



CNN State Budget Woes Deepen ... Thanx to ELDRIDGE HAWKINS

I know that budget's have been going down the drain for some time, I know we need to make cut's, I dont know where, cause that is something that many are going to disagree with, nor do I even know where all the waste is, or where we spend all! And one thing I noticed so strong, is the low voter turnout, especially in Texas! I dont know how many time's that I have to point this out to folk's ... but "voting" is a goddamn "tool" ... NO ... it's not the answer, but certainly help's, especially now that the GOP frankly is having a garage sale ... and America has been on sale at discount bargain basement price's. I mean ... in many state's such as California and Arizona to name only a couple out this way ... they been even selling off state building's and properties of importance. Texas has a big budget problem, that is having a big impact on laying off teacher's by the thousand's. Yet ... the so called huge Lotto system this state has, supposedly put's it most into education ... so why is it alway's empty? because as soon as they put in $10 million or so through the front door, someone stick's their hand in the back door and so called "borrow's it" (special interest's, like Washington does with Social Security ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) ... I wonder ... when are they going to pay it back?). Yet looking at the booming construction and business in Texas and especially this town ... you wouldnt think it. Why? ... because the private sector is having a picnic in these time's, especially in Texas! It is only the middle class and working folk's feeling the pinch. I actually vote, every damn election. Take the 3 gent's mentioned above ... they dont vote ... Wolf alway's talk's about it, but never get's around to it. Rick last voted in the 2008 Presidential run, only because Obama was black (Rick is black) and was so thrilled that a black man was the candidate, but didnt even know a thing about Obama. Alex being from Mexico dont trust politician's at all, think's their all crook's basically, and I'm not sure if he has status yet to vote anywayz.

No ... I dont think the GOP or Tea Party are "evil" or intentionally out to screw America ... I simply think they are getting used big time, and are NOT looking at the whole picture, and just following politic's and their friend's and familia's. And the Tea Party folk's who think their an alternative to mainstream politic's or whatever, dont even know who is behind funding and supporting them, and how those major corporate folk's are actually destroying what freedom's we do have and actual free market, insurance/ health care and every other thing they get involved with. These folk's WANT government institution's to fail, Why? because when they fail, you still need service's, whether it's postal, transport, libraries, education, etc. So you "privatize" all that stuff and bring in "faith based" group's and volunteer's to handle the rest ... that is what they want and plan. Even the "new" Health Care mess in the court's was all orchestrated by them, Why? because you cant get the bill/ law's/ plan in motion as long as it's tied up in lengthy court system's, their objective there is to tie it up until they can get a fully controlled Oval Office and Senate, House, they are hoping for after the 2012 election's. Part of budget cut proposal's in Texas for instance is cutting libraries, I shit you not. And it is not Gov. Rick Perry that is our only problem here ... our biggest problem is all the people he appointed to importante position's over the last several year's, that is even a bigger issue, he's a slacker and politician, their NOT. When I talk about "privatization" of America ... some think it's a good deal ... as far as thinking more independence, and smaller government, etc. Sure ... in 1960 it would have maybe worked like that ... but in the 21st century with the new global market and new international playing field's ... especially being so interdependent that we are now as far as import's/ export's, manufacturing, etc ... you cant play an old hand in a new game! IT JUST CANNOT WORK ... PERIOD. And YES ... President Obama see's what he is up against, and is hip to the score, that's why he is trying to work with them, he dont have much choice on some issue's, but has decent idea's, just not the support, all they want ... is for him to leave, and get out of the Oval Office, since day one. This crap about they want to work with him is bullshit!

Another thing here that many are not seeing yet ... is the rising market's and fast emerging middle classes of China and India ... do we realize that these nation's have over 3X time's the population of us? This mean's, they will need much more fuel's, energies, etc. Meaning to look for inflation in energies/ fuel's, food, clothing, etc. And what is called "middle classes" in place's like China, is actually poor by our standard's or even Mexico's standard's at that. So ... what do the big corporate player's and investor's see? Bottom line ... they see us as not as importante as we were as far as market's, and our standard's of living decreasing some, while these countries rise at least to be somewhat equal with us more than they are now, which is a positive for them, but a little harder for us, I mean it is easier to lose something you never had than to lose something you've alway's had, if that make's any sense. But they picture a global playing field that is more equal, as far as standard's of living, and look at it being beneficial to all, which it can be of course ... however ... they also want to be in charge of it all, over ALL so called free market, and they want to destroy thing's like organized labour union's especially, many right's, more power over government's, and regulate alot other liberties even ... they want basically total oversight, without no oversight of them. And also mind you that even when and if you privatize anything or everything, still taxes WILL HAVE TO INCREASE ... just to pay what everyone has borrowed or took, yet you will just pay more tax, and still not get basically much of nothing for the taxes, get my drift? Also I noticed that so many GOP cut proposal's are those department's of gvmnt that get in the way of corporate interest's only such as the EPA.

Now .... as far as these GOP Governor's nationwide and these sample threat's to people, and union's ... and this nonsense about calling in National Guard, etc. Ya'll need to lighten up on that shit .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... take a seat on ya'll's flat asses and think about that ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) I mean ... this is not some of those countries like abroad where the only defense folk's have is bottle's, rock's, and club's in the street's ... if you pull too much of that shit here Bubba's and Bubbette's ... you may have a bloody war on ya'll's hand's you cant handle that will send some of ya'll runnin for shelter ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. You can talk all that stuff from that seat, but you wont talk all that stuff in the street. You start calling in military to rough up folk's here and related stuff ... folk's may use more than club's or rock's to fight back ... there are over a couple hundred million legal gun's/ arm's alone in this nation, and many illegal arm's too, and believe me ... if ya'll think that thing's are in the way now of corporate/ special interest's ... ya'll hadnt seen nothing yet if you start that up, that will really give a blow to the market's and everything tied to them and have an international ripple effect as well. So ya'll better do a lil more homework on this than ya'll done on the economy and budget's, and lighten up before ya'll sell all them "woof ticket's" ... If you get my drift. :)

Enough said ....



Beach Bum said...

...the company hired him back, but at a small decrease in pay and 25% less hour's and less benefit's.

I'm hearing a lot of similar stuff as well. What bothers me is that I understand in tough times we all have to keep back and regroup but I'm not seeing the Elites do anything of the sort. In fact all I hear is that they are still living the good life.

No ... I dont think the GOP or Tea Party are "evil" or intentionally out to screw America ... I simply think they are getting used big time, and are NOT looking at the whole picture...

I largely agree except that most of the teabaggers I'm around are racists who barely hide their contempt for the president.

But I do completely agree that they are being used and are completely lost at an understanding of the larger national and world picture. If I have an all encompassing remark about them is that they are willfully ignorant and are desperately clinging to an idea of America that is rooted in the 1950's but in reality never existed.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Bum!

Most of the Tea Bagger's your around barely hide their contempt for the President?, and I'm assuming based on skin color, when you mention race. I havent been around them yet, or been to any of their rallies or anything, but I do feel like (and this doesnt only apply to Tea Bag's or the right wing either) there is still a heavy race divide in this nation, I dont feel so much amongst younger people though. Nor do I think they are the hard core type's, say like the racist organization's who make their message perfectly clear. But I feel alot of folk's are uncomfortable still on the issue of skin color's, but the nation has came a long wayz. Just alot of folk's havent socially mixed much I reckon, or whatever other eason they may feel like that. Race as well as gender get's played to the max in this country in everything it seem's, and sex issue's especially.

Yeah Bum, it doesnt suprise me one bit you hear similar stuff like Wolf experienced, frankly I dont even recall off hand anyone I have talked to that hasnt had to take some kind of cut, come to think of it. I understand like up in Wisconsin as far as asking for a couple thousand pay cut for instance, I mean if I were cut from $48K to $45K because of an emergency, I would understand, I am even willing to pay more tax, provided it actually goes to something for the American people, but this talk and organizing of Governor's (including Texas Gov. Perry) about taking away bargaining right's of the union's is where you "catch" the "bite". You know right there that there is another motive to this, and to set up a slippery slope as well, it's one thing today, another thing tomorrow. Bank on it.

Thanx Guy

Ranch Chimp said...

Also America isnt the only target, just an essential and key target, these mega investor interest's been playing the entire globe, and as I wrote in several older posting's, the reason for this sudden move of forced globalization, they will make people think it's about love or anything else but what it's truely for. They been playing the Middle Eastern countries for year's, and of course you see the result recently with outbreak's of people resisting, they recently got caught by the Chinese last year trying to buy up all the real estate worth anything in the country, China got hip and made the bite quick and called a special session, to regulate it. They tried to bite the Saudi's a few year's back on petro production, controlling the market's of the price, then trying to blame it on the Arab's, and push them into over- producing, the Arab's got hip quick and asked for the "customer/ buyer" for the increase, they then backed off, they had their paw's in Afghanistan for year's, because of the mineral's and mining, this is also the link to India, etc ... actually in the near future, they should be playing nation's bigger than us, more than us, they have already milked us to the max, and all that is left to milk here is taxes and social security, retirement account scam's, etc ... manufacturing inst a big enough grab for them, but they still want to destroy any type of organized union or labour for future investment's if and when we get a sure product to take over. Remember as I've said time and again, you must stay a step ahead of them, because they are alway's a step ahead of us. This is the whole point of making this "too big to fail" system collapse, and it will in time, you can only do so much before it backfire's on you, history show's that. Put it this way, if it wasnt for these manipulator's and mega investment player's, we wouldnt even have the terror threat or war's that we do today, or the poverty even, or most of our other problem's/ issue's, it is strictly them who create this.