Friday, February 11, 2011

CAPT. J. ROWLES (USMC) ... "Battle in America PT.1" ... A Homefront Battle for our Veteran's and American's (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.6)

This "Veteran's Spotlight PT.6" posting will be to take a look at the battle on the homefront that Capt. Rowles (USMC) and so many other military families have been going through back home here, while putting out their all to protect what they felt was the countries best interest's, and I been trying to follow this all week actually, so it's past due for this journal. In this particular case involving JP Morgan Chase, they have said that they deeply regret what has happened, and of course plan to shell out a couple million dollar's to about 4,000 families, which is nice of course, but in my opinion ... far from decent. When folk's like Chase needed help, America came to the rescue immediately, and gave billion's without even asking for any accountability or getting any for that matter, folk's like Chase were amongst the largest bailout recipient's (here is a list of some payout's), regardless that bank's pay back what they received, the point is the amount's they received, in what time frame they received it, the flexibility of the term's of condition's especially, and the amount's of interest domestic/ foreign loan's/ investment's that these holding's pay out is enormous. Many of these iconic financial investment institution's have also gave the smaller domestic institution's the cold shoulder, and refused any kind of partnership and help to their smaller holder's/ investor's, local small companies, etc ... they just became tight fisted, and have looked very anti- American in their action's. Their apology and proposed couple million dollar pay out is a decent start, but fall's way short of being appropriate looking at the whole picture, and just is basically pocket change or a day of interest, especially for the misery they have put these families through and the length of time. This isnt just insulting to our vet's, but to our entire country, and is something that should be looked at closely and those affiliate's. Put it this way ... if the average American were to do these thing's, they would be locked up.


ABCNEWS: JP Morgan apologize's for overcharging, foreclosing on soldier's (news read/ video)



Some video from the hearing's on this with Mr. & Mrs. Bowles giving some testimony and Congressman Joe Donnelly of Indiana. The sound clear's up after about 20 second's into it.

These hearing's of course are a plus ... as long as there is result's ... and I say this because of some of my past posting's during the BP Gulf of Mexico incident and the accountability hearing's we had, where I looked at them as sort of inefficient, a positive .... yet still inefficient. My point is and was in those posting's for instance ... , it is great to march these folk's into these hearing's and give them a tongue thrashing, however ... if it doesnt get much result's ... all you basically done was march a bunch of millionaire's to the Hill to be drilled by a bunch more millionaire's, in front of camera's to get a tongue lashing from our rep's ... that only result's in the short term of political highsiding and to get vote's basically. I mean ... what happened with those hearing's? get my drift? Look at this next video where Chase Exec. VP Stephanie Mudick testifies for instance ... there's not too much substance in what she say's, but at least better than when Tony Hayward of BP got drilled (last paragraph look's at "significance" factor's of hearing's, and the video is a "live" performance clip of Hayward, to show the "runaround") ... but in legal proceeding's as well as any inquiries/ investigation's, "substance" is what matter's, you can apologize and sell "woe is me" and "sympathy" ticket's till the cow's come home, but you need "substance" and appropriate action's in a decent time frame as well, not just talk and a good show. But in the start also Rep. Brad Miller of North Carolina make's some decent point's explaining what so many of these institution's been doing.

And again as I have pointed out so many time's ... American's still have much more power than they even realize or utilize in most cases ... there is definitely a solution to dissolving alot of these issue's, but simply voting for a political party or candidate is not the entire solution. Understand were talking about "business" here ... where we seem to confuse with politic's, more than we should. I myself wont do any business at all with any of these institution's, after all ... we have "choice's" ... there are an abundance of smaller institution's to deal with and businesses in our country, and most of us simply get soaked in through clever advertising without looking at anything else. Also the point here is, that if million's just done as I said, as far as "taking their business elsewhere's", these institution's would change their whole tune in a New York minute, so fast ... it would leave you in a state of shock at how quickly they can turn around. That's what free market is truely about and personal choice's ... not where a handful of folk's control the entire market, and feel they are exempt of any repercussion's for their action's and ill decision making. Chase isnt the only issue here or just bank's, and also get the basic's on the difference between the "First Bank such and such" of your community, and an international "investment" banker (there is a world of difference in how these two in particular conduct business) ... this is across the board in every level of business. As I have said ... "money doesnt disappear, it simply change's hand's". If for instance a mega airline manufacturer was failing and in the red a couple billion (just an example here) ... you dont start to panic, listening to some politician's whine that it will be the end if we dont bail them out, and/ or our children will spend eternity in "soup kitchen's" ... it wont be the end of a damn thing except those who didnt get the job done efficiently ... the bailout actually isnt needed, there are bankruptcy protection's, liquidation's, etc ... beside's ... another investor come's in, buy's up the failing share's at a lower price, tighten's the new venture, and look's to make a profit. What were dealing with here, is folk's that are highly incompetent, and only because we "allow" this and keep blindly supporting this failure.

Beside's that ... Thank You Capt. Rowles and familia for pushing this and staying in the fight for the long haul ... you done a service to America in more than one way. And to Mrs. Rowles ... as you have pointed out in your hearing testimonial, that Chase had admitted they were at fault, and especially that ya'll done nothing wrong or incorrect let's say as a customer ... this is fine and dandy and appropriate considering the condition, as far as Chase' part. However ... not needed for a vote of support or confidence in any way ... no one in their balanced mind need's to hear about Chase's support for you, except for the litigation's and/ or mediation's. The fact's and record's clearly show us who is competent here, who can stand their ground and has the true integrity ... ya'll are the one with all the credibility and those other qualities, for ya'll have proven yourselves to the challenge's.


Beach Bum said...

Saw this the other night, hate to say it but its old news to me. As the final paperwork for my retirement went through my last National Guard unit was deployed. Scuttlebutt being what it is the guys were not gone a week when all sorts of credit offers started popping up in the home front mailboxes.

Several families fell victim to what would otherwise be assumed to be legitimate and family friendly American companies.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Bum ... This is actually old news to me as well, but when these Chase hearing's and testimonial came up, the timing was right to post this. As far as those you said getting mail within a week of deployment or whatever, understand that they have access to all those who are being shiiped off/ assigned or whatever, then they also have a computer programme of a sort that seperate's and categorized client's and potential's, the fly- by- night law firm's have a similar system because they access county record's in major metro area's for instance (to sell counsel) several other businesses, mortage/ lender's, auto finance/ dealership's, etc have similar. On bank's/ lender's they have classes and train who to bite, and even have usually two back up bite's, and employee's work on monthly/ quarterly or whatever commission's/ bonuses, so this talk about "bad job" or "mistake's" is all "show talk" for the court's/ hearing's, it's all targeted at specific client's and VERY intentional and/ or premeditated. The benefit to the lender for instance, is once the loan is locked in contractually, and client doesnt "pay" or cant, or has to extend or whatever, they get a tax write off of sort that they can carry year to year, even sell off the failing account if they choose to fly- by- night collector's/ finance etc who can use the same account (and the American tax payer actually pick's up the tab year to year, in the longrun), that is how loose the regulatory aspect is. They will even use patriotic advertising when targeting vet's/ active service member's for instance, using color's like red, white, blue, "support" for vet's/ service slogan's and American Flag's, of course all bullshit as well. This is kind of deep as far as the list of scam's, but is just some of the wayz to capitalize on war's or any miseries.

Thanx for sharing Bum ....

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Bum ... Congrat's of course getting your paperwork through for retirement. I dont know much about the Guard, except a buddy Steve who is active/ reserve in it, went to that retreat or whatever once a year for a week or two. Two other buddies both though got full retirement after their 20+ ... Russ was USMC and Stew was US Army ... and a few other's and familia I've known over the year's.

Ranch Chimp said...

Actually also Bum ... you know that much of this can be avoided, I mean ... you have to just be a tad more savvy and look closer at these thing's, be less quick looking for easy wayz out, and easy credit/ loan's, etc. we ALL have to do this Guy ... this is just one of the realities of democracy and free market too. I took the knock's and bite's year's back and fell on my ass too, ill choice's, bet's/ gambles, etc etc ... it was a learning process, I learned the "hard way" like with most other thing's in life, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. I'm basically saying, there are wayz to avoid these thing's, and when your young and dont havent experienced yet some of this, your more vulnerable. But you MUST "think", one of our biggest problem's I learned over the year's Guy ... is we casually let too many other's "think" for us, in a way, we have gotten mentally lazy, if that make's any sense. These scam's though on service member's fall's into the lowest of categories, also these mega institution's are only admitting to this is because for defense reason's, because they broke federal law's, and there is overwhelmig evidence to it, if it wasnt "made" ... or any regulatory addition's, they would continue to do it and even increase their action's. My home and PO Box mailbox is saturated just like anyone else, I just ignore it, for the most. I never complain about it, because the ad's/ paper can be recycled, and it keep's printer's, advertiser's, and the postal service in business too, because I am very pro- business is why ... oddly in it's own way it create's job's ... so keep sending it is what I say. Doesnt mean though that you have to digest it, is all. :)