Saturday, November 12, 2011

BIG BANK'S VS. VETERAN'S & AMERICAN'S : "Battle in America PT. 2" (Veteran's Spotlight PT. 16)

This "Battle in America PT. 2" will just be a lil follow up on this issue that I posted on in PT. 1 concerning the case of Capt. Rowles (USMC) ... but it's also importante for every American to know whether their a Veteran or not, as long as you bank, borrow, and trust these institution's for whatever reason. Some newsread and video below, then a few word's I will add.

***** Washington Post: Suit alleges banks and mortgage companies cheated veterans and U.S. taxpayers ...

RCJ: CAPT. J. ROWLES (USMC) ... "Battle in America PT. 1" ... A Homefront Battle for our Veteran's and American's (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT. 6)

***** CNN: Lawsuit claims banks defrauded veterans ... (video)


First understand that the arguement that will be made here, is that it's all "ligit", that why the bank's are saying without "merit" ... I mean ... you know their not going to acknowledge a thing. The reason so many optional fine print addition's and avenue's are made in the documentation (and "legally" I may add) is because it is attorney's writing them. It's almost like for example, all this nonsense talk out of this Super Committee we have now, who technically doesnt have a say- so over thing's like SSI, but will indirectly have a say- so on what the Congress "get's to vote on", if that make's any sense ... saying it is a big strike to defense instead as far as cut's, but what you dont see, is all the wayz and division's, account's, etc that defense spending is paid for, if they dont get it out of one specific department/ account/ avenue, they get it through other channel's of spending that ARE NOT touched/ cut/ trimmed. That's why that for instance will end up as nothing more than a ramrod before the Christmas/ New Years Holiday at that ... if you think it wont ... watch. You have to make rule's/ law's on what can be used and done and in what manner, and who can accept what (as far as lobbying dollar's and campaign financial support) ... we have none of this in place currently, meaning that we have a wild- wild west way that is more free for them to do basically anything they want. The only "fool's" in this country who are hammered with rule's, law's, do's and dont's, are us basically, and were dumb enough or feel helpless enough to buy it ... thinking were voting on choice's we have ... we are only voting through our mouth piece's who honour those and are on the payroll of those who tell them what to do and write it all.

Again ... let me stress here ... we are at war in our own country whether we realize it or not ... and this isnt over cultural/ ethnicity difference's or even really over Democrat's and Republican's as much as it against this entity of power that even has our political representation on the payroll and servant's to them as well. Forget the so called drug cartel's as crook's, or organized crime loansharking, or other worries that we have as far as criminal activities ... this make's all of those look like low budget rookies ... these actually have the power and resource's to make legal anything they choose, regardless of how bluntly and openly crooked it is. These manipulator's are the cream of the crop when it come's to these money making endeavor's, nothing trump's them, even globally for that matter. And this is exactly why I talk constantly about how importante it is to decline any kind of business with these folk's that you can ... whether it's a mortgage, any kind of loan, deposit's, investment's, bond's/ stock's, you name it. Our measley holding's alone are not enough to make too huge an impact on these entities ... However ... by keeping feeding them in any way, only intensifies their strength and the damage they can and will do in the long run, and weaken's our smaller companies and more independent institution's at the same time. Again, they keep us at each other's throat's on petty issue's (petty to them) so that we dont have time to wonder what they are doing ... it's the oldest hustle in the book actually, it's not like their super brain's ... Hell ... you dont need to be as long as you have million's of folk's feeding you ... and buying your bullshit over and over and over, just in different packaging.

But the fact that they do this to our Veteran's and especially active service member's, to their spouses and children while one or the other is in combat of war's that are even partially dictated by them trump's over anything in past history of just how low and the scum of the earth that these type's really are ... that alone should make anyone with even a rock bottom IQ abandon them on any level that they can. You may be wondering why the Department of Justice has been so silent on this and the "wait and see" approach is in act ... again, it all has to do with simply political grandstanding ... as well as the case(s) not looking too solid. But there's a reason as well why cases of such may look a tad weak ... and that's because they are also the entities that review and put together the legislation to get voted on ... their lobby in our government is enormous, the mega bank's as well as the insurer's, energies giant's, are all in bed together. And how in Hell can you make a significant dent in their game when you have this ? That is one of our biggest problemo's right now, both side's of our representation "owe" ... YOU MUST STOP THIS. This is also why I stress throughout this journal of the importance of getting rid of what we have in Washington as far as representation, the sooner, the better, at least a large portion of it. And believe me, it will happen sooner or later. If by November 2012 for instance we have a strong enough alternative and more progressive choice ... my vote IS going to them.

In the meantime, this isnt much progress as far as the allegation's, lawsuit's, etc ... but at least it's something and being hammered continuously, cause most in Washington frankly are not going to touch anything they dont have to, many are coward's even, that have a total lack of integrity, honesty, or anything of any value to offer period. I have never in my 55 year's seen such weak and spineless, worthless, and incompetent leader's as I see today in Washington ... really. I'm almost in shame to be American at time's these dayz ... yet, there are also many that are strong ... they just need support to strengthen them is all ... Sen. Bernie Sanders is definitely one of those.

Enough said ... for now that is



Beach Bum said...

It was a joke among the soldiers I served with at Fort Carson that once you stepped a foot off post you could be "legally" assaulted by every shady business possible trying to sell you junk at astronomical interest rates.

Since I was unmarried I did not have any interaction with mortgage companies and other large business but I was shocked at what I heard from married soldiers.

these actually have the power and resource's to make legal anything they choose

Yeah, as far as I am concerned the Republic has fallen and we now live in a bizarre corporate/fascist state that would utterly blow George Orwell's mind.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Bum ... "A bizarre corporate/ fascist state" ... that actrually sum's it up perfectly Bum, just in those word's.

Oh believe me Bum ... I been hip/ keen to this shit for year's actually, before I had a computer, at least nearly a decade ago is when I caught it, then it just grew, so many folk's that I knew from familia, neighbor's, other's around town locally that served and especially were active, were getting targeted from everyone, not just big bank's, even car dealership's, cash till payday loan joint's, you just about name it. Also understand that ANYONE who receive's government, funding, paycheck's, support, etc, are alwayz big target's, just like government contract's are as well, it is so deep Bum, that I could do an entire blog just on this subject ... so deep brother ... and hitting million's of folk's. It's just so "low" Bum, when these defender's of what Democracy we have left are targeted for such trash.

Thank You much for your input Bum ... you know the score too well ....

Ranch Chimp said...

As far as the "joke" talk that ya'll had at Fort Carson about walking off base and being target's ... the great part Bum is ... that at least ya'll were talking about it! Geeeez brother, some of the scam stories I could write about where service member's were the prime target's, and too me, it is probably the most disgusting hustle I have ever known!

Truth 101 said...

You can't trust anyone. And from my years in the car business I know big bucks are made on the ignorant (not meant to be an insult) of financing and dealing.

I know plenty of guys that came home on leave driving piece of shit cars they paid through the nose for. I wondered how thier CO's or sergeants could let them get screwed like that.

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Truth! I remember before you mentioning that you were into car sales too at a time. Folk's have to earn a living of course, I think though that car sales folk's can be straight up, deliver a decent product without trying to ramrod anyone, and make a decent paycheck.

One of the other thing's is ... it is also wise for anyone who buy's a car for instance to at least do a lil homework and have an idea of what they want when they walk in the lot. Believe me Truth/ Joe ... I had the usual pressure's from car sales folk's, some trying to sell me car's actually that I didnt want, but trying to tell me ... "It's me" ... well ... maybe in their eye's, but not mine. When it come's to selling me a car Truth it's a pretty easy sell though, I mean, I usually know what I'm in the market for, what I can spend, and of course I look it over well, so I do most of the legwork for the salesperson in a way.

Thanx for your voice Truth ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Also, in response to Truth's comment's ... I used to sell customer's alot for instance once where in the 1980's, we supplied large commercial construction engineer's and alot of petro companies as far as satellite film's for proposed drilling or architectural/ structural/ mechanical plan's etc ... the job's we done were in the thousand's, the cost of most car's and more at the time, it was common practice for foot sales (I was in- house working the shop as a foreman) to scout for the big government contract's, their pay/ contract's were good and solid, they never were late on paying or a thing and would pay premium. But one reason I worked well in this, is because I would cut deal's with them, after the sales person brought them in the door ... I was straight up. If you brought me a job ... I told you it would cost say $15K and I will have it to you complete in a week, and you told me a competitor down the street made you a bid to do it for $14K ... I never missed a lick, I would knock off the price of certain film's or cost's ... I would find place's to trim no matter what in other word's, but I would beat the competition's price, bottom line and service. Also ... "it cant be done" was never in my vocabulary, which some will tell you ... my motto is simple ... "Give me the job, I want your business, and I will make it work ... period". Anyone ... what I'm saying, can be straight and cut good deal's and be successful without actually doing some of the shit that some of these folk's do to customer's, in "any" business from the street's to the corporate world ... and the great part is, the referal's you get in the long run from your "satisfied" customer's! : )