Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MISSISSIPPI VOTER'S: Congratulation's & Thank You from America! ... "You Dont Serve God, God Serves You" (PT.1)

This posting to Congratulate and Thank Mississippi Voter's for a most importante vote that took place yesterday in the State of Mississippi, some newsread and video in the link below, then some opinion's of my own.

CNN/ POLITICS: Mississippi Voters Reject Anti- Abortion Initiative

The most popular thing you will hear on these issue's, is it's all about saving innocent lives out of these religious dictator's, yet they wont even approve simple stem cell research to save existing lives. And they try to make this look like it's not about these religious cult's that saturate America ... I been watching this vote and proposal since it stuck it's head out of the ground, like a Fox watches a Hen House. The idea that this is about saving lives or thinking about the kid's or other politipop nonsense is just that ... NONSENSE! This was nothing but more manipulating, dictating, slippery slope bullshit to see if they can get this through only to later manipulate even more through other state's as well as the U.S. Supreme Court.

And these folk's that commit these act's against American's alwayz say that they serve God ... another lie ... God only serve's them ... period! If you looked at the detail's of this so called amendment ... you would see that half the women/ men tax paying citizen's, doctor's, pharmacist's ... you name it, of this country would or could easily become criminal's, that's exactly what they were trying to do, and it would open every back door that destroy's Democracy in every definition, believe me. I dont even like writing about religion, but only because I know too much about it, it's history and the corruption of it ... it has nothing to do with a person's right to believe in God, most folk's I know believe in God, but they just dont run around on a bloody mission/ crusade of sort, so this has nothing to do with a person's right or choice to believe and/ or worship, or has even a thing to do with God ... but has to do with religious dictator's that are determined to make life a living Hell.

Enough said ....



Infidel753 said...

Yep, they "serve God" -- on a dirty plate with a side order of tyranny and ignorance.

Mississippi isn't even a liberal state. If this crap gets defeated there by such a big margin, it's hard to see where in the country it could pass.

Ranch Chimp said...

Their trying or will be trying this shit in various state's over time, I dont look for them to give up, they been doing this shit since the Holy Bible was wrote by the Roman Emporer Constantine (320+AD or so) ... That's also why I alwayz looked at the Holy Bible as "Constantine's Bible" ... most of the gospel's been excluded by him and the original writing were all manipulated for political corectness by his staff when compiling what's known today as the Bible.

Thanx for your input here Infodell ....