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This PT.3 of "The AWAKENING" is just to give a recent report for this journal's record/ reference from who I alwayz simply called "My Man from Flint" ... aka "Michael Moore" in the trenches of "O-Town" (Oakland,CA/ Bay Area) explaining of course the reality and what step's need be taken for actual "change". I alwayz called Michael "My Man from Flint" because when it come's to setting healthy dialogue at the bargaining table and catching scam's ... there is no one I would rather have by my side than this man. And this I will not call as 99% vs. 1%, this is much deeper than any percentage's, and much beyond just a left/ right way and/ or approach ... it is the purest form of corruption and institutionalized thought programming in recorded history of humanity, although alwayz an entity that has risen with it's trash from era to era, empire to empire ... even dating back thousand's of year's before the species even had a written language, in more primitive form's ... and of course, alwayz defeated over time, which result's in change and the next step of societal evolution.

I call this a "Shit Report", because the source of this video off YouTube is called "SCHITTREPORT" first as inspiration, and the fact that these report's are of basically the backed up sewage of shit in this nation that has completely destroyed Democracy, free market, individualism, patriotism, the voice of America, free trade, freedom of choice, and everything else that even remotely represent's any kind of freedom or a fair balanced playing field of any kind, many of the same thing's valued by those who are pro- business and conservative even. For the record here, again ... I have alwayz been pro- business, free market, etc ... even Michael is the same actually ... he been seeing this for year's, as well as myself writing about this and what's to materialize since the start of this journal over 3 year's ago. All is starting to form very well right now, which was a lil sooner than I anticipated, which is great news! However, this IS STILL the "Awakening" and should get much larger as I wrote about throughout this journal and alot more fierce ... and of course right on the money being that it is going in what I called wave's across the globe, which is what you've been seeing over the last year especially.

Everything is falling in place perfectly ... the trick part is ... Not Giving Up ... you see, the 3 Entites (mega religious, finance, government's ... a 3 in 1 entity actually that control's simply by ratholing all wealth, resource's and thought/ thinking) are banking that this will die out soon, or that showcasing a few hundred thousand job's here and there will fizzle it out, the winter coming (in this part of the world), toss a few political bone's here and there to wet our beak's, etc. But as I said time and again, they are only trying to get back to what's alwayz been considered as "normal", which is basically the same ole same, with little to no actual change ... and only to reserve their rank's and trust/ faith in them, and continue this cycle like a merry- go- round. I myself have been bucking this systematic slushstall for year's as I have pointed out before, I have abandoned just about all of those I can for several year's now, doing all banking, business, trade, etc that I can with independent's. As long as we keep buying into this, getting deeper and deeper into dependency on them and letting them rathole everything, you can NEVER get out of the rut that you/were in, and/ or especially expect any significant change and progress in any reasonable time frame. It also need's to get tougher than what we see ... this is actually "mild" trust me, but so far doing fairly well. Enough from me ... Listen to Michael

***** NOTE: I had to change out the original video's below, but this cover's it (updated 22 June 2014)

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Peter Schiff on Anderson Cooper 360 ... Thanx to M8RA1YN1L'S CHANNEL

The Peter Schiff Show: "Anderson Cooper 360" Interview with Michael Moore- CNN ... Thanx to MYEBAY4U


POST NOTE: An addition I wanted to add after Michael here (My wife and daughter are on the way home, and I was cooking some pasta while putting this post together : ) is the constant talk and misunderstanding of folk's that talk like myself, are folk's that want to redistribute all the wealth, and try to rob folk's that earned their wealth, etc, etc. This is not only inaccurate, but a cheap shot and somewhat insulting to our intelligence as well. We ARE BEING HAD ... period ... I grew up in the street's of hustler's and my dad having me in casino's he worked as young as 8/ 9 year's old ... I was one who came from a gofer in the workplace and in 3 year's time was running the department and bidding on job's/ contract's, building the business with all I had to give, for our year end bonuses and profit sharing contribution's ... I know how to hustle and what "GOOD BUSINESS" is, and admire those who achieve by merit and what they put in as far as their hard work. This twisted herd mentality thought, mainly out of those that are this neo- conservative crowd, who are being led like a dumb ox into a cesspool that they will later regret if they actually seen what is happening ... is so off target. No one is talking about trying to put achiever's, investor's, in the poor house or trying to steal all the wealth by protesting this corruption and control/ manipulation ... we are trying to preserve and expand true freedom and democracy and what will work in a changing global market. EVERYONE come's out winner's with this needed change, and even the top of the chain will benefit in wayz that they cannot see yet.

Also another misunderstanding across the board is all these wave's that I talked about that you can see going on in many countries around the globe of bankrupt countries coming out of the woodwork that were only a few year's back completely opposite of their current financial situation ... we commonly think and are told it's solely because of government waste on social service's, and in our country social security, and everything from libraries to education and every other service. The truth is that we are seeing these financial and sudden wave's because trillion's of dollar's over the last several year's has been ratholed by these entities and basically almost taken out of circulation, milking our government's, financial institution's, and everything else, to render us helpless and to have to give in more to them to rescue us in any way they can ... this has been all carefully planned for year's, except it didnt quite work out like they planned, and we are seeing the result's ... as I have said in previous posting's ... all the service's and function's and institution's that work for us that fail, will still be needed ... they do this, so that they buy all of them with the money they ratholed and they become the ultimate ruling governor's, by privatizing everything ... basically having total ownership.

As I write this I have on PBS NewsHour on the tele in the background, and of course Democrat's and Republican's are now tossing in the side dish of having to address social security, how it's failing, in the red, etc, etc ... it's so tight because for year's they have been milking it for something or another of special interest's ... BOTH of these parties have been doing this, we constantly pay into it and will continue to, why shoudnt we keep it? ... it's our's. Over the weekend while out on the road, I was taking in some talk radio and the talk out of Washington was ... how Libya now has been freed and of course ... it is now our responsibility to transport Libyan's here to give them the best health care that we can provide (yes, this was their exact word's) ... now I have no problem with helping anyone, but I do have a question ... that is ... where were all you on both side's in Washington less than a year ago turning down helping 9/ 11 responder's who became ill, many firefighter's, law enforcement? turning down our returning military veteran's in need, turning down American's on health service's, etc, etc? Right there is solid proof that both of these side's do NOT represent you, nor really give a shit about you or this country, except when you pressure them to.


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