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First of all for this PT. 2 of "The Awakening", some link's of a very, very importante move, then some addition input from the Chimp on this. I also want to dedicate this particular posting to Suzy, a local merchant in my neighborhood I frequent, who told me just last week when I told her "Bank of America" would start Jan. 01 charging monthly fee's for your electronic debit card transaction's ... when she responded ... "Tom ... their going to charge us for using our own money?" (similar wording) ... and when I told her Yes ... she told me she been doing business with them for long, I asked her why? ... and she said that she was just accustomed/ comfortable with them, and wanted to stay with them, but didnt like that .... basically I then told her ... "And that's what their banking on Dear" ... so if you catch this one Girl, this one's dedicated to you : )

FUNNIES SHORT: Just for a laugh here ... I get quite a bit of email from "Democracy for America" for instance (perhap's other Democrat blogger's do as well) ... but this one I got today had me laughing up a storm. They were doing a survey/ anti- vote to ask you to anti- vote for which Republican candidate would be the worst as President, well ... I took it of course serious, then started looking at them all from Romney to Bachmann, Perry, etc ... and I got in a jam, because to me they were ALL just terrible! ... I really couldnt even hardly figure out which one could be worse they were all so bad, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh Goddamn!, what a challenge that was! : ) ... I started laughing my ass off looking at their picture's, then finally voted "Perry". : )

CNBC/ NETNET: ... Occupy Wall St Backs a Nationwide Boycott Against Banks

TIME/ MONEYLAND: ... Wall Street Protests Get Specific: Could 'Bank Transfer Day' Pit Americans Against Their Big Banks?

CNN/ MONEY: ... "I Ditched My Big Bank!"


I also wanted to add this video I just picked up, because Mr. Zeese here make's some importante point's on what our problem's are and what change's are needed, also understand that you will have faction's of both parties that will try to appease those who fund them the most, their only doing what their paid to do. The Republican Party will just about exclusively 100% support them and carry all their bag's, they are the "Best of the Worst" in all of this, not just America, but even in Europe, Asia, and Africa as well, this was the whole point to "rush" globalization, to eliminate jurisdiction's, etc.

***** COUNTDOWN WITH KEITH: Kevin Zeese/ October 2011: "Time For the Serfs To Revolt"

You see why I have been calling these tough time's a blessing in disguise/ healthy in my past posting's ... you see, it is hard time's that bring's out our best, is basically what I'm saying ... the struggle, the fall, the hurt and pain is alwayz healthy when it come's to survival and if you want victory (believe me, I had more than my share in life, and am stronger today because of the ass kicking's/ fall's) ... THIS IS VERY HEALTHY, even if everyone dont suddenly pull their money out of this cesspool, the fact that folk's are waking up to what feed's this vermin that has plagued now ... The Globe! Look at it like a bad relationship ... the best thing to do, is "walk", disassociate, not argue, fuss, and rehash over and over what clearly doesnt work, but abandon it ... remember ... "Misery love's Company" ... not the other way around.

I will also include this in the "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference convenience. Let me try to keep this simple here for any reader, because I know how complex this can get twisted into from trying to discuss this with folk's here on the street that dont clearly understand what is going on, simply because they are too busy trying to live and keep up in the rat race, and THIS IS what these entities are thriving on ... first milking all surplus, then making the job market's tight and scarce, putting us in tight situation's to where we have to sell or give up asset's, pension's, service's, etc ... this is why I focused as well on gold, platinum, etc ... you have a handful of entities basically with over a 100 scouting/ purchasing companies, so they cant get connected legally for trying to create monopolies buying up everything they could ... also I stress, as far as when to buy and sell, and most importantely when you "sell" ... who to.

Playing in these 401K's is another scam ... I got hip to that scam over 20 year's ago actually, when damn near all my co- worker's just looked at the before tax deposit's, interest, etc ... I was pointing out, penalties, management fee's, and other thing's that showed there is other more profitable wayz to invest, if you have. My daughter was happy she took my advice, she told me a month ago, she alone saved thousand's, by pulling out a couple year's back when I talked to her, despite withdrawal penalties ... those who ignored these thing's and the market's who seen the surge and feeling of comfort after they loss in 2008, then rebounded in higher figure's/ earning's in 2010 ... only to lose once more less than a few month's ago again, all they earned and grew in the previous year. My friend Joe and his wife both thanked me, when I suggested not to sell their gold until a later date, they quadrupled their pay off recently. These thing's/ investment's would otherwise be great for folk's, the problemo is, that they are strongly controlled and manipulated and designed by mega profiteer's is all.

Alot of folk's in 2011, especially politician's on both side's and media's are whining about the bailout's of 2008/ 2009 recently ... these same people were whining and shivering if you recall back in 2008 telling us if we DONT BAIL OUT these folk's an economic disaster will happen and the financial globe will collapse ... this is why back then I was pointing out that we WILL have an economic disaster of some sort anywayz even if we do bail them out ... Why? ... because they just took our surplus, sat on it instead of feeding the smaller financial institution's and ratholed the money offshore, and as you can see of course, a recession of magnitude came right after we gave in to them anywayz, and now were broke ... that's about as stupid as giving your saving's and wallet to someone to hold for you, then when it comes time to pay your bill's asking for an advance. You dont bail the global banking system, you keep the money here and bail the job creator's like Ford, GMC, etc ... local and small domestic financial institution's, credit union's etc.

This move to take our money out of these folk's hand's couldnt come soon enough, especially to get this much atencion and focus on it ... because this is what it is going to take ... now of course everyone wont withdraw/ close come November, but this is an importante start and move. Now you will see a sudden rise in mega banking advertisement's/ marketing (mainly because they have all our money to do so, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... as if they havent saturated prime time programming already with enough, but they will get more intense once/ when they see folk's taking out their money, and they will try to sell you new cleverly crafted package's of bullshit to regain your trust ... DO NOT BUY IT ... even perhap's this Super Shaft new Senate Committee may try to slip in through big money influence and try to make it like their talking about doing to 401K's right now and making it so you cant take your money, feeding you endless bullshit via politician's telling you ... "It's for your own good". But folk's will get hip/ keen to this as well ... in time.

Enough .... Word Out!


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