Thursday, October 13, 2011


This PT. 2 of "Truth or Treason 2012" is to look at the newest slab of bullshit that the President's Jobs Act got twisted into, and most IMPORTANTELY, who, how, and why. Believe me ... the last bloody thing that I wanted to have to post is this bullshit, but I made a personal commitment to cover this cesspool of inbred corruption and some of it's slithering ingrate's ... No ... I shit you not, I actually loathe these posting's, because I have wrote so much about this crap and how it play's out, it has literally got boring, and this one of course is yet another that fell exactly like what I had been posting I suspected it would, or any other goddamn bill or act that our President attempt's to propose. I only been even remotely following this through a blogger I frequent INFIDEL753 , who has been questioning alot of this himself. But Yes, again another proposal by our President that been of course Aborted before Birth ... by of course mostly the "Anti- Abortion", "Pro Small Business" crowd, who have been yapping about "Job's, Job's & Mo Job's" even throughout their carnival show type GOP Debate's ... again, forcing it to be twisted into something else where we have to give/ sacrifice more, and all those who are paid off bigtime toss in their side order's of pork ... it's downright sickening actually!

But, it's so importante to know this and especially who has the strongest influence in these corrupt move's ... and it of course again is the Republican Party mainly instigating this endless gridlock and twisting tantrum's, over, and over, and over, and over ... basically everything that this President has endorsed or proposed has been tossed in the trash from his initial Health Care Public Option proposal on down. The President has been the most bipartisan acting of all, and still, cannot please any of this bunch, yet they constantly lie that they want to work with the President ... but enough from me here, because this shit is endless! Below some newsread, video's from also Senator Sanders. This will also be posted/ linked in the "DEBT CRISIS PT. 1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" .


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MSNBC: Senate Republican's Kill Job's Bill ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

I am not against China at all, I have constantly wrote about this country's potential and alliance and look forward to a great future ... However, part of making that great alliance will take some serious political talk with our two countries WITHOUT just Corporate Communist Dictation who seem's to control both our government's more and more. We have some serious trade issue policy concern's, and continueing to let these corporate icon's have all the say so, is NOT working for either of our people, we lose job's and their people get slave wage's (which is what they want to lower us to as well of course in doing so), etc, etc. It's time that our representative's actually act on behalf of the interest's of both our countries. But this is the "reason" for this "treason" below.

MSNBC: Free Trade Agreement's ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

And this final video just recent from President Obama on this ....

MORE JOBS FOR AMERICANS: Stand with President Obama to Continue Fight for Jobs ... Thanx to BARACKOBAMADOTCOM

POST NOTE: One more thing I need to add to this ... and this is something that I have brought up before in posting's, but is needed now more than ever. The President ask's for us to contact our rep's and push this, which of course is a plus ... however, as well in the meantime, we need to really focus on changing "HOW" the American's voice is heard, and figuring out a newer more efficient way for doing this, as well down the line to voting in this country, this whole system has got all screwed up because basically ... those who we do contact and voice for us ignore much of our voice's as well. The voting for instance from the rules to the electoral system, etc, is all twisted/ corrupted as well and very outdated to suit the time's and condition's of today. We also need to put a goddamn end to these endless bribe's that our rep's openly take from these financial icon's who basically use money they robbed and ratholed offshore from us to make these bribe payment's ... our rep's already have a decent living before they get in office and after they do, we pay them decent salaries and excellent benefit's package's, if that isnt good enough, they perhap's need to find another job, or go back to their private sector businesses. I know for a fact that this will all destroy itself in time, whether it does in my generation or the next or after ... I would just like to get a head start on what's let's say inevitable to clean up this corrupt system to some degree.


an average patriot said...

Obama does not get it, he and we the people do not matter only Republicans and the affluent and their interests.

He doesn't get it that he can not be the community organizer, it sucks. After the last elections repugs said it is our way or nothing, any compromising will come from the Dems.

Repugs are in charge even though they are the minority. I don't frigging get it!

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Jim! I know that you know the score on this nonsense clearly. I have ranted about the President not using executive power's enough, such as on this debt ceiling nonsense, some say ... "well this could of happened" or "that could have happened" or other scary bullshit ... this kind of thinking is like thinking every goddamn time you cross the street you might get hit by a car, it's gotten ridiculous! I would have signed it period ... regardless of some legal expert's saying it may not work, some say it would have worked too ... I dont give a shit, you have NOTHING to lose, you sign the goddamn thing and let the court's do their f'n job and sort it out, at least you dont that way cut back half the goddamn nation! And I also think that the President has been being guided by simply a corrupt crowd in his own party too ... I know they "say" their this and that. but some are not what they paint themselves as, and there is public record of the vast amount's of money they all receive on BOTH side's, look how much they were paid before the vote on Health Care Reform ... geeez, each member received between a half million to over a million. This thing is so corrupt Jim, and the voting system and option's are so fucked that we are forced to vote out of fear and these icon's who hold the string's of our rep's know this, they do everything and write all proposed legislation even. This idea that you can tax the rich is more nonsense ... How in Hell can you possibly do that looking at the current code's? You, I, and million's of other's Jim, know damn well deep inside what is REALLY needed, plain and simple ... were the one's who have to survive in this mess they create. In some cases I really dont care if they get a thing done, Why? ... because as I pointed out in past posting's, anytime they do anything, they will slip in a shaft, that's why I dont ask for shit and just take what I have to, and do what I have to, get my point(?) If the President dont "get it" ... he will in time, trust me ... on the other hand, I wanted his bipartisanship, because this is truely the future after this ancient mindset of left/ right dies off, rest assured, our future generation's are going to look at this crap similar to the dark age's, so the way I see it, is get it out of the way now. But we CANT as long as we keep getting caught in these deceptive web's and fear tactic's they pull. You and I dont fear this, but many still do ... in other word's to me ... fail, downsize, dont pay your bill's, fall, make new rules till ya'll are blue in the face, I'm gonna do what ever I need to do anywayz, I sure dont need them to survive or their idea's or what they think or believe ... I dont care basically. Kind of like when I hear nonsense about how they will take away our gun's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... try it : ) or as stupid as believing that this quarter century drug war will do anything significant, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. We'll pull through this Jim in time, trust me.

Thanx for your word's here Jim ....

Ranch Chimp said...

One more thing here ... there has been actually an overwhelming amount of poltical media coverage for some reason, that I have no idea why? I mean basically ... that the GOP aint even close to having a candidate yet, and are still playing game's, and the election's are over a bloody year away, and alot of thing's will happen and change in that year as well. But this is also why I focused more on posting these result's after the vote instead of the "talk" before these cleverly crafted piece's ... being to show actual result's instead of speculation or talk about what so and so said, or who may do what, I'm getting tired of their talk and game's basically and covering it, etc ... basically meaning ... stop the talk and "show us" instead what you will do.

Truth 101 said...

I'm wore out with the deal myself RC.

The Dems do the comprimising while the rethugs lie about how Obama isn't working with them.

We have gridlock anyway so why comprimise with the corporate whores? Of which many democrats are I admit.

Promote policies which adhere to the philosophy of the democratic party and let the chips fall where they may. Better to have nothing accomplished and try than keep giving in to bastards who only care about making the richest richer.

Ranch Chimp said...

Damn Truth ... I couldnt agree with you more on that comment, especially the last part of it!

Thanx for your voice here Truth ....