Monday, August 29, 2011

Social Security, The President, Oil Speculation & Job's ... A view from Senator Sanders (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.1)

This PART ONE of "TRUTH OR TREASON 2012" ... will be inspired by the series I done last year in 2010, called the "2010 Show" ... and other posting's, where I was pointing out the importance of not letting any majority of GOP get power in the House or Senate in the 2010 election's, and what it would result in if it happened ... which of course it did, and all the miscellaneous BS were blindsided with. There are many things that I DONT write about, simply because they are not very easy to swallow or pleasant, so I use alot of discretion when posting here. But when the time come's to the point where thing's are so critical, it is importante to post in the hope that whoever read's this whether it's one person or many, it will be food for thought and/ or enlightenment. This election is also one of the most critical election's, and it's kind of a screwed if you do, and screwed if you dont type situation, because of our lack of voting, lacking interest, or the many other distraction's politically and socially in our lives. I already pointed out how this is looking like a "set- up" with this Super Committee , where they will come back from vacation in September with a new line of BS, and of course a few "talk treats" tossed in that get grandstanding media/ network's coverage, that the two dominating parties will feed on ...and I certainly could be wrong/ incorrect ... however, since the start of this journal sometime in the beginning of 2008, I have been accurate on every call of a scam that I "made" politically ... whether it was the BP accountability, the Health Care Reform, the next grab to dismantle Social Security, the financial crisis, employment, the election's, etc, etc ... from doing my homework on this ... so until I see actual proof that our political representation is trying to actually do something beneficial ... with ACTUAL PROOF ... NOT TALK ... I will continue to post it as I see it, if/ when needed only ... being this critical time in America.

I call this "Truth or Treason" simply because this time is the moment of truth bottom line, and if the parties that dominate as one entity decide to give us a snowejob (my changing the spelling of "snowjob" was inspired by Olympia Snowe) and start slow in September acting like this will be another battle behind closed door's, like this debt crisis snowejob where they locked all media's out similar to what the last Bush Administration done actually, with no transparency, or in open Senate with a snowejob show, then talking all they done for us after worrying everyone from senior citizen's to military personel if they will get their paycheck's and the other cruelties they done to American's, which in my opinion SHOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN ... then coming around Christmas time or sometime after stalled with hoopla for month's, with another bunk pieced plan that cut's folk's entitlement's with some window dressing tossed in that rich folk's will have to pay tax (which they WONT) or other nonsense, and then the right come's out acting like they sacrificed, and the left acting overly grateful that they only received 6 inches up their ass instead of nine inches, etc, etc.

Or will those who support the people, including the President as he "promised" (and I have been the biggest supporter of the President since before he was President, I may add) he would never toss in entitlement's etc, etc during his campaign, buck it tooth and claw (not like he did on the Health Care Reform or Debt Ceiling, which was 2 score's against him in my opinion, because of the magnitude of the issue's) and MAKE SURE that they KEEP to what they say they stand for ... IT IS THAT SIMPLE ... you either once and for all do what you say, and truely represent the people who work their asses off to support you and pay your salaries and benefit's ... or your not much different than a liar committing treason ... which by definition is a more serious act of betrayal ... there is NO HALFSTEPPING HERE, and each and every politician that does NOT come through with truth this once, should be voted against and ousted, regardless of party affiliation 2012, period, cut and dry. And this journal will record every track that it can in this series, on ya'll's BS if you continue to play game's, whether your left, right, pagan, christian, atheist, black, brown, yellow, white, male, female, transgender, etc ... NO GAME'S, NO TALK, NO EXCUSES ... cut and dry ... Yes or No, Truth or Treason.

This posting will also be included in the list/ link's of DEBT CRISIS PT.1 ... PAPER DOLL SHOW

Protecting Social Security- Senator Bernie Sanders, Keith Olbermann ... Thanx to ELEPHANT PANCAKES

These next 3 video's ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


ED SHOW: ... Senator Sanders on Oil Speculation

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an average patriot said...

Did you see this shit? I am so sick of this crap. Rick Perry Calls Social Security A “Ponzi Scheme”

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Mornin Jim ... and Thanx for the link on Perry, and your vice here Jim ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... maybe Perry is talking about SSI being a Ponzi Scheme "after" he get's a hold of it and sell's ti to Wall St, eh? (just kidding Guy) I havent even heard anything out of Perry in the news here locally, but too, I havent heard much news ... Hell Jim ... that aint much as far as enteratinment, you should have heard Bachmann, she said that she will make gas less than $2 buck's a gallon if folk's vote for her, I think President Obama is offering $1000 cash back rebate or somethin ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... Later Guy

Ranch Chimp said...

These folk's can run their jaw's all they want Jim ... like I said in the posting, ... THIS IS THE MOMENT OF TRUTH ... to see if they and who tosses out SSI mixing it on this table of card's with this so called Super Committee, if they play this off ... and somehow manage unanimously to get a vote to pull that off ... that should show every American CLEARLY that both side's are going to screw us more. And that's fair too, they already screwed us on Healthcare as well as manufactured this debt crisis and scared the Hell out of our troop's familia's back home here even, wondering if they will get their paycheck's, that is as low as it goes, they even denied our first responsder's at 9/11 medical treatment, which is even lower, that alone qualifies as scum, period ... folk's ought to drag some of these people out into the street's and beat the living shit out of them ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... No one is even asking them to stop lying, cheating or anything, but just to do their job and represent the people and preserve their SSI, it's that simple, if they cant do that, they cant even cross the street without someone holding their hand, and certainly cant be trusted one bit more.