Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MICHELE BACHMANN (PT.1): The "SEXUAL FANTASIES" of America's No#1 "Evangelical Feminist" and GOP Presidential Candidate (SEXPLOITATION NATION PT. 8)

This Part 8 of "Sexploitation Nation" will be to look at what seem's to be the priority interest's of a popular GOP/ Republican candidate for President in these trying time's, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann . What inspire's this posting, is a buddy here in the neighborhood named Jeff, who is in the Adult Theater business, with a lil place here in the neighborhood that's theater basically cater's to gay customer's ... Jeff is not gay, he has a wonderful wife and marriage of 8 year's, his wife is a professional who's business require's her to travel alot ... but this is his business/ livelihood. But Jeff and I have some real in depth conversation's about the direction this country is going and the issue's on the table, that seem to be not efficiently addressed by the political representation we have as it is. Jeff is a Texan, but because his father was a career military person ... he had to get alot of his schooling in the City of Frankfurt (Germany), having attended High School and College there as well as a young man.

Politic's of all sort's are hot topic's between us, and we have a great time ranting over them actually, we have alot of similar idea's, and he does read these posting's on such in this journal as well. I have never been to Germany, but some of the thing's he tell's me show's the sharp contrast between our two nation's, especially on sexual issue's, and basically so much other social and economic issue's even, from getting government sponsored education, apprenticeship programme's available, being able to legally drink before you are legal to drive, including the stricter requirement's compared to Texas to actually get a liscense as well as the fee's involved, etc ... the list seem's endless. From what Jeff tell's me, the prostitution/ sex industry is also very regulated (even though, there is some illegal activities in the underground/ street's there going on as far as sex and human trafficking, that police/ gvmnt are trying to crack down on) ... but even the sex worker's are very transparent to their client's as far as actually having log book's onsite to where a customer can see in writing the STD test's/ check's record of the individual service provider. But the other day ... he was pointing out some thing's about Ms. Bachmann and her mission on this porn banning, "dont ask, dont tell" repeal talk, anti gay right's agenda, anti abortion mission, etc, etc ... which was absolutely incredible ... I mean, I havent kept up with this candidate much, and dont read most of the blog posting's on her. To me she is one Hell of a great looking woman, but that's it ... I never had much else concern in her.

But with all the serious issue's on the table to be dealt with, it is remarkable that this candidate is so focused constantly with what seem's to be a hidden sexual fantasy agenda of some sort, even her husband is involved with some sex therapy business to convert gay's/ lesbian's to being heterosexual, and made to think that they have some type of illness I reckon ... I mean ... what's up with this? What is even more remarkable is those who support her ... the media's even giving her these unique title's ... such as one where CNN labeled her as an "Evangelical Feminist" ... I mean WTF is that? ... and why are these thing's even political issue's, at a time where our politic's to begin with as well as economic's in this nation are in the most difficult shape I have ever seen in my life? The whole politipop culture in this nation is so silly as well as some of these candidate's that we praise and promote as some kind of iconic figure's. What leadership qualities does this person have? Especially even bringing up nonsense like a promise to bring gas price's down to $2 a gallon, which I wont even get into here, because if someone need's to explain to you how difficult that is to try to do, you have missed the boat let's say, completely. And even banning porn/ adult entertainment? Does she realize the social and economic effect that would have?

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Michele Bachmann is first GOP presidential candidate to sign pledge banning gay marriage, porn


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Infidel753 said...

an "Evangelical Feminist" ... I mean WTF is that?

It's sort of like a triangular square. The logic of language allows us to put together combinations of words like that, but it doesn't allow them to mean anything.

And even banning porn/ adult entertainment? Does she realize the social and economic effect that would have?

She may be one of those people who thinks that if you ban something, that means there isn't any more of it. Like there is absolutely no marijuana or prostitution in this country now (since they're banned) and there was absolutely no alcohol during prohibition.

Banning porn would drive it underground and make it impossible to regulate, thus more abusive. Also, since lots of other countries produce it, they'd have to try to restrict the internet, like the Chinese gangster-state does. Good luck with that.

Most people who are sexually repressed end up being obsessed with the subject, and we're seeing a lot of that on the Christian Right these days. Bachmann has even said that gay marriage is the biggest issue facing the country. Who else but a repressed obsessive could say a thing like that? Similarly, it's the gay-haters who constantly talk about homosexuality, not the people who are tolerant of it. Since the Republicans won some power in 2010, they've focused (at the state and local level) on attacking gays and abortion. If we want to shift the focus back to jobs, where most people think it should be, we need to get the repressed obsessives out of office.

Ranch Chimp said...

Infodell ... I didnt really have any plan's on doing a posting on Bachmann, but I of course was inspired by Jeff, because business is tight as it is he told me due to the internet and the economy, so he's seen a drop in business, and brought her up and her mission, etc. I don tknow nothing else much about her ... and Thank You for your input here Infodell