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This PT.3 of "The Demopublican Cesspool" will be to take a look at this new "Senate Super Committee" ... which basically from what I understand is the newest "gift" to us, after we started whining about that we want folk's in Washington to start getting thing's done, stop bickering, etc, etc. And of course as I have pointed out before ... it is not wise to ask those in power for anything, and to be very careful what you ask for, because ANYTHING that you ask for will just inspire them to figure out another way to milk you out of something else. The way you get change (again) and get what you want, is not by ASKING, but TAKING CHARGE. I will also include this posting in the link list of "DEBT CRISIS PT.1, THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" .


***** CNN: Who are the debt super committee members? ... (**** this article was changed out, the first one expired)

I am not as politically knowledgeable and up to date with other pro- blogger's, and havent even kept up with any of this new crap beside's what I wrote in past posting's about expecting them to take your social security next, in whole or piece by piece, the agenda, objective, etc, etc ... I didnt even know who was on the committee total until this evening for that matter since I had some time to browse this after the opening pre- season of "NBC Sunday Night Football" game (San Diego Chargers @ Dallas Cowboys) ... but it's pretty evident what's happening here after looking at it. Basically since the Congress has a majority Republican and they hoped the same for the Senate of course, but missed it this last election, they will have a "Super Committee" to also control the Democrat majority Senate now, which will in turn now slip to us, that this is a bipartisan group that will share sacrifice's, make hard choice's, hard work, and the rest of the jolly talk ... but basically will use this new bite (committee) to lay out entitlement cut's to us, and of course the usual with both parties saying they are doing this for the American people and such. The same way they screwed us out of the public option in Health Care Reform basically .

As I pointed out in my last posting's on this so called debt crisis as far as putting on the big debate show, then of course having American's on the edge in fear that the debt will default and the fall of the country will happen (we already fell for that matter without it ... were so full of shit politically and every other way, not even our goddamn Middle Eastern allies have faith in us, except for what they can get out of us, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ), then at the last minute they will so call "compromise", save the day, everyone will cheer and jump for joy that were now "safe", etc, etc ... then they will take the long summer vacation, avoid the media's, while cooking up the next batch of fresh bullshit to feed us in September ... so I havent detailed the "bullshit" yet, because I havent gotten around to looking at what's in the bowl yet, before tonight, so here you have it ... I will of course bet my paycheck on this one too.

Now I been reading all the support as well from fellow Democrat voter's, and I understand that they are trying to hold their circle's strong, out of worry over these right wing communist's. But I now question if the Democrat's have made the right choice letting Sen. Reid decide the appointment's, and also why Baucus and Kerry are both on there? ... Baucus and Reid first of all are the contaminating factor's in the Democrat Party, these two (rest assured) are as dangerous if not more than Boehner and McConnell (trust me) ... and Kerry is going to probably vote against any defense cut's too, at least anything "significant" or truely balanced due to the huge multi million/ billion dollar contract's, including rent- a - mercenaries that cost over double our own troop's, and he's been on media circuit's already such as NBC's "Meet the Press" already pushing for social security and medicare cut's ... I seen him myself ... slither it in as "emergency talk".

The President? ... Of course throughout this journal since before he was even the official Democrat candidate, I was pushing for him based on all his talk and idea's as a Senator, especially talking of downsizing too big to fail entities, while giving out the bailout's, etc ... too much of what he said, he hasnt done basically. I dont blame it all on him, because I pointed out before he made President the obstacle's that he would face, especially opposition from within his own party, and I know that Reid and Baucus for two have way more influence now in the direction and decision's of the party, maybe even more than the President at this point. But I didnt expect the President to throw in the towel so easy, without any fight, and just dig his own grave, however ... that's his choice. Why is he doing this? ... I havent the faintest ... but too many time's he could have used more of his executive power's and hasnt, and he has been way too generous with those who are out to destroy him. I too am bipartisan like him, but I have my limit's. I mean ... letting gay's say their gay in the military is great and all (I mean, on issue's like that, I'm gonna say I'm gay anywayz if I am, whether it's illegal or not, I just dont care, just like I'm gonna have gun's whether their banned or not) and saving $50 buck's a month on prescription's or other small thing's is nice, but dont cut the mustard on what's going to put food on the table and job's in America, save entitlement's (which we pay for out of our paycheck's weekly) or an end to this ridiculous multi billion dollar occupational takeover's/ bombing's, and rebuilding nation's in these foreign land's for corporate interest's in mining, drilling, etc.

Now some fellow Democrat's may say I'm unfair, or ask too much/ ungrateful, or am too pessimistic, etc. I dont believe I am any of those though, I have tried my damndest to be fair ... I have sided with the President on so many thing's, but do not find the big issue's he has dealt with satisfactory, or even with any merit, having thrown in the towel so quickly on big serious thing's like public option, this manufactured debt show, and other thing's. I know he has so many great idea's that would pave the way for a way better future, and thinking out of the box ... but you MUST utilize your power's Sir ... and your just giving up ... I dont understand this.

As far as this new Super Committee bite ... well of course I could be wrong, maybe they are doing this for our good and they are speaking for the people, sacrifice, love, etc, etc, etc ... but ... NO ... I dont buy any of it, and would bet two of my paycheck's on it. And it also appear's that this committee again is another bought and paid for multi million dollar committee all funded of course by the usual special interest's donor's, and until we also get rid of this legal bribery and pay- off's as well, were not going to clear this up any more. If there was ever a time to consider breaking away from voting Democrat and Republican, this would be a time to consider that, "if" of course they pull off what I'm talking about here, cause that will only lead to a new slippery slope ... almost hard to believe they are actually trying such a stunt (I mean right out in the open, of course though, notice that all the "talk" session's are like the Bush Administration's "closed door" policies too, NO MEDIA ALLOWED), knowing the election's are a year away, although as I have pointed out in the earlier posting's in this journal "they will go after that next", stating that there was nothing else left to milk us for after they drained all our surplus and locked into law now making it mandatory to buy health insurance, and use vouchure type gig's to get the even gvmnt subsidies monies, which insurance and pharma companies successfully pulled off, such as in this journal's "2010 Show" series, when I was talking about how importante it was to make sure Republican's dont get ANY majority in the House or Senate, and "if" they do, this and other consequence's will result, which of course did, looking at how they created this phoney debt crisis spectacular, etc. Of course, that's what also Republican's are hoping for Democrat voter's to do as well, and those who dictate them two parties know it, because they orchestrated and designed this two party system after buying it out, to function like that, making and endless circle of repeat after repeat chasing your tail. So the consequence's are grave of course, of your vote not counting because the majority of what little populace does vote feel compelled to only vote one or the other. But the way I see it is ... were going to have to sooner or later, if we want to end this anywayz.

Enough said ....


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