Thursday, August 18, 2011


This was just such an excellent read and opinion I stumbled across this morning, and had to post it for read, and anyone who know's me or has read piece's in this journal, know that I feel very much like Mr. Sloan does, especially over this Demopublican cesspool that dominate's these show's. I will also incorporate/ link this in this journal's DEBT CRISIS (PT.1) ... The PAPER DOLL SHOW: America's "RPM's" and Washington's "ENGINE FAILURE" ... PORTRAIT OF A DYSFUNCTIONAL GVMNT PT.2


I also wanted to add this which is also right on the money in my opinion that Sen. Bernie Sanders is talking about ... this new snowejob collectively orchestrated by this worthless bunch in Washington, while their on summer vacation ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS



Beach Bum said...

With Obama missing both his spine and balls the liberals have to stop their perpetual bitching and whining about what he isn't doing and get out in the streets like the Tea baggers and just stay there. It may even take some police cars getting overturned and banks firebombed but right now the rich are not afraid and they will not compromise until they are scared.

Great post!

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Evening/ Morning Bum ... I have been a big supporter of President Obama since before he was actually a candidate for President, just because of his idea's, from the earliest posting's in this journal, to locally around town and such, he has idea's that would work well and truely bring some significant change, such as downsizing some these "too big to fail" entities, which I dont know even where in Hell that went, or what happened to it?! were technologically advanced enough to where we no longer need those. I knew he would get opposition, if a man who talk's like this were to get elected President ... however ... I didnt nearly anticipate that it would gridlock Washington to this extent ... nor do I understand what happened to the President in the last 3 year's, that has made him give in so much to these who oppose him ... I have a few idea's, and I know for fact now also that Reid and Baucus both are very comtaminating factor's in the Democrat Party that has influenced too much of his decision's. This last stunt they pulled (as well as the President, on this simple debt ceiling increase made complex) I suspected as I wrote, but hoped that I would be inaccurate on my assessment actually ... not that I give a shit about America's credit rating like most ... I DONT ... as a matter of fact I dont think they downgraded it enough! One of our biggest goddamn problem's in this country is how we spend out the ass, on EVERYTHING BUT AMERICA and her interest's on borrowed goddamn money! As far as the left/ right thing ... the GOP, TeaBag's, or other title's on that side, are the worst of the bunch of course, but the contamination, pay- off's and corruption even on the left has gotten too deep ... long story Bum, but I do believe that both of these parties are our biggest problem, not holding them accountable as well, our continues support for them strictly for politipop reason's, making term limit's especially and changing the way campaign's are being funded and monetary support (pay- off's basically legislatively made legal) while rep's are serving, etc ... as I have covered so much of in this journal already and sick of writing about it frankly, as well as sick and tired of both these polarizing side's. Thank You for your opinion and word's here.