Friday, August 19, 2011

"WEST MEMPHIS 3" RELEASE PT.1: American WITCH HUNT ... a Portrait of "GROSS INJUSTICE" American Style (Incarcerated American PT. 4)

This Part 4 of the "Incarcerated American" series will be first, to give credit to all those Hollywood Celebrities and affiliate's who done so much to bring this case into the national spotlight nearly 20 year's ago, and to look at the possible release of these 3 men from incarceration, who were just typical American teenager's when they were grossly railroaded and convicted, in a Kangaroo Court style rural American witch hunt.

West Memphis Three: Time for truth ... Thanx to GLOBALGRIOT ... this video uploaded to YouTube 28 May 2008 give's a lil video history documentary style, for those who may not be familiar with this case.

This case caught my atencion before their trial even ... then I kept up with the trial and had contact with Mr. Echols right after the death penalty was served to him on the Tucker, AR unit, to offer support. But during the trial proceeding's, I never felt that it would result in a conviction like this, simply because the evidence and case appeared too shakey and shallow. This case was a gross injustice if you seen this trial, and the fact that the witness testimony was tainted, the evidence, and every goddamn thing about this case down to the prosecution, forensic's, investigation's, the exclusion of suspect's that should have been investigated, including the lack of regard for these poor boy's that were the victim to this horrible mutilation crime, by ignoring all this.

I seen this case as a typical witch hunt the way it was handled, fed by fear and rumor through this legal proceedure and affiliate's to attack these young teen's to make a show and cover their incompetence. No ... I have NEVER seen one shred of evidence that these young men committed this offense, or even had what it would take in them to do such a thing, and I was all over this case like a cheap suit ... this was a well calculated murder/ mutilation, and in my opinion orchestrated and done by someone close to these poor boy's who had a severe psychological problem and personality disorder hang- up ... but I wont mention name's here of who ... they are being currently investigated.

I also want to point out, that regardless of the talk here that those released will admit to have committed this offense in some degree in order to be released, I DO NOT even buy that. I have seen too many cases, and there are thousand's in this nation of what's called "No Contest Plea Bargain's" where defendant's who not even committed the offenses take these offer's just to avoid further incarceration, admitting thing's they havent even done. For one, it make's the conviction in some way at least have some validity on paper for the prosecution and give's a sense of closure to the victim's/ community (although the reality is that, if this is the case, the party(s) that committed the offense are still out there, and a more real threat) and cover's competence as far as the investigative crew's, etc ... the only loser in these plea's are the defendant ... basically throwing in the towel feeling helpless to the system and saying " ... It's just too good of an offer, considering the option's, to turn down ... etc".

Unfortuantely, even though there are high spirit's about the release of any of these men ... NOTHING can replace the young year's of their lives that was lost due to this injustice. Enough for now ... link's and more on this below.

CBSNEWS: "West Memphis Three" : Damien Echols overwhelmed by release



POST NOTE: The more I look at this hearing that's going down today, it appear's looking at what CNN has been gathering on this ... that this is being done to save the state's ass and prosecution ... because of the screw up of the case, and knowing that a new trial may free them .... they also dont want any future talk of "double jeopardy", and by getting the 3 to acknowledge that the "state" does have undisclosed evidence that can be used against them in a future hearing, exempt's the state, prosecution, or anyone else of future lawsuit's, or mis- trial call's, double jeopardy, etc. I dont know all the detail's YET ... but from the news that's being gathered on this ... this is what assessment I make of this, and what will result and go down ... we'll see. Geeeezzz ... anything to save their political asses and having to admit incompetence, foul play, or even have to shell out any money for keeping them incarcerated/ lawsuit's, etc ... just goes to show you how screwed up the people's defense is in this nation ... of innocence UNTIL proven guilty.

***** PD/ RCJ: "WEST MEMPHIS 3" PT.2: Cut LOOSE from the NOOSE ... "FREED" or "FREER" ... "Busted Justice! (Incarcerated American PT.5) 



Infidel753 said...

It's unbelievable how much of this kind of crap has been going on -- all over the country there have been numerous cases of people who had been in prison (for decades in some cases) being proven innocent due to DNA evidence. Who knows how many more innocent people are in prison in whose cases no such evidence is available to exonerate them?

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes Infodell ... that's another point here, because there (in my opinion) has been even so many execution's carried out as a result of these Kangaroo Court style conviction's as well. This is also why I pointed this out time again in my death penalty posting's, in the cases I was referring to were in Texas, where there is case after case of wrongful conviction's, especially in Dallas County that have been verified, and much Thanx as well to Dallas County D.A. Watkins.

Thanx for your voice here ....