Monday, August 15, 2011


Having some protection and self defense knowledge can alwayz be importante, yet many may not think of such until harm come's their way. And just firearm's are not the only defense you can choose, however I recommend these highly, and in particular to some women in the neighborhood that I have discussed these thing's with in detail, because of the harm's that they may worry about, my own daughter of course and familia member's and friend's ... so DO NOT LET FEAR OVERWHELM YOU, and prepare is all. I know a gal for instance who work's a 24/ 7 adult novelty/ DVD/ and arcade store ... she is armed (.38 cal), and there's been a fair amount of unsafe action at night, however ... she never make's it to the range often ... Why? ... because of the cost of ammo ... and that's just reload ammo bought at the range itself, then of course your fee for use of the range, etc ... and this IS NOT to discourage folk's from going to range's, there are many good decent range's around town or your town wherever you may be, and alwayz alot of great folk's you can run into at them and/ or instructor's, etc. Also visit your local gun show's ... really some great deal's at them and great if you have a trade, looking to upgrade, etc ... the entry fee's are a bargain for the buck, and can be an educational experience, and alot of fun too!

The Airsoft advantage is something I want to focus on here, and much Thanx below to the Gentlemen for posting these vid's! Here is getting the most bang for the buck let's say. Great thing about these is as Don point's out, the weight ... using this is like the real thing ... also the cost of the ammo being BB's and gas basically, and you can inexpensively also remove that orange safety coating if you like with simple acetone application, being able to use this in a safe area on your own residence in town, etc. Another thing to point on here ... say you dont have the fund's right now to buy a choice defense arm/ tool ... I recommend this to the beginner ... and the great part is, economically you hit two bird's with one stone ... in the meantime while shopping around for a firearm, and staying in practice with weekly excercise's at a great saving's as far as cost's ... you can carry this say in your purse or whatever ... when out and about, and alot of time's just the display of one of these can make your attacker re- think about his/ her plan's ... or if push come's to shove, I can guarantee you at close range, you can do some serious stopping power and/ or damage to your would be assailant.

********** A few of my past posting's as far as my view's on firearm's and the 2nd Amendment


AIRSOFTMEGASTORE ... "Price Matched" Guarantee! ... take a look!

Little info here on the 1911 pistol ...

Special Thanx to SOOTCHOO (Don) for these self defense video's below, and review of the Airsoft product, with easy to understand point's and safety tip's here ...



While browsing some other vid's on YouTube, I wanted to post this as well for that person out shopping and perhap's not decided on what to buy. And chose this because I have highly recommended these myself, and this 9mm Beretta Px4 with the light attachment is an excellent choice, as this gentleman uses for home at night, and these fire remarkably smooth as well ... also to point out that this .38 cal Ruger 5- shot is a favourite for casual carry, that I have recommended time and again for easy lightweight street daily concealed carry ... and of course preferred the hollow point's too, just reload's at the range, it's light, small, a good impact at close range and you can conceal this thing just about anywhere's because of this, fit's nicely right in your pant's pocket and wont snag pulling it out (being hammerless), or even a small purse for the ladies out on the town at night or after work, etc. Special Thanx to AJVIDMAN21 here.

POST NOTE: Also I am sure that there are many fine arm's to choose, NOT just what I recommend here ... I am far from an expert in this, and many of these folk's have collection's themselves, I am only going on my personal experience's and opinion with what I have used, etc ... never was into collecting or anything of sort ... and enjoyed target shooting, etc for sport, so just a few that I have worked with or had laying around, beside's basic rifle's as a kid for hunting, etc ... so it's good to also do your research on this sort of thing.


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