Friday, August 19, 2011

"WEST MEMPHIS 3" PT.2: Cut LOOSE from the NOOSE ... "FREED" or "FREER" ... Busted Justice! (Incarcerated American PT.5)

This Part 5 of "Incarcerated American" is simply a follow up of this morning's Part 4, and it's rare that I do a back to back posting on the same thing ... but as I wrote in Part 4, I was on this case before it even went to trial or was even in the national media, so it was kind of personal for me ... and to Damien ... Congrat's!, and Wassup with that Mr.GQ look, dude?! ... you sure look sharp today! : ) ... but the Congrat's is at least being able hit the "free world" to continue your work with more access to tool's, it's been a loooong time. But at least your loose from the noose ... freed of course, but not too much freer, beside's physically. It's basically like going to the park and setting a pigeon free with a brick tied to it's leg!

I wrote in the "Post Note" of Part 4, that this sounded like a shaft to save the state's ass, after reading through the line's ... and it did end up as I expected, so I may sound as well like an ungrateful SOB who is never satisfied, to some who may read my stuff, or one may think that I'm a Republican for being like such. But this is not true ... I am grateful ... and NO ... I am NOT a Republican, as a matter of fact, I'm a registered Democrat and have a stamped voter registration to prove it. But some video/ newsread below, then a few word's I need to add to this.

RCJ: "WEST MEMPHIS 3" RELEASE PT.1: American WITCH HUNT ... a Portrait of "GROSS INJUSTICE" American Style (Incarcerated American PT. 4)


But let me point out my rant with this shit as far as the flip side, and as you can see ... all 3 of these men are hip/ keen to what the score is here in their statement's about how this railroad was handed down to them ... after all ... you dont spend almost 2 decade's incarcerated and end up a penal code dummy! And frankly with the deal they copped to ... they know damn well they will have to walk a very thin line, especially for the next couple year's, until their probation start's to smooth out some.

As far as the judge/ court telling the media that this is hard to explain and all the crap about being a complex deal ... BS !! ... let Ranch Chimp here make it simple and frank! There aint a goddamn thing complex about this except for the poor defendant's that were released ... ya'll acting and saying it like ya'll mutually sacrificed or some crap ... this was a goddamn one way street deal, and a slap in the face to the victim's familia's as well, because ya'll should be more focused on finding the one(s) who committed this offense! ... and sound's more goddamn Republican than anything I'm whining about! ... Good deal my ass! ... This was all to score political point's too, because of all parties that were involved with sending down these men and the office's that their running for, litigation's/ law suit's, etc, etc ... and frankly you can bet, that the Arkansas Court's will do every bloody thing they can to see that this dont get a new trial at that! So ya'll are more full of it than a sewage treatment center!

As far as the prosecution who pushed this deal, and them now saying that the case is closed, etc ... everything they are saying in public is a lie 110% .... EVERYTHING, not just part, that is how dishonest this group is! I mean, how can anyone believe in crap like right and wrong or justice when everything that your told is false and manufactured injustice, totally reversed of what it's portrayed as? This is the filthy lying hypocrisy of our society overall! The prosecution get's a free ride here with a conviction on a technicality, because they know that the new evidence and DNA would totally exonerate these men if it goes to another trial, they say they dont, and that as far as their concerned, these are the killer's, case closed, etc ... but that is so twisted! They know damn well, that if this case was taken to a new trial approved by the Arkansas Supreme Court, and ALL the evidence and witnesses were presented, these men would beat the case and walk and be able to sue the state for damage's, as well as their political career's be cast into shamble's, and this allow's the system to milk all the defenses budget that was contributed, by making them spend it all and more just to try to clear their name ...THAT'S THE REALITY!

The work that these men will have to do to clear their name's can take a great more deal of time in their lives, and ya'll know it! Another case of busted justice, and the injustice in justice ... and that's my opinion!

Word Out! (for now that is) ....


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