Sunday, August 14, 2011

EAGLES: "Hotel California", "Take it Easy", "Already Gone", "Witchy Woman" ....

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This induction into the RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY is really past due as well and will honour The Eagles . Past due because this has to be one of my favourite "live" performance musical group's of all time, although I have only seen them twice, and havent since at least 1980 at that! First concert I attended of their's would have been at the old Washington Park Race Track/ Homewood, in Chicagoland metro area, probably 1975(?) and a very intimate type setting, and the next would have been in a much larger setting of 90,000+ at the Cotton Bowl Stadium in the Fair Park/ Exposition Park area of Central Dallas around 1980(?). Both time's the acoustic's and harmonizing of this crew was absolutely outstanding! There is not much here else to say for this band that is so popular as it is in contemporary music for all their outstanding composition's, influence, creation's.

Cruising the endless rural Texas countryside via Interstate Hwy yesterday pre dusk in the beautiful dark gloomy cloud covered low 80's afternoon with the sun- roof open and window's down listening to one of my favourite collection's of their worx ... below, "Hotel California" ... my after thought's were ... "Geeeezzz ... I havent even posted one Eagles piece in this journal yet!" One may wonder ... what is so "beautiful" about a dark gloomy afternoon? Well, if you havent seen a cloud for over a month and lived in daytime afternoon high's of 100 to 110 degree's ... you may have seen the beauty as well! : )

However ... to honour this group of Gentlemen, I chose 4 here ... and Thank You much gentlemen for your contribution's!

The Eagles- Hotel California ... Thanx to Dean Craven

Eagles "Take It Easy" Live @ Hall Of Fame Induction (1998) ... Thanx to ROCKHALL

Eagles 'Already Gone' (lyrics in description) ... Thanx to RockWillNeverDie95

Witchy Woman (Live at The Los Angeles Forum, 10/ 20- 22/ 76) ... Thanx to Eagles- Topic


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I love the Eagles and these are some of my favorite Eagles..Witchy love it..
I love Texas..I love it's big ass clouds that seem to loom over you like giant pillows..pressing down the heat till your baked like a puff n stuff biscuit..80 degree weather? In West that's from 4:30 to 8 a.m. the rest of the time it's in the 100's..
thanks for stopping by and saying howdy..

Ranch Chimp said...

Goddess! Good Morning Dear and Thanx for your input here ... and Hell yes ... havent they been a great crew of musician's! I know it's hot girl ... then in the winter I'm dreaming of the warmth on my skin ... it's one or the other. : )