Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SONIA HERMOSILLO: Throw's her IMPERFECT infant Son Noe, off a 4 story parking garage (KILLER PARENT'S PT.6)


Sonia Hermosillo                                          Noe Medina, Jr

Killer Parent's Pt. 6 will look at the recent case against Sonia Hermosillo of La Habra, CA. Some link's below for some viewing, then a few word's I will add to this after.

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Here is video and news read that has covered this locally fairly well, so why I chose to go with this series of link's out of several.


No doubt that this woman should pay whatever the price is for this act, but I have abundant sympathy for the father here as well, and so many question's myself as I followed this over the last week. First of all ... I hear so much about this thing called postpartum depression, and am quick to view it as an excuse for defense in court almost every time ... yet at the same time, I really dont understand a damn thing about this as far as medical term's are concerned. What struck me odd about this case, is her husband Mr. Noe Medina, Sr describe's his 13 year's with his spouse as a decent normal non hassle relationship ... the first sign of this depression did not come till after the birth of this child, never with the other children ... no prior history. Was she taking prescription drug's during the time of the offense? Or was it just that she couldnt handle the burden of taking care of a handicapped child? I feel regardless of her incoherence state, that she knew exactly what she was doing ... I mean, you do this, remove the safety helmut/ brace before, then go to validate your parking ticket right after you just tossed your child off the garage? I can only imagine how the father Noe feel's though.

I also wonder if they knew that the child was going to be handicapped before it was born, with the technologies they use today? Also ... was there a chance to utilize abortion? And if not, are there other way's, such as adoption to hand the child over to? I get depressed like everyone else, but it seem's like these form's of depression are something I have never experienced, I never even thought of suicide in my life at that, yet I hear folk's that say they think these thing's because not of a physical or terminally illness problem, but simply they just think about killing themselves ... and I have had my share of difficult situation's, but never got depressed to that point is all. The whole mental illness defense to me is just odd because of my lack of knowledge in this type illness too, and you hear so much about this ... this particular case is odd to me, having a complete turnaround in just a matter of month's? I also wonder if some of these drug's of course that are prescribed to folk's contribute to this?

But, of course, her guilt hasnt been proven yet as if she done it, but I posted this because the evidence so far show's me clearly that she did, if something change's I will note it immediately in this journal. This depression of course will be used no doubt also, but I also hope that those involved in this case remember the child here, not just their emotion's and sympathy. Another thing is the talk about Ms. Hermosillo being undocumented ... this may play some role in the court's, depending on the country she came from if this is so ... as far as bargaining, etc ... however, since she doesnt face the death penalty, if she was from Mexico for example, the Mexican Government shouldnt have any problemo ... they are only against the death penalty down there on their citizen's. I will be curious to see how the court's play this one for sure.



Infidel753 said...

Post-partum depression after seven months? Never knew it lasted that long.

It does sound like there was premeditation and like she knew what she was doing, but doubtless there are more facts yet to come out. I feel sorry for anybody who gets stuck on the jury in this miserable case.

Beach Bum said...

Tragic, humans truly make no sense.

Ranch Chimp said...

Greeting's Bum! Making sense? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... sometime's Bum, I wonder if any of us make any sense the way we relentlessly abuse all of nature. Thanx for your input here ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Infodell ... I havent the faintest how long this PPD last's, I just seem to hear of it constantly used in defense of these type cases and perhap's it's a "female" only type illness?, since I cant recall it being used in a male defense(?) ... but interesting point you brought up about the length/ period ... I will have to look into that sometime, because that hasnt crossed my mind in questioning yet ... Thanx for your voice here Infodell ....