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KELLY THOMAS PT.1: Fullerton PD hogtie, electrocute, & beat man's skull to a pulp on a transit park curb, that led to DEATH (Police Brutality PT.6)

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Kelly Thomas

This Part 6 of the RCJ "Police Brutality" series ... will be another case and view at last month's beating death of Mr. Kelly Thomas by Fullerton PD. Some newsread and vid's below, then some word's from myself on this.

***** LOS ANGELES TIMES: Fullerton Police beating of homeless man is under investigation (newsread)



Outraged Fullerton citizen's react to Kelly Thomas beating tape ... Thanx to REASONTV

"THEY KILLED HIM" ... The aftermath of a Fullerton Police Brutality Death ... Thanx to FRIENDSFORFULLERTON ... this video come's from transit riders of OCTA on transit vidcam, just minute's after these people witnessed this murder ...

One of the biggest new issue's in 21st America that we face, yet is kept mostly silent by pop media is the war against American's ... not by foreign or domestic terror group's, but the terror that has been increasingly becoming a daily issue from authority ... the bottom line is, because of our passiveness, political correctness, law's that limit our ability to even speak frankly without persecution, has been a plague on present day America. Now I realize that there are harder atrocities in other nation's, and am grateful to live in America ... but we need to focus more on the injustice's that are dealt to us by our own domestically. The largest problem in this nation on this issue, is we dont hold anyone of authority accountable anymore ... it's true ... we have a government largely bought and controlled by corporate interest's and foreign investor's, who are even trying to tear apart our Constitution and Right's while continueing to write legislation law, that allow's them to murder, steal, incarcerate us for non criminal offenses, and cheat us every which way they can. We just got screwed into a manufactured debt crisis for instance ... and not given any info on their plan's or accountability, then the legislator's slip out the back door for summer vacation to avoid the press. We have churches and their leader's raping and sodomizing our children, and getting away with it, and police are none different as far as being held accountable for their action's.

The Oscar Grant murder by BART Police up in the Bay Area for instance (see Police Brutality PT.5 for his 3 part series) is one of the most clearly evident beyond a doubt video taped execution murder by a police officer, they shift the trial way down to LA County, sentence the officer to a measley less than a year in protective custody at LA County ... he hit's the street's and Mr. Grant's familia still havent seen an ounce of justice ... and these few cases that are highlighted in this journal are few of many, many that are not even heard about in the mainstream. If it wasnt for Mr. Thomas' father being a former law enforcement officer ... and this being one of the faceless thousand's of homeless that are not even accounted for in the census's for that matter in many cases (regardless of the bullshit you may hear ... people that have nothing only exist when the authority WANT'S you to exist) we may not even have had any public outcry at all.

Mr. Thomas the victim isnt the only victim here, his father will have those image's and cries from his son in his head for life, as well as those who witnessed this. I myself never can escape the horror's that I have seen of murder/ death over the year's dating back to my childhood, and it's been over 40 year's on a couple even, and I still cry till this day over those who were close to me. But this outcry from these citizen's obviously across the board in this nation need to be amplified and even taken into the street's more and more, because the people of this nation are being heard no longer. There was a time when leader's like Dr. M.L. King could get result's fairly through peaceful protest's ... but those dayz are vanishing quickly. Some media's say that the image's of Mr. Thomas' skull are too graphic ... but they're not ... and that is our problemo, we DONT SEE enough of these images ... and I strongly recommend that you take a close look at these. Sure it's image's that stick with us, but healthy as well to inspire us to do what is right for us, and to serve equal justice and not forget ... that these type's are our enemy. There has to be an investigation of course, toxicology test's, etc, etc ... but even these administrative leave's are not justice, they SHOULD BE UNPAID ... and these officer's should get equal justice when sentenced as far as paying for their action's, which include especially in my opinion ... no protective custody when incarcerated ... general population and equal time as the gang banging homey who goes down, or anyone else. Was the Guy trying to steal a car? I simply dont buy it, and look at it as the usual unwritten rule's that get played in these extreme circumstance's by officer's ... I spent too much time in the street's to just quickly buy these fabricated stories myself ... I looked at ths case closely over the last couple week's, and pretty much came to a conclusion of what went down based on fact's and the condition.

Enough said here ....



Four Dinners said...

Political Correctness doesn't just kill kills countries.

Britain is dying of it.

Islamic fundamentalists are putting up poster in East London claiming their areas are now under Shariah Law...I kid you not.

We're all dying of political correctness. Sometime one at a time eh?

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy 4D ... Oh I believe it, I dont know if it's sereious or just antagonizing stuff though just for laugh's or such. I have heard here in USA though that a couple state's (Texas may be one) have talked about making law banning shariah (spelling?) law from ever being established, of course many American's think's that fanatic to do in itself, but not myself ... so it wouldnt be a foul idea to me, however at the same time, since christian's want to also incorporate their extreme view's as well here, I would ban all religion's in this country from establishing anything like that. First of all .... both these religion's, including the Jewish come out of the same region of the world and all establidhed between a couple to 6000 year's back or so, and all are in conflict with each other, and responsible for also decline in several countries in those region's today. Take ancient Persia for instance, the pinnacle of everything damn near civilized, even Britannia (spelling?) at a time way after that was still living in mud hut's when the Roman's took over their reign of what's now Great Britain, agriculture to modern tech's exploration's and such all started in those Middle Eastern area's, after religion came in, that is when they started to decline. When I was in London in the 1980's, I didnt hear about anything like that, yet it was heavy in Middle Eastern immigration (I used to like to eat at them lil Kabob greasy spoon joint's around Soho and such for instance), similar to Dallas is with Latino, it was laid back, back then ... I hear London today is a different ball game. So that wouldnt suprise me, as well as other Western Euro neighboring countries. I dont care much for religion and never seen one connection with such and what's termed as pop culture "spirituality", or ever had any reason to believe that any religion would have a thing to do with any type God/ Spirit, etc I have a friend from Morocco here in Dallas, he's muslim by faith/ culture but told me of the horror's that the fundamoralist type's put him through back in his hometown of Casablanca when he attended college, and he is very hardcore against incorporating any islamic law in government at all, he look's at it as a threat to democracy style gvmnt and free choice (he's a student of criminal law), but yes, he still claim's his muslim faith, he just dont mix it in government. I'm also for taxation of all religious institution's in America, I dont believe any should be exempt. Thanx for your input here 4D ... and I wish I was in LondonTown tonight as well ... love that town!

I know this is a tad off subject, but what the Hell brother ... I dont care if you dont, eh? Cheers

Weaseldog said...

We have more and more soldiers trained in Iraq and Afghanistan, working our streets as police officers.

I think this is the logical outcome of our current policies.

I think we need better psych screening and a cool down period between discharge from the service and hitting the streets with a badge.

I have a nephew that entered the police force after serving in Iraq. He got himself in trouble in short order. He was simply doing what he was trained to do. No one trained him to unlearn those lessons when he came home.

I doubt there are perfect or even really good solutions, but I think we can do better.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for your input here WD. I know there are alot of decent cop's too, but I focus so much on this in this series because I seen too much of it. Later Guy ....