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Satan Sandwich, Fright Fries, & Potomac Piss Tea To- Go ... Leadership Vs. Weakness & RC's "Liberal Perspective" (Debt Crisis PT.4)

Although I voted straight Democrat since former President GW Bush went for re- election, I never called myself a "liberal" ... so I will now make that official for this journal ... and when I say that ... I damn well mean it! And when I call myself "liberal" I mean that in the true definition of the word, not some of this politipop follow the leader type liberalism that I see today. I am willing to compromise, give those tax break's who actually "deserve" it, and very pro- job growth and business even, and even embrace several traditionally called "conservative" value's, such as fiscal responsibilities, etc ... and yes ... I am VERY pro- 2nd Amendment. But I also love the liberty I still do have ... not to be tossed around and passed over for some goddamn corporate interest's in some countries where they want to muscle their way into at our goddamn expense. And one of the most twisted thing's about this so called "debt" is ... get this ... we are having to "borrow" from folk's like China to clear out Afghanistan for them and investor's to mine ... then ... having to pay back what we borrowed to do THEIR job with interest ... if that isnt the biggest con/ anal rape of the century, I dont know what could compare.

I have posted over the last month or so in posting's related that this would most likely happen on this debt crap show these right winger's are pulling, with their ass kissing leftee's who bow to this corporate communism shit! I didnt want this to happen, but looking at the condition, math and the reality, called it like that ... and sadly a carbon copy of my assessment came about. Probably the most sickening part of this all that I wrote, was the aftermath ... how media's, blog's and so forth will throw around that yellow towel and praise all we have gotten, as if we were done a goddamn favour! The bottom line here is the President caved in anyway you slice it, I dont know his objective/ strategy here ... maybe he has a master plan up his sleeve that I'm not seeing yet ... but so far Sir ... this plan is downright bullshit! ... and this wimpering faction of the Democratic Party who give into some of this shit is shameful ... it's NOT liberal, when you just throw in the towel every goddamn round, and hook the ball and chain to your own ankle's ... that is WEAKNESS!

This crap is so disappointing that it's enough to make me NOT want to vote Democrat or for President Obama again (and as far as voting Republican or Tea Party, I wouldnt give ya'll a bottle of piss if you were dying of thirst, I would let you die, because ya'll instigating this are doing nothing more than selling out America more than it's already been) ... I stated in previous posting's that the small stuff I dont mind, on minor social issues or morality crap, etc ... but this is a BIG issue Sir! You couldnt have used/ exercised your executive power's and the 14th Amendment clause? Why dont I buy that? The thing here is ... I know goddamn well when I say I dont want to vote for Democrat or this President again ... that, that is EXACTLY what the power's of the right- wing and corporate dictation is banking on though ... they WANT folk's like me to NOT vote for this party and President again ... this is the truth too, that is how they play this circus they create.


Pimco CEO: Downgrade will hurt job market ... Thanx to CNNMONEY

I also want to point out here, that many middle class who are working decent paying job's and pulling okay right now through this storm are not viewing this picture well enough, or not at all, thinking this will only effect poor folk's at the bottom of the barrel drawing food stamp's or assistance of some kind. This is entirely inaccurate ... understand the basic's of business and what effect's what first of all, and the fact that 3/ 4 of working America is employed by smaller companies, and these businesses will feel the pinch, as well as the customer's they depend on daily, on down and even up the chain, in actuality, any ill moves from this can result in such a dramatic economic response of negativity, especially in vulnerable financial times as this transitionary period. And I have an understanding of that, I hustled the street's in New York City as a kid, and that's a fast town, you learn quick, or perish trying ... and was with my Dad around the casino's in Vegas as a child. So you may say ... that has nothing to do with business any more than drug trafficking ... but understand, it's all the same game and repercussion's/ effect's ... business ... well ... work's like business, period.

CNN: Bernie Talks about No Vote on Debt Deal ... Thanx to BERNIE SANDERS


WEAKNESS ... This had to be one of the most nauseating news video's that I chose out of several I reviewed (and believe me, there were MANY) of Missouri Congressman and Black Caucus Chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver . Listen to yourself Sir ... Ohhh Booo- Hooo ... woe is me ... I dont know how to vote ... which Satan serving/ sandwich is worse? ... this might happen, that might happen, etc, etc ... THIS IS HOW YOU VOTE!!!! ... What in HELL is wrong with you ?!! YOU TOOK AN OATH TO SERVE AND LEAD!! Geeeezzz ... be a man goddamitt! Your no Dummy! ... you clearly STATE here what the obstacle's are and the shaft that's being given to ya'll, FIGHT BACK!

Rep. Cleaver: Debt Deal 'Looks Like A Satan Sandwich' ... Thanx to CNSNEWS

CONCLUSION ... Senator Sanders sum's up yesterday 02 August 2011, what he think's to expect ... and about this "Super Committee" crap we are now being fed ... another show group panel of folk's, who if history show's us anything, dont do anything anywayz, but shaft more unbalanced legislation and create more crises, dealing "fear" card's, etc ... another thing here, is thinking that this is going to preserve our 'triple A' credit rating ... dont be blind ... folk's abroad are already feeling shakey about our country right NOW ... my guess is it will be downgraded "some" anywayz, just because of this GOP stunt and response from the President. Just right after the vote yesterday ... the goddamn market's dropped ... does that not tell you anything there? The President wasnt "sure" that it would "work" using the 14th Amendment clause? ... What in Hell are you not sure about what it clearly sayz Sir? ... You utilize it as an emergency response and let the Court's deal with the legal aspect's thereof, this automatically raises the debt ceiling, etc, etc. This is nothing more than a hoax ... not one goddamn Republican wanted the damn debt ceiling to be NOT raised, regardless of their talk, all parties known that at the last minute (as I also posted prior to this show) none of them would have let the debt default ... why? Because their big business support would take a blow they havent witnessed in their life, is why? That's exactly why I wrote in the previous posting's .... "Go for it! ... go ahead and default" ... because they will hurt more than the working people in actuality as a result! Nothing but liar's who cant even lie efficiently at that, since their paycheck's are larger from their special interest's, perhap's we can cut cap and balance their pay and entitlement's, asking them to also sacrifice and do their job's on a volunteer basis, since they "love" to serve! Million's are willing to go down, just to take ya'll down.

Another thing ... all this mindless talk since this President took office day one with smiling passive faces out of the GOP/ Republican's that they want to "work" with, and are "reaching" out to this President over and over and over ... is some of the most insane fabricated rubbish I have ever heard in my life, any true Republican want's nothing more than to see this President, Administration and the whole damn Democrat Party to fail! Wake the Hell up! ... that's about as passive, un- natural, and jello headed as thinking the lion and the lamb will lay side by side in harmony! And as far as I'm concerned Sen. Sanders should get a bloody raise, bonus and 2 week's paid vacation on a cruise of his choice with full first class accomodation's. Here you have a man 70 year's old (actually turn's 70 next month) with more spunk and gut than many who call themselves "liberal's" ... I never could figure out what's so liberated about jumping every time your told to jump, then asking "How high should I jump?"

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