Thursday, October 6, 2011


OCCUPY WALL STREET ... This video was one on the most clear to the point video's I found on YouTube, although there were many great piece's, but I wanted to make the point and keep it simple and non- political as I can, this isnt about left/ right, or organized or planned, it's simply action/ reaction, as I pointed out throughout this journal will cross all culture's and parties in time ...

Occupy Wall Street- Police Brutality- Police Violence- KMFDM ... Thanx to SNAAPZ


I wasnt planning to do a posting on this, but since it has evolved to such a concern in various media's, I'll do it as a reference piece and also include in this journal's "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" . I already have probably 100 or more posting's related as well throughout this journal over the last few year's or so, pointing out these issue's, what's to come, result, and where it must go, and how it will go in wave's across the globe, etc, etc ... so this isnt really there yet as to the point where I am talking about in them posting's, but it is America's awakening time let's say.

POST NOTE: I recommend to any reader of this to read the linked posting above of "DEBT CRISIS PT.1" ... which only in that one post I explain as clearly as you can get about this Snowejob that we are seeing ... again, try to set aside "politic's" just for a moment or any of the other cult mentalities that we commonly are attracted to (I myself am as well as a voting Democrat). Understand, that the EVIDENCE is VERY clear that this entity of "finance" CONTROL'S more of your voice/ representation than anyone else, through money/ asset's ... there is no "if's, and's, or but's" here, this is straight and to the point with ENORMOUS evidence ... and until you/ we LET GO of this and walk away from them all, and shut them off like a light switch, this constant recklessness, financial rape, and all the rest of this garbage will continue and not a goddamn thing of ANY SIGNIFICANCE will change in ANY REASONABLE time frame.

Look ... just because those who so call "represent" you cant get their shit together and throw in the towel here and there with this nauseating submissive/ passive politipop mindset and approach, of talking about it's doom and gloom if we dont do what so and so want's, etc ... DOES NOT MEAN that those 99%, many which that are truely more "elite" have to, and many of that 99% are far more capable of making importante budget/ financial decision's, creating, exploring, finding solution's and actually working without taking a goddamn week or 3 off everytime they feel they are overworked ... these retreat's/ vacation's are conveniently timed so they can brew up more bullshit to feed us, over, and over, and over, to save themselves in this political merry- go- round game ... it's become endless. The word's and proposal's are great ... but WHAT people want to see more is fact's, figure's and actual result's. And those politician's that are really trying to do something I commend, but they know even how this system worx, and how contaminated and corrupt it has gotten.


Beach Bum said...

...keep it simple and non- political as I can...

Yeah, me too because while I am a liberal I do not believe any one political party can solve this country's problems.

But, and it's a huge one, The right-wing's reaction to the Wall Street protests only goes to show how much they are owned by the very bankers and corporation that put us in this mess.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Bum! I hear ya Bud ... you got the picture ... I'm just a tad burned out I reckon on this left/ right stuff ... it just seem's to run circles ... same ole same ole shit basically. My daughter is in the City (NYC) this week, and checking it all out, sent me some phone photo's etc.

Hey Guy, Thanx for your voice here .... I was checking out that kick ass bridge you had posted, just hadnt commented on it, look's beautiful man!

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Bum ... yeah ... I'm straight up voting democrat all the way, just a lil burned out Dude is all, shit kind of get's old ... kind of like religious shit, ya know?