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STUDENT DEBT CRISIS (PT.1) ... The NEXT GENERATION: A look at Frustration and Fear ... Solution and Strategy

This posting is to take a look at the new crisis that will effect the next generation that need's to be constantly hammered as well. We almost all know someone who is touched by this, whether it's our kid's, grandkid's, kin/ relative's, neighbor's, etc ... and it's been clear as day that this was coming long ago! Many of the Occupy Wall Street crowd is frustrated over this, and with all the milking scam's designed to milk America's youth especially now being identified more, you know it's going to get a tad worse. Personally I cant even tell you how many young adult's I have talked to that feel hopelessly in debt after the fact and all they done and chose. Just a couple week's back I was talking to my daughter's boyfriend about this ... he's mid 20's has a great job and only in debt still about $25K or so, in a position to pay it quick, but decided to ride it out a tad, his girlfriend (my daughter) had a totally different gig going and got a full scholarship and even hand picked for a career, before she finished college, so her case is very different. However what caught my atencion when we were discussing this was his view of the system, which he just look's at as totally screwed up, period ... he does vote and vote's Democrat, but think's that, that party is failed as well, basically still voting for only the lesser of two evil's as far as the political end. But one thing I want to also point out here is the political end which is importante, because rest assured at this point in time, either a Democrat or a Republican is going to win office and/ or dominance politically ... this will change over the year's ... but NOT NOW.

There has been also this frustration over President Obama on this "robo- call" gig fueling alot of anger from what I been reading and viewing, which is called for of course, but dont let this fool you either. There are a Hell of alot of thing's I also dont like that the President disappointed me on, believe me, just click through any of my posting's over the last several month's ... but I know damn well if a Republican candidate win's the Oval Office and next administration, the shit will really hit the fan in the long run with what they are proposing ... this is the most balance we will see, what we have now, period. (And throughout this journal over 3 year's I been 95%+ accurate on my call's) I just dont want to see this lead to a folk's not thinking straight when they get to the poll's, which is exactly what the power's against you want to see. There is NOT an alternative party/ movement yet strong enough at this time to make the drastic change we need ... but will come in time.

Also, dont get me wrong on my political independence here, I dont like this any more than any other angry American ... I have alwayz thought out of the box, and know this system is antique/ outdated, corrupted, and the rest of the mess (not the design of the system, but who truely control's it), I been writing about this over 3 bloody year's here, but the atmosphere to collapse and change this hasnt fully arrived yet, and we/ voter's will have to each make a hard decision come 2012 that will be more critical than we may now know considering the circumstance's. As far as politician's and such, most I frankly dont give a shit about on either side, and would slash alot of their treat's/ pay- off's in a heartbeat. If there was a stronger more progressive group of Democrat's/ Independent's right now or by election time that I had significant proof that were large enough and actually would truely challenge this wasted cesspool of sloth, deception, and incompetence bunch as a whole, I would vote for them in a heartbeat, believe me, but that's the thing, because of who and how everything from campaign finance, voting, and everything else is "controlled", there isnt nothing yet ... this movement for instance seem's more sensible for the time's and/ or challenge, than just the mainstream Democrat thought, and Sen. Bernie Sanders seem's to make alot of sense. I would even probably do volunteer work for that matter, I am so desperate, sick and tired of this deadbeat shit, and especially all this merry- go- round journalism that praises it!

This posting will be also added in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW"

SALON.COM: (20 October 2011) Student Loan Debts Crush and Entire Generation ... this piece released yesterday show's exactly what we should have all expected.

OBAMA: Harass College Student's over DEBT via CELL PHONE ... Thanx to TYTUNIVERSITY (05 October 2011) ... I used this video to show how this has directed frustration also to what the President has proposed here. However, look at the flip side to this as well ... the President is only doing what we American's are actually calling for, which is demanding accountability, this doesnt only apply to Wall Street, and billionaire's, but those on every level that owe money to the Federal Gvmnt, he HAS TO DO THIS to be fair. Also understand that if you get call's, if your busy, you might not be able to answer them : ) ... get my drift? ... it's a "showcase law" also ... being ... of course it WONT WORK ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... think, like the gentleman on the left here point's out ... you cant get blood out of a turnip wise : ) My point here, dont sweat the small talk, trust me : ) However also, I couldnt agree with the woman below more in her statement about creating job's or at least idea's and action's on growth without the "yapping" and just shut up!, in other word's, for long you have heard so many politician's "talk, talk, talk" about what they are for, against, do, etc ... yet you have some for year's and even decade's basically "saying" the same crap over, and over, and over, and having to flip- flop their stance year after year, yet no sign of much of any action at all on their part ... you know that any of us in the work sector or in any profession beside's politic's would get replaced/ fired in a heartbeat.

AMERICAN JOBS ACT/ THE WHITE HOUSE BLOG: Student Loans: Cutting Out the Middle Man ... In the video link here, the President clearly explain's what has been happening on this prior student loan scam with the Middle Man and how much was spent by special interest's in this battle to stop this.

ABCNEWS: 30 March 2010 OBAMA SIGNS STUDENT LOAN OVERHAUL LEGISLATION ... This is one of the largest move's that NEEDED to be moved on in our nation, and President Obama put this in action, understand how the previous system was set up and the BILLION'S that were SPENT on "Middle Player's", that ran reckless.

***** APNEWSBREAK: (04 October 2011) Obama Seek's Debt Collector Proposal

***** ABC NEWS: Recent Grads Struggling to Pay Student loans (newsread/ video)

Drowning in Debt: U.S. Student helpless to pay off education ... Thanx to RUSSIATODAY ... This video was posted 04 September 2010, but I used it because it is currently as well so accurate on what so many college student's feel today as well in late 2011, as their frustration with this shit grow's. Also understand that everything is designed to keep you in debt as long as possible, especially if your YOUNG (ding- ding- ding), you sure as Hell wouldnt give a truckload of credit to an older person ... your looking for the long term investment, especially if you have "loan- sharking" technique's and an array of scam's, that's our problemo, we think too much of the short instead of the longer term, which is also why I say that you MUST stay a step ahead of them, because they are alwayz two step's ahead of us ... for Pete's sake ... who in Hell do you think proposes and write's damn near all the legislation, allowing this all success for year's before it get's "made" as to what it really is?


Below a couple videos from YouTube, frankly, there is no simple solution to this mess, plain and simple, it is way too deep and were in a Catch 22 situation, okay(?) Student's are going to have to tighten the belt and be a Hell of alot more strategic in their thinking, like it or not, while at the same time, pounding the shit out of our government for continued change ... basically, alot of work ... this shit didnt get created overnight and damn sure isnt going to get levelled out overnight either ... and that's being as straight as I can get here. You know damn well what the future market's and job's along with the new global competition is like. The frustration and anger is healthy, but also healthy to not let that dominate in itself ... that can be destructive. There is SO MUCH you can do as well on your own, as well as being aware of the numerous scam's that you can also avoid simply by not playing in them ... scam's greatest advertisement/ marketing and success/ support, depend on how we buy into them as well. We should know by now how complex and deep this is, and just counting on government to take care of this issue is not going to cut it in the type society we have.

American's spend too much on Education (14 February 2011) ... Thanx to RTAMERICA ... is there other option's as far as career and choice's on further education beside's the one politipop way? Of course there are ....

Wise Solutions to Fix the soaring College Debt Crisis (21 February 2011) ... Thanx to CLASSICMOVIEBUFF16 ... This was a video essay submitted by a teen student for the 2011 CollegePlus video essay contest, it start's with a brief history, then get's to the better part of using common sense and strategic thinking ... obviously a natural born hustler.

***** RCJ: "STUDENT DEBT CRISIS" PT.2 ... "Getting your Degree in Debt"

POST NOTE: Also I want to add for anyone who dont know me that may read this ... all I can write on this is what I learn from those I talk to or my own kid's or whatever, I have no college background or even high school, had an unusual childhood and was in a couple reform school's, etc, left home about 14 or so and never returned to live. I did take a GED exam around 18/ 19 or so and barely passed with a 43% or so, tried a vocational course with that at Houston Community College, and didnt last a couple month's ( and sitting at a desk or whatever for any length of time was irritating, I cant even sit at this damn computer for 30 minute's without getting restless ), worked basically a bunch of gofer/ grunt job's back then, later as a gofer/ grunt (being I done anything I was told or any low end type labour, etc) in the printing industry, I was a very ambitious kind of young fella as far as work and worked hard ... I spent my freetime learning the large camera's/ processor's, presses, machineries of binderies, etc, etc ... within 3 year's after that I was a foreman running a print shop pre- press service's department and other related service's, even selling the product's/ job's to client's, bidding on work, and just hustling the business, etc. All came simply from learning quick and getting the job done only. Back in them dayz, you could earn a decent paycheck like that and I had excellent insurance too. I mean, I knew folk's year's back that had trade's like car mechanic's, machinist's, etc, that were pulling in easily $50K/ $80K a year, who had "no college"! These time's are much different for younger folk's, and also there is so much "pressure" as far as what school's you need to attend and what you have to do to be reckonized for work and/ or career even. The aggressive marketing to get you into this and control these dayz, make's it alot tougher on our young psychologically too. But basically on this, I depend on other's to see what's happening, I have no personal experience with this lifestyle.


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