Sunday, July 27, 2008

Consequences with Criminality of Prostitution and Drug's ....

This shouldnt be new to anyone in this point of American history ... its something that has hit everyone directly or indirectly. The City of San Francisco is having controversy currently ... (again) over now ... making it more difficult to prosecute prostitution cases ... kind of new legislation/ proposals ... on how to shift these endless cases to the back burner basically. Alot of family moral folks and even anyone with a decent dwelling in Central San Francisco for that matter might not like it ... why? Because even singles with nicer condo's dont like finding needle's, used condoms, and other related paraphernalia outside their homes when they go out to pick up their morning paper. Prostitution and drugs ... is something that everyone has something to worry about or ... just whine about. And one may even wonder ... how is there even any connection with the two? Historically there wasnt ... I mean ... centuries ago ... drugs were either to heal ... or to put your mind and innerself at one with the spiritual world ... of course ... ever since before Roman days ... men loved to indulge heavily in wines and cheer on the girls "erotic" dancing to entertain them, and other services, kind of like an ancient day strip joint I reckon.

But ... in the 21st century ... the two compliment each other just fine ... in OUR culture especially. How? because we have no control over either one that is significant to any degree. San Francisco wants to do this because of the backlogs of actual cases involving crimes ... because these petty prostitution cases backlog their courts and cost them a bundle ... bottom line. Dallas done something similar a few years back to ease up courts and to give law enforcement more time to work on actual crimes ... by issueing citations for "manifestation of prostitution" to those hustling the streets instead of just hauling them in ... I mean a booking process in a Dallas County Jail alone is approximately 3 to 4 hours. Also Dallas made it so you can have up to 4 ounces (quarter pound) of pot in your possession without having to go to jail ... and instead receiving a citation ... as well as recently making theft's of $500 or less citatable instead of going to jail ... with discretion's left up to officers if they choose.Bottom line is ... crime is high all over urban America ... and courts are backed up ... and cops are backlogged on call's even. The public is bellyaching too.

But what we are experiencing is simply the "consequences" of making things like prostitution a criminal offense...and drug use a criminal offense. Thousand's of folks nationwide are incarcerated as criminal's who have not actually committed a crime against anyone ... simply for using or possessing drugs ... these are ADDICT's that we are incarcerating. Many street prostitutes of today are on drugs ... well since the 80's actually ... when crack was invented ... and the last decades rise of meth abuse. These gal's are ... well ... ADDICT's too. The "john" gives his money to the "hooker" ... she then turns it over to the "dopeman". You dont need to blame humans nowadays for "pimping" ... the dope is the pimp. The gal's that have their act together and are not at least addicted to dope ... or at least not to that extent if they do just recreationally use...dont need to work the streets today..and many dont want to ... nor need a "pimp" ... they can manage their own damn money ... they can utilize a laptop PC ... a cellphone ... and even a portable credit card charge device (handheld) and never have to hit curbside again ... having to worry about the "crazies" or "drunks" who decide when their done ... want a refund and beat it out of them ... or the chance of getting raped at least once a month ... or having to fight other girls who cant afford guns because of their addiction so they carry razors and knives to assault other girls. Hell ... even alot of vice unit officers (particularly female undercover decot officer's) dont like working the streets because what street prostitution has become with the physical confrontation dangers and the diseases as well. WE ... are the one's that made drugs and prostitution go hand and hand ... by sweeping it all under the rug years ago ... and letting the roaches (underworld) thrive off of the crumbs we discarded. They now control it ... and the drug world is the main "pimp". Even the diseases are now ... out of our control in some strain's, and is ONLY controlled by the system that exists in the reality of the street underground world. And the real twist is ... we are spending millions upon millions a year ... to continue this cycle that can only turn more sour in our future days ... and we will never control it ... at the rate and way we do things ... nor will we stop drugs with our approach. And a large portion of our money goes to Mexico (cocaine) and to Afghanistan (opiates/ heroin)some goes to America at least ... mostly in suburbia ... to your bathroom meth lab technician's.

When I worked Uptown nightclub/ entertainment district in security ... nightly I had two gal's that would always stop and small chat with me ... tell me things I need to know ... and I would do them a favour once in awhile as well ... as far as food or a few bucks in between trick's/ date's or whatever. They were what's basically known as "rockstar's" (girl's who work the street selling sex to get their bump/ fix of crack/ rock cocaine) ... but we had alot of just small talk stuff ... what's going on with who and whats up, etc. They were good gal's really ... they didnt screw folks or rob folks ... they just had to continue to give money to the dopeman so they wouldnt get well ... "dopesick". Actually quite knowledgeable when it came to life in general ... and the only problem they had was their "addiction". You can lock them up ... and it's good to an extent ... cause at least they get some needed rest and cleaned out ... and eat more balanced. However ... that first few days their locked up is Hell ... they get dopesick first of all ... which makes then edgy and only want to sleep as much as possible to avoid it psychologically ... but even the sleep dont work ... because while asleep ... they get "dopedreams" (dreams that you are alone or with friends taking a long draw/ hit/ bump off the pipe (crack pipe) ... only to wake up in the middle to find out ... you didnt really get a bump after all ... result ... making you more sick. So then say their in a week or two ... and their over the dreams mostly and sickness/ withdrawal then what do our courts and society do? Toss them right back out in the street, and when they get back to their area ... they see old friends ... see folks getting that "bump" ... you got it ... the temptation is unbearable ... and their back at square one ... they have no job ... and who will hire them ... so sex feeds their habit. We shelled out millions ... to do what? And what is the final result? I think it's safe to say...we need some new financial adjustments ... cause were wasting time and money and lives for absolutely ... well ... nothing.

Our courts and jails will never get relieved neither as long as we continue treating addicts like criminals ... nor will we ever gain control on drugs, or STD's in no way. You cant even find a prison hardly in the USA that doesnt sell illegal drugs (just at a much higher price) ... how do we expect to end this in the streets/ freeworld? That's ... the reality!


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Anonymous said...

"But what we are experiencing is simply the "consequences" of making things like prostitution a criminal offense...and drug use a criminal offense."

You nailed it. Prostitution is not always victimless, as in when it involves children or even adults who are forced into it. That is, and should still be, considered a crime. But when consenting adults choose to buy/sell sex, it ought to be between them.

Also, why are alcohol and cigarettes legal while other drugs are not? By the same token, how about caffeine, if we want to be picky? We shouldn't arbitrarily OK some drugs but not others. Grown adults should be able to decide for themselves what to put into their bodies.

Also, drug smugglers and prostitution rings and pimps would probably be run out of business if drugs and prostitution were legalized, as there would be no need to hide or make covert deals. It would be good if prostitutes could be licensed or something, and required to see a doctor regularly to stay in business. Or at least to stay licensed- lol!

I would rather the person stealing $500 go to jail than the prostitute or drug user, since the thief actually harms someone else.