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METALLICA: "Master of Puppets", "Iron Man" (for Ozzy), and "Orion" a Tribute and Memorial to Cliff Burton ...

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Cliff Burton

This induction into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" is really past due, and to honour Metallica. There is so much that one could write about as far as this crew's hard work and success, composition, the intensity of their showmanship, and alot else that these gentlemen have done, including bringing metal music into mainstream Grammy material and such, but I will leave that to the link. I done a posting with CISSIE888 doing some guitar cover work of Metallica's "Blackened" though, and her meet with vocalist/ guitarist James Hetfield, and Cissie done some really righteous work on that too I may add!

I met bassist Cliff Burton and lead guitarist Kirk Hammett in London (UK) back in the 1980's and had some chat with the two concerning their work, put it this way ... at the time, these Guy's were thrilled, just to be an opening act for other bigger act's ... and frankly, it sounded like they worked 7 dayz a week for that matter, and were on tour as well in Europe at the time as an opener. It seemed that Kirk is also inspired by Spanish guitar too. They seemed so young and full of ambition, enthusiasm, and fire ... really in the trenches, putting in that extra mile. Just very shortly after that, I read that Cliff died in a tour bus wreck unfortunately.

So this posting is also sort of an honour to Cliff (RIP), which I was grateful to find a homemade tribute video to post, and of course to the legend Ozzy as well, who I am old enough, that I actually seen Ozzy w/ Sabbath "live" just a couple year's after the 1970 release of Iron Man (my wife is also a fan of Tony Iommi's "live" guitar work in concert, truely some classic work). So it's a mixed posting too, and honour to what are now an icon of talent in the industry and influence themselves to many young musician's ... Metallica. Thank You gentlemen for all your contribution's and work!

MASTER OF PUPPETS ("Live" Seattle 1989) ... Thanx to MRPYRONINJA

IRON MAN ... This video was a must for this posting ... of Metallica covering the classic "Iron Man" originally by Black Sabbath/ Ozzy Osbourne at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, with Ozzy and wife front row audience, and they have OZZY rocking to this one, one of his own classic's, this must have made Ozzy feel 40 year's younger! Outstanding job covering it, to Metallica here ... Thanx to MetallicaTV . Not sure of the date here, but it was uploaded 2008. And WOW! ... what an explosive "live" cover ya'll Guy's do of this 1970 classic!

Cliff Burton- Orion ... Thanx to ELCHINGOSO


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