Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CISSIE(CIZZIE888) .... does METALLICA'S "BLACKENED" and has a chat with MR. JAMES HETFIELD ....

One of my favourite past time's is looking for new art and talent .... and sometime's have spent hour's over the last couple year's on YouTube just doing that. Every once in awhile I run across an artist .... perhap's young and unknown in many cases that just stand's out .... this artist is one of those that stood out to me, and I have kept my eye on her talent's/ ambition .... and felt to post a piece of her work in this journal ... I certainly enjoyed, and with you in spirit Ms.Cissie .... want to wish you all the luck with your art. Looking forward to some of your composition's too!

Here's the scoop .... Cissie who goes under Cizzie888 on YouTube, she is from Netherlands/ Holland, was inspired by the root's in classic metal music .... such as Metallica .... she uses some fine tool's like a custom Strat, and she is just simply a natural with great spirit. The cover she does here below is from Metallica's 1988 album/ cd "and Justice for All" called "Blackened". A few post's ago I posted Metallica "live" on this tour of their's in 1989 Seattle doing "Master of Puppets" as well. .... Enjoy! :)

I also wanted to use this posting of Cissie as an induction into the RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY

Blackened Metallica guitar cover by Cissie- Kirk Hammett solo included ... Thanx to CIZZIE

And this one other video clip below is Ms.Cissie meeting Metallica's front man, lead vocalist, songwriter/ composer, and guitarist .... Mr. James Hetfield .... and of course .... waste's no time with question's to Mr.Hetfield concerning his art!

Also .... one of the most important thing's that Mr. Hetfield told you, is to never be afraid to borrow .... too many become too concentrated on trying to find their self .... this is something that grow's over time .... like a fine wine if you will. Those piece's of art such as Mr.Hetfield's are what nurture's that .... borrowing, simply allow's you to easier express how "you" interpret the piece ... and your product come's from the soul .... it's the fuel that inspire's the art.

Me asking James Hetfield about songwriting, Metallica meet & greet ... Thanx to CIZZIE



Tim said...

My youngest Son is a base guitarist.
A phenom. The band he's in is touring Europe this summer then again in the fall. If you want me to send you a link to their site,let me know.
Actually while their very good I don't like that type of music.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You Mr.Tim .... please do .... would love to hear it! Music is something I just happened to be around for many year's and enjoy the art's. Perhap's I have heard your son even at some time. I of course acquired my love for music in the early 1960's, my love's as a child were many ... James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Temptations, Billie Holiday, to name a few .... I was a big fan of early soul .... and of course the great's like I posted earlier of Blue's .... especially Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, as well as Django Reinhart's Jazz composition's I also love, the list is endless.

Tim said...

You seem to be my brother from another mother..LOL
Our interest are much in common..
I play blues myself when my arm works.
Alex's band is called Israfel on My Space. Technically speaking great. The "singer" seems to be satin's spawn. Can't understand a word he barks..

Ranch Chimp said...

With all due respect to your taste's in music Mr.Tim .... I been listening to your son's band .... never heard them before .... and I think they are EXCELLENT! Certainly a unique sound, and if your son is Alex .... if I recall correctly, he's a percussionist(?) .... I like them indeed .... thank you Sir! :)

Later Dude ...........

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for email on the correction, that I wasnt listening to your son's band .... quite a difference actually. I never would have thought there were two band's on known label's with the same name's ... although your son's sight for instance would be ISRAFELMETAL. But they sound great for that type of music .... I can understand how they may not appeal to you .... their music appeal's to a very distinct following let's say. I love their aesthetic's and goal to "torture humanity" (look at it for it's humor Tim), I can only imagine in a town like Albany(NY) .... they must have people running to church on sunday (humor) .... I had a few buddies in this business, and one who promote's these group's. But congratulation's on their band being together 5+ year's ... many of these group's dont get past what they call the "6 month syndrome". Their music would be considered more or less Black, Death, and/ or Gore type Metal. Probably one of the most difficult mission's in this category of music .... is getting down your "live" performance engineering .... because your venue's change alot from place to place, depending on coding, structure's, acoustic's, etc. So getting an excellent sound person for your show's is so critical, when you have such heavy sound at high level's coming at you like a Panzer Tank doing 80 mph, it can really fuck your live sound up, just all because of the engineer not being familiar with these thing's and venue's .... like I said ... I had buddies in the Death Metal business. In particular I loved "Fed to the Lion's" and also "Merciless Assault".... and wish your son Alex and colleague's the best! :)

Thanx Guy .........