Monday, March 15, 2010

TEXAS CENSUS: .... For Pete's sake .... take a damn minute and fill it out .... It's "IMPORTANT/ IMPORTANTE" ....

This week from what I gather .... many of us in Texas should be getting those census form's in the mail .... our American tax dollar's are paying almost a couple hundred million just to get them out from what I gather .... not to even have to mention all the rest that will be spent trying to get folk's out on the street's to get the word out and collect info .... IT'S IMPORTANTE!

I am sure "plenty" of folk's fill these out ... I alway's do .... YES .... even when I had arrest warrant's out I did .... this is Dallas man, not goddamn Lubbock .... they dont even have the manpower to serve the goddamn warrant's they have as it is .... even on criminal charges, NO ONE is going to bust you, Hell .... they wont even hardly bust anyone on traffic warrant's when they pull you over, even though they know their out on you .... unless you have about a half a dozen or more warrant's, there's no goddamn money in it, GEEEEEEEZ! But I alway's have talked to people that simply toss them in the trash, or use them for coffee cup coaster's or whatever. I have known many Mexicano's .... who even though they been here for year's although not legally .... and even been busted on warrant's or a charge like DUI or something .... still never got deported once, even while in Dallas County Jail, and still will not fill out the damn census .... but will take or buy any other document's or library card or whatever that they can get.

Then I run onto those like I did in some smaller cities over the weekend, where 3 people that I talked to individually just laughed it off, when I asked them if they would fill it out? .... their American born and raised .... but just dont seem to give a shit. Many of the same folk's dont never even vote .... even a guy that we worked with year's back ... who never would file income tax .... yet they owed him money! .... or ever even filed for a driver's liscense .... yet had a pick up and 3 car's ... all registered in someone else's name. I mean the list is endless of folk's that I have met or known that dont participate in any of this census, voting, or much of anything else that concern's government inquiries or info. I had folk's tell me when asking them if they fill out the census? .... "I aint got time to be fuckin with that shit man" or similar. And half those I met that are homeless dont like the system at all and want nothing to do with it, or the shelter's, or nothing much of anything society has for that matter.

Even though obviously I'm pissing in the wind ... I reckon the same with me stressing to folk's to vote ... I still continue to bring it up out and about .... and here now since I have a goddamn computer online. The census is more important than many folk's realize. They use this info for more than just counting head's, they get to know how many folk's we have and what ethnicity and such, and how much of those tax dollar's we need back in our communities, there are enough ad's and people telling ya'll how importante this is, take a few minute's. And I will continue to vote, fill out census form's and talking this crap to!

For those who may think I'm silly concerning myself over these thing's, or laugh when I say "I TRUST GOVERNMENT" even more than corporate icon's (including their "warranties/ guarantee's") .... let me leave you something to think about here .... I just received a letter from the IRS, that I qualified for an extra tax break that I didnt file for (it was a "new" break just added in 2009, and it slipped by me, I alway's do my own taxes).... and I didnt even ask them to check. They just wanted to tell me .... that they are sending me an additional $1,214.37, along with the return of what I filed they owe me .... can you blame me for trusting them?

Enough said ..........


Infidel753 said...

Hah, now you see the effects of us liberals' fiendish plotting.....We bribed Beck and Limbaugh to preach paranoia about the government so that people in the red states will be afraid to fill out their census forms, so they'll get reduced representation in Congress and we'll get more! Bwahahahah!

Tim said...

It is amazing how people actually think the the enemy. They fail to see that there is no Government with out us. We are the Government.
When Gov. does bad things,it's the people that we put there that's fucking it up. Ahh just my thoughts.

Ranch Chimp said...

That was "cute" Mr.Infidel! :) However .... now I just hope that no nutcase read's what you just wrote, because two nutcases spreading something like that can spread like wildfire to masses of dummies, which started as a comment from a blogger, but turned into "secret" info obtained through top government leak's .... turning it into a conspiracy! :)
And even though I like listening to Glenn or Rush for a couple good laugh's at time's .... I wouldnt put it past either one to make up something like that.

But all shit aside guy .... it alway's amaze's me how folk's ignore such simple thing's, and act as if the government is invading our damn privacy if they ask how old we are or some simple crap. Actually .... those mega corporation's are invading your privacy more than government ever did .... they have technologies now to even "read" and analyze your facial expression's or to see where online you go .... so they can figure out what to market/ sell to you or get your attention to them and their product .... then sell this info to each other for other's to do the same.

Thanx for your humor Guy!

Ranch Chimp said...

I agree Mr.Tim .... there's not a damn thing upsetting or uneasy about having a government structure at all, after all, we need some type of figure or structure in place to make sure thing's are smooth and working. I BMB (bitch, moan, and bellyache) over certain rep's in government or slacker's, all the time .... but that dont have a damn thing to do with what government is for or should be about .... that has to do with incompetent crew's not getting thing's done, and letting special interest's control their voting .... or at least having strong influence let's say .... just to be nice about it. I think you summed it up perfectly with the word's "It is amazing how people actually think" .... um, um, um .... aint that a mouthful .... you reckon?