Sunday, March 21, 2010


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Those who like to dabble into some of the more eccentric form's of contemporary music such as Industrial/ Experimental of the 1980's through today would be no stranger to the magnificent worx of this crew from the UK, that brought about the foundation block of the Coil  (wikipedia) ... credit to John Balance, Peter Christopherson for this project getting off .... and much thanx to these gentlemen for their contributions and art that is as uniquely their trademark as their soul! Your work is GENIUS! I chose 3 well known pieces below to feature .... Enjoy!

The Pope Held Upside Down ... Thanx to Sickness of Snakes- Topic

 "Solar Lodge" and Thanx to MARCELOMORA

Coil- Unnatural History- Penetralia II ... Thanx to DOSKII23


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winsomedove said...

I've been listening to the local college radio stations for about 30years because I have a taste for all genres of music and they play everything. I have to be careful with the industrial stuff when I'm driving because I find it very relaxing and i wouldn't want to fall asleep.

Off topic for this post, but i've been catching up reading your newer ones and wanted to tell you I appreciate your passionate perspective and the thoughtfulness you put into them.

I'll be back, sir

Ranch Chimp said...

I understand Ms.Winsome Dove as far as putting one to relax or sleep, I have used much industrial music for year's as "mood" music during get together's of small group's of like minded friend's and associate's for year's, much is cetainly not "party" type music, so it's therapeutic in my usage during intellectual decompression, if you will, kind of hard to explain .... yet on the other hand, some of what it has influenced and inspired in later group's did turn into party type music, especially in dance/ trance, techno, electronica, etc.

Glad you found something you liked in any of the posting's, I also try to give tip's in alot of stuff .... or at least to bring awareness if possible. I am not actually a writer, I just simply bring up topic's of the current era/ condition.

Take care Ms.Winsome Dove ....