Friday, March 12, 2010

DAN WALLRATH: .... a "HEROES HERO" .... and my choice for "TEXAN of the YEAR" ....

No ..... I didnt know a thing about Mr.Dan Wallrath and his personal mission until I just happened to catch this on CNN .... as a "CNN Hero" .... even though I live in Texas (imagine that!). But when it come's to folk's like Mr.Wallrath .... I'm certainly impressed. Just from what little I know of the man right as of this moment, I can say that he is my choice for "Texan of the Year", and a much needed "Hero for our Heroes" .... and looking forward to reading up more on Mr.Wallrath later.

These two short video's .... pretty much sum it up .... THANK YOU SIR!

CNN Top 10 Hero Dan Wallrath ... Thanx to BIGSHOWGM

CNN Heroes: Operation Finally Home ... Thanx to CNN



Anonymous said...

This man is indeed a hero. Why don't we hear more good news stories like this?

Thanks for posting this great story!

Ranch Chimp said...

Your welcome Mr.Silverfiddle! You ask why dont we hear more good news stories like this? Well .... reckon cause there is such a saturation of negative stuff going on .... that it's like a "gold rush" with the media tryin to keep up with it .... cause negativity sell's "copy" well also (unfortunately). But yes .... Mr.Wallrath is obviously not one to just sit around waiting for this incompetent government to do anything (kind of a Texas spirit actually) .... and just take his own action's.

Later Guy, thanx fer droppin in .... ya'll take care