Friday, December 10, 2010

"MY GIRL" ... A Tribute to those LADIES a Lil on the HOT & SPICY side PT.1 : ) (and a personal testimony/ story)

With all the dark misery there is to post this Holiday Season ... I just figured to post a lil on the lighter side for this posting, to bring a lil Holiday Cheer! :)

Now ... alot of fella's out there know what I'm talking about ... dont pretend like ya'll havent been there and done that ... because I know ya'll have ... I also had a few lady friend's who were a tad on the edge, and out of "kindness", I wont mention any name's here :) ... but sometime's what I considered a lil "Hot & Spicy" and an adventure on the more wild side ... became misery too at time's, even in public like these below especially ... geeezzz ... Lord know's I could tell some stories ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh! :) But ... let bygone's be bygone's and just enjoy the fun time's ya'll had.

So ... I want to dedicate this posting for the Holiday Season to those Hot & Spicy ladies out there! :)

I also want to say my heart goes out to especially these poor employee's at these type businesses who dont get nearly paid what they should dealing with the public. :)

"MY GIRL" ... A Tribute to those LADIES a Lil onthe HOT & SPICY side PT.2

1) McNugget Rampage Remix (With Sound) ... Thanx to BTV

2) JUST PUT THE F*ING PIZZA IN THE F*ING OVEN- College Girl's Temper Tantrum ... Thanx to BREAK

And a song here I would like to dedicate to you Gal's from us Guy's, by the great Motor City group ... "Temptations" called "My Girl". : ) .... Thanx to FABIOHENRIQUEPANHAN

Just a lil short addition I wanted to post here too ...

One very early morning at a neighborhood 24/ 7 WalMart photo joint ... I had a couple photo's of a friend I was getting enlarged. But I put them in the "One Hour" turnaround deal ... told the clerk ... I was gonna do a couple thing's and will be back in an hour or so ... she said ...."cool" etc. I gave it longer of course, not to rush the clerk, and went up the street to a greasy spoon TexMex joint for a couple breakfast taco's and took my time, read the newspaper, etc ... got back almost 2 hour's later. I didnt see the clerk, nor were my photo's in the finished rack ... I looked around ... hardly anyone was there it was so early. But I started hearing moaning or grunting type sound's from behind the counter ... I peeked my head behind it ... and here was this gal/ clerk on her back down on the floor with her head under the bloody film processor and arm's. She was obviously having problem's with something mumbling stuff, etc ... I said .... "Hellooo" ... she weasles her head out look's up, and say's .... "Oh ... sorry Sir .... I have to try to see what's wrong on here" (similar wording) ... Well .... I wasnt angry or nothing, but curiosity made me wonder what was she having a problemo with(?) ... anywayz ... I got down there as well .... and took a look for myself ... anywayz ... shit wasnt hooked up right on the machine and a drive/ gear system also in the processor wasnt ... well ... driving ... because someone put a couple thing's on ass backward's ... I reckon on a maintenance check or something ... and this Gal didnt know why the bloody thing wouldnt work basically ... but while she was all on her back up under it from a panel the poor gal removed ... the bloody problem wasnt even down there, but up on the top and side ... where the gear drive's were, under a different panel ... she was looking in the wrong place basically. But at least she was trying, and just didnt sit there with her thumb up her ass!

Anywayz .... while I was fixing it ... she was worrying up a storm, saying that I didnt have to do that and she might get in trouble, and she just started on the job and was still in training, and didnt want to call anyone, if she could do it, etc ... bottom line ... this poor kid was worrying herself to death and running her jaw's 50mph over it. I reckon she seemed to be worried that, if she called someone at first being so new and in training they may look at her as incompetent and possibly fire her (after all ... it's WalMart) ... she was nervous and saying "maybe I should tell someone(?)" etc ... I told her ... "Just give me a minute, relax, and it will be fine" ... anywayz ... I got the bloody thing fixed and running, then just showed her what the problem was (I knew something about film processor's though). Then she started telling me how embarassed she was ... and she could try to call a supervisor to try to get me a discount, and all this other shit. But she was also worried about what the boss may think of her if she called as well, etc. I just told her this ...."Dont worry about it, I dont need a discount ... and I wont tell anyone if you dont ... as far as I'm concerned ... it never happened ... okay?".

Why wasnt I upset? ... because frankly this poor kid (she couldnt have been more than 19/ 20 year's old) was all on the floor struggling and trying her best to get the job done without calling anyone else to do it for her ... I respect that. And this job obviously meant alot to her. In other word's ... I could understand the shit she was going through ... I mean ... shit happen's ... and it wasnt her fault to begin with ... obviously someone on the last shift screwed with the drive system and had shit hooked up all ass backward's. BTW ... the photo's came out fine! : )



Beach Bum said...

Looking at those videos it hard not wonder at the level of insanity we have fallen to and how much worse it will get.

I have heard people say this is just a phase that we will pull out of in a few years. My concern is that in past phases we had a healthy economy and a more intelligent nation. Both things I believe we are missing now.

winsomedove said...

not at all where i thought you were going with the hot & spicy thing, RC...
good post, nice story, and great song.
btw, my level of hot & spicy isn't insane and is a whole lot more fun. =] have a nice day!

Ranch Chimp said...

Greeting's Bum!

Well ... I dont think that we are going hysterically overboard ... only that when pressure's on people get more strenuous in society and time's more difficult .... you have to expect folk's to get frustrated. Even kid's these day's are pushed with tremendous amount's of homework ... instead of teacher's doing more, look at some of the backpack's of shit these kid's have to bring home these day's, look at all the pressure on folk's to multitask and outperform God just to keep a petty wage .... folk's dont enjoy life sometime's as much as they should.

As alway's Guy ... thanx for your input ... sorry for the late response ... was tied up with work/ contract.

Ranch Chimp said...

Buenos Dias Winsomedove!

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I didnt even know where in Hell I was going on this or the Hot&Spicy stuff! :) ... I mean ... I seen these video's ... busted a gut laughing, posted them ... but then thought about the poor cashier's who work these joint's ... and thought of the incident at WalMart a few year's ago ... because it is also sad, how some employee's such as the photo clerk I dealt with get so concerned if they done something out of regulation or whatever to keep their job's ... I could sense she was worried, and I know she also doesnt get paid too much, whether she's tell's me or not. The thing that got me most ... was ... the problem had nothing to do with her or her performance.

Thanx for your voice Girl ... and hoping at least thing's are going well and fair for and with you this season! :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Also Winsomedove ... I understand what you define as say your own Hot&Spicy .... I really dont look at angry folk's anywayz as insane .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. Like I said I didnt even know where the Hell I was going on this or half the other stuff I write in this journal .... I dont like "plan" shit ... if somethin just come's up ... then "BOOM" I might make a post on it, this wasnt a posting of interest ... just one for a lil fun. :)

And beside's ... you have excellent taste in music!