Saturday, December 25, 2010

Beating the "ECONOMIC WIZARD'S" of the "WALL STREET CASINO INDUSTRY" in the NEXT "Decade of Decadence" ...

I know, I know ... Why would I post economic's on Christmas morning so bloody early? Shouldnt I be under the tree opening present's or necking with a gal under the mistletoe? First of all .. I am home alone ... and wont go over to my daughter's house out in Rowlett till later this afternoon into the night for dinner, drinx and socializing, etc ... and no ... I dont have a Christmas Tree at home, and am opposed to real tree's anywayz for enviromental reason's ( I know, what kind of commie socialist shit is that? ) and the trash part of disposal of them later, etc, nor do I have a bloody mistletoe or anyone to kiss at the moment anywayz! So ... this is my gift of giving on my blog/ journal to whoever may read and view this importante video too ... so here's a lil gift actually "worth" something. This "60 Minutes" video below is over a year and a half old ... but I chose it because it is importante to explain the reality.


60 Minutes report on 401(k)s- It's Not Pretty .... and Will Only Get Worse ... Thanx to RICHARD HARDING

The reason to post this is to again, give yet another tip on how we willingly let ourselves get damaged financially in our great nation. This post will focus on the 401K investment and retirement system we have been so intoxicated with ... and all the new BS talk we will be hearing over the next couple year's on new idea's for retirement plan's and BS about how great it would be to privatize Social Security and such .... which trust me ... is being covertly all worked on now along with GOP strategist's on how to slip this into the mainstream ... because they actually think they will have total dominance after 2012 ... at least their banking on it, rest assured. IT'S NOT WISE TO BUY the new talk to come over the next few year's, when they try to sell us new retirement system's telling us that if we dont ... we will fall to doom and gloom and live the rest of our lives in soup kitchen's, or our children will die of starvation, you will spend eternity in the ghetto, etc, etc ... all of this will be a secret agenda, mainly from GOP or Tea Party member's to privatize Social Security without calling it what it truely is ... there is nothing else left for grab's ... they already milked our surplus and taxes ... this will be their next "BITE" ... trust me.

But right now because of new regulation's and change's all kind's of new investment plan's for middle American's who are working and still at a young enough age to make investment's for their future are being drafted to the newest shaft that we will face in the next decade of decadence. And I am also writing this because I have warned so many friend's and familia of this for nearly 20 year's ... and many I know lost 10's of thousand's of dollar's in their plan's the last few year's. I caught this year's back around 1990 when I was working for a Fortune 500 insurance company (who went bankrupt also later I may add, and diverted all the money they got away with offshore) and they presented us with a 401K plan ... that department manager's pushed .... I of course being skeptical by nature ... examined it closely, when most employee's didnt ... and were like most folk's .... looking to get something for nothing, and many lost more than they gained basically. But NOT looking at the so called list of mutual fund choice's (who do you think make's the list of fund's investment firm's to choose from?) and the benefit's of such, or looking at fee's, penalties, only for a petty tax haven ... I seen it was not as profitable as many would think ... and mainly a gamble. So that is the lesson to learn ... most who lose big, are the one's who alway's expect something for nothing ... same work's across the board in life ... such as when you play the table's on the Strip in Vegas or the Boardwalk in Atlantic City ... you MUST know when to walk ... and in this case .... NOT PLAY and look for alternative investment's, which is what capitalism is all about .... not these plan's that are designed and legislated for us. Plus these plan's I examined paid best to those who invested your earning's instead of you ... and if you attempted to withdraw any of it before a quarter century or so ... you would get penalized out the ass and eat any profitable margin's anywayz ... and get soaked with other administrative "fee's" ( a"fee's" list that seem's endless ) to drain/ milk even more, before you get away. Bottom line ... avoid all these people and their package's, game's, etc. We wonder how come over 95% of the global wealth is only in less than 5% of the global population? ... why do you think? .... we gave it all to them! ... participating in their game's instead of creating our own playing field's and rule's ... yet we had all the tool's to do so.

Wray calmly blame's this on the "investment system's" and not on of course the 401K system that he preside's over ... which is cute ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... who the Hell do you think legislate's the investment system's and control's the lobby? duuuuhhhh .... let me be more frank here ... folk's like Wray are full of it, and evade and/ or avoid any direct answering of their responsibilties, period. And what these folk's pull with their gambling game's with under 10 million are what many in Washington have planned over the next decade to sell to over a 100, 000, 000. And a stealthy sales package to where they WILL privatize SS without selling it as a privatization sell, creating a new term/ word ... that will be a trick phrase that they will count on the masses to jump all over through clever advertising. How can they crash SSI? ... Simple ... you get a majority of working middle class America to try a new investment scam plan, but leave SSI open, folk's get greedy thinking to make more off the new option, less goes into SSI fund's, causing the SSI to fail on it's own and collapse ... WE SHOULD NOT ABANDON SSI, but abandon the new deal's/ plan's ... we can re- regulate SSI to stay onshore ... you cant regulate the investment market's to stay onshore, get my drift? Just as I called/ pointed out how they would eliminate PO in the HCR during that political scam and Snowejob ... and toss in new phrases to get around detail's and/ or true transparency, like Sen. Snowe's "Trigger Plan" scam. Just because we got new oversight and regulation plan's dont mean nothing much ... when/ if the bottom line is, those who control all the legislation and design the draft's and proposal's are all lobbyist's with degree's in law. And no matter what the President and his team design to protect ... they will stay a step ahead and design something to beat that. Credit card companies already have new scam's that we will see in the next few month's ... that will gang rape you, even with all the new safeguard's in place, and desperate American's now are waiting and panting like dog's for them to come in the mail ... the best thing to do is ignore them. You want to establish great credit number's WITHOUT actually getting in DEBT? As dumb and simple as this may sound ... go purchase and set up PRE PAID credit card's with small inde bank's or their bank card's ... and only use them once a month for small charge's to keep active and pay them off immediately ... this fuck's up the big bank system, keep's money domestic and make's your credit score rise! ... you just hit 3 bird's with one stone!

You want the truth and change? Well ... even though no mass number of folk's will do this at this point ...YET ... until they take even more beating's ... we will have to learn to be strategist's and independent ... of them and the system's they design for us ... and basically abandon them, which is going to happen in time anywayz ... so might as well start doing it now. I take control of every dollar I spend, and try to only spend in small companies and bank's or even use such for loan's and all business ... if 75% only of working American's done what I done .... this system would have to REALLY change and/ or downsize or they would lose their ass and collapse frankly. Plus we keep bailing out these loser's, because were told that if we let them fail the world will end ... and people live in fear ... STOP FEARING WHAT YOUR TOLD! NO! ... I wouldnt have bailed any international investment banker's out! I would have let them all go to Hell in a handbasket ... and suffer the economic repercussion's OF THEIR ACTION'S AND CHOICE'S ... because as you can see ... were still suffering economic repercussion's anywayz now even after the fact, which I posted would happen at least 50 or more time's over the last couple year's ... and it all did. How did I call it so accurately? I LOOKED AT THE MATH! That is what no one is doing ... all the talk we hear is great ... but ask them to present the math ... and they'll quickly change the subject ... THEY DONT WANT TO, OR WANT YOU TO SEE IT! For Pete's sake ... what in Hell is wrong with us? And dont say that you dont have a degree in economic's or math and you cant understand ... blah, blah, blah ... you dont try! If I can figure this crap out with barely a grade school education ... I know goddamn well a large portion of everyone else can! We get lazy to think is the ONLY problemo, as well as being too dependent on having someone else think for us! I cant even tell you how many people I known over the year's that wont even attempt to figure out their own taxes at tax season ... I mean ... wont even read the bloody book ... which is issued for free at that, but they'll take the time to read the funnies in the daily paper, and pay a tax person to do even the simplest form's for them ... and say they "dont have the time", you dont?, well that's weird ... since you have all that time to wait in a bloody line texting BS or whatever while waiting for the person you are paying to do it ... do you REALLY need for someone to tell you to use a spoon or fork and when you should jump and sit? NO YOU DONT ... How do I know? Because average working people with trade's, profession's, or what have you, do a much, much, better job at managing their home budget's ... I shit you not ... as a matter of fact ... the less money you earn ... the better you get at it ... because you are forced to "think" as a mean's of survival ... those who dictate to us dont need to budget like those of us ... why? Because we give them a green light, a blank check, and keep buying their sales pitch over and over and over and over. That is our weakness ... beat that ... and you beat them! Bank on it! So it can be done ... I would bet my paycheck on it!

Other than that Merry Christmas ....



Beach Bum aka Captain Barbossa said...

401K investment and retirement system

And the right-wingers talk about Social Security being a Ponzi scheme. Cutting it short tonight, been drinking...heavily.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Capt. Bum!

First of all I understand the drinking thing with compassion brother ... Lord know's I have indulged too much during social event's like, last night/ this Christmas ... but .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... it is what it is I reckon, and we know the consequence's for our action's. :)

Hah! ... the "Ponzi Scheme" talk out of these type's .... that was the biggest crock of shit buzz term that they created too! Yet everyone of these SOB's who say that are the first in line ... to dip into these fund's when they have a special interest that they milk for ... the most hypocritical bastard's you can find on the market these day's!

Thanx for your input brother ... I know how tough it must have been! :)