Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NYC: "NIGHTMARE ON 42nd ST" ... "Give our REGARD'S to BROADWAY ... Tell all the Gang on 42nd St, WE CANT be there"

This posting at toward's this end of 2010 will be to look at what I feel is the blizzard of the decade to hit the Northeast Corridor ... and what put NYC under the blanket, and my heart goes out to all ya'll sincerly, especially to familia in New York who had to readjust their Holiday plans because of this, and to all those and familia on the West Coast who have been hit all with the rain's and mudslide's (I credit all of this to global warming actually as I pointed out thoughout this journal such as in the Global Warming series). And the ripple effect that it had on every airline hub coast to coast, which affected flight's crisscross from Portland to Fort Lauderdale, Providence to Burbank.


But some of what I was reading for instance at JFK International was insane, and hopefully some will look deeper into this ... 11 bloody hour's on the tarmac? .... 7 hour's stranded on the "A Train" etc, etc. First of all of course there were protection's for passenger's that just were put in place not long back as far as being detained in the plane on the tarmac as well. Everybody at the Port Authority and Airway's with associate's are blaming everyone but themselves in all the stories that I read and heard ... doing that classic American thing, of not assuming responsibility for their action's, it's nauseating to hear these folk's whine about who's fault what is, and especially what rule's apply to international flight's, domestic flight's, what they have to do and what they "DONT" have to do! Use your brain's for a bloody change! It is sickening enough some of the shit air traveler's have to put up with as it is. I havent flown in year's, my daughter who flies frequently said it's getting to be more of a pain in the ass, but I have flown in and out of JFK as well as LaGuardia (both in Queens) several time's, domestically and internationally. The particular tarmac detainment was because an international gate was not available, and no one to check the passenger's, and excuse after excuse after excuse from all parties, and because of lobbyist's in the last legislation ... what applies to international flight's Vs. domestic flight's vary. This bloody damn terminal/ gate bottom line had 14 available and working buses as well as plenty of personel both of the airport and airline's on the clock! Dont even tell me that there is no way that you cannot get them people off the plane and into the bloody terminal, or get them adequate supplies/ necessities or whatever. And all the talk about all tranportation and road's shut down ... if gypsy cabbies can get in and out for $100 a pop (twice the usual price) ... you can! This is just a display of the saturation of irresponsibility that has plagued our nation and the lack of regard for adequate service to customer's that has been recently in high fashion!

As far as all those passenger's stuck all night on the A- Train ... more incompetence. They were at a platform!! ... no heat/ air, power in those temp's, no restroom facilities, etc. The thing is ... we have become too focused on meeting rule specification's and no one wanting to step up to the plate when time's get tough these day's. Then even at the 9/11 terror event ... so many heroes stepped up to the plate and what happened after? ... they were denied over and over for year's any medical help, and even dropped by insurer's or not covered, and tossed out later, and used by political parties as pawn's to play in Washington. It's no wonder that so many today are afraid to act and think when the time come's, because of what were told we have to do, and the silent repercussion's/ consequence's of such. Personally ... I dont care so much about rule's when push come's to shove and action is needed. And the Airline's who have been whining and not even answering the phone's, need to put a muzzle on and get busy too, as far as being tight on staff and this and that excuse ... dont feed us on how all of the sudden tight time's are, especially with these soaring 2010 profit's , everyone is so full of it, it stink's! The only thing in this country too tight is all those we pay that have monopolies basically! ABC News Tonight is reporting that they even cant get through to airline's or even get any answer's, and airline's are rewarding less and less compensation's and service's while charging more and more, reducing all while raking in record profit's too. Enough said ....

Below ... is the classic George M. Cohen song made popular by the legend Judy Garland, which inspired the title of this posting, "Give my Regard's to Broadway". Enjoy!





Infidel753 said...

A lot of the ridiculous behavior (or inaction) we see from decision-makers these days stems from fear of liability. If you're a decision-maker and you follow the rules, then no matter how bad the results, you probably won't get into trouble. If you go against the rules, then if anything goes wrong at all, you could get fired or sued.

Nobody wants to take responsibility for actually deciding what to do. Not when taking responsibility can cost you some serious money.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes Infodel ... that is such a huge issue / point you make .... I mean too ... everyone is sueing of course everyone, or getting fired/ reprimanded etc. I dont even know how to solve that issue either, mit's just another mess. But straight point indeed!

Thanx for your voice here Guy ... and have a satisfying and rewarding New Year Eve!

Demeur said...

It's all about the money. Who can afford to sue in this economy?

I noticed that NYC laid off 400 city workers just before this happened. Many of whom would have been plowing. Now the city is asking anybody with a plow to help. I'm sure when it's all said and done it will have cost more than if they had just kept the city workers.

Wish you the best new year. As for me it's got to be better than 2010.

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Demeur! ... No .. I didnt know what all lay- off's exactly NYC had, but just alot of this stinx Guy. But as far as "not having money to sue" ... actually ... an individual dont really need a dime to sue in America ... simply a "case" ... lawyer's/ attorney's across the board are the one's who do all the investment and financing in lawsuit's for average folk's. You simply find an attorney that review's the proposed case for you, also at no charge, since their scouting potential client's/ case's all the time ... they review it and decide basically if there is legal precedent and/ or case ... they will pay for everything themselves ... it's business ... and they DONT collect anything unless they/ you win ... so they have plenty of motive as well, even if you lose your case ... they wont charge you a dime ... but "IF" they/ you win your case ... the attorney's fee across America is generally is 33% to 45% of the settlement and of course length of trial time and work put into it ... a lengthy bitch fight court case will run more as an example, cause of all the vested time into it, etc., and of course the expense's that they shelled out of pocket, but you will still end up with a fair amount after all is said and done, they initially include all that in their amount requested, then maybe later negotiate a lesser amount depending on how the case look's when they exchange paperwork, deposition's and so forth with countering legal rep's, etc.

But anywayz Demeur ... thanx for your input here, and try to have a rewarding New Year and pleasurable Eve!