Thursday, December 16, 2010


This posting will just be a quick glance at the flip side of the last posting where Atty Gen Eric Holder and Crew showed excellent efficient job performance in their short work of filing already in just several month's, civil legal action's on BP and Associate's. This quick video will be Florida Rep. Alan Grayson questioning the Federal Reserve Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman concerning a Bloomberg report on off balanced sheet's transaction's in the Fed ... which are in the trillion's of dollar's ... then some point's of my own on this.

Also ... credit to Tim Waters over at "Scared Stiff" who directed this to my atencion, I havent heard nothing about this in the mainstream media's.

9 TRILLION Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve, Fed Inspector General Can't Explain ... Thanx to AMY2X

Now one may say that I should look at all the detail's before making my assessment of Inspector General Coleman, and/ or calling any judgement on the issue. But that is what I love so much about "live" video ... this video alone without any other coverage, show's me first hand that something here is seriously not working in our government/ system. And I will even be kind here to the Inspector General and be moderate on what I think of her and her job performance ... because this video alone just blew me away! Also understand that the "Federal Reserve" is about the most powerful institution in the entire world in this era ... and this is the "inspector"? I have to wonder ... how in Hell do you end up with a character like this to be inspector over such a globally powerful institution? Which make's me wonder ... if she was chose strictly because she will see nothing, do nothing and say nothing? I mean ... this simply does not make a bit of sense out of a person in a postion such as this. No ... I dont know what her salary is, and frankly right now, dont want to ... just seeing her responses to the question's is unbearable enough to have to swallow. I didnt know whether to laugh, cry, get angry, take a shit or wind my watch just listening to this.

I understand investigative power's, rule's, guideline's, authorization's, and jurisdiction's, legalities, etc. But my question here ... is "What the fuck have you been doing as an Inspector General?!!" .... "Why all the goddamn excuse's and rattling off about all the power's, authorization's, etc, etc", when the question's Rep Grayson is asking require the most simple non complex responses to get cleared? Why do you need sidekick flunkies over your shoulder to coach you on your responses? ... it isnt like your in the court of law being charged with anything ... you have a job, "TO INSPECT" ... your peer's and government/ peoples rep's are asking to show what you been doing on getting the "job done" ... you have had more than an adequate amount of time to do this, with an abundant staff to work with, and work overseeing one department/ division, you show up with stack's of paper's and staff with attache cases ... what's in them ... copies of the "Wall Street Journal"? ... what in Hell have you been doing? Are the question's too complex to understand? ... and if so ... what part's of what Rep Grayson asked dont you understand?

Frankly ... if I were her boss or had anything to do with it ... she would be in the unemployment line in a heartbeat. There are plenty of people who are qualified to do the job. Unless she has been told by higher up's to back off from it ... and if this is the case ... she should have reported it and/ or any obstacle's that have hampered performance ... yet she hasnt, and also that would be highly illegal. I dont ask much ... and am all for decent fair payscale's and reward's and/ or bonuses for those who perform well in their field's ... and I am one, who when I was a foreman in a company ... was first in line to defend those productive employee's that I worked with ... I'd go straight to the top and ask where their raises are?, if they were late on their check's, and believe me ... I got result's! Rep Grayson didnt ask too much, and there is no excuse for this runaround. I mean ... were talking about trillion's of dollar's here in a time where we must account for every dollar were spending and especially where in Hell it's going to and in whose hand's. Geeeezzz!!

Also I would like to commend Rep Grayson for a JOB WELL DONE ... THANK YOU SIR!



Tim said...

RC Sometimes I think we're crazy.
Man we are the only ones talking about this. I was talking to one guy who said it's only paper and is worthless. I'm like well give it to me. I'll take it off your hands for ya. I'm going to miss Alan, I hope he keeps up with what's going on and is able to keep us posted. Thanks for the shout out..

Ranch Chimp said...

Your welcome Tim ... actually even though journalist's have ton's of stuff to report, so much of what will be chosen by upper staff is what influence's it ... priorities and other outside influence's as well. There is so much going on right now. We have too big of a government and way to complex for any conspiracies to be of much success too, that is a positive for us that many dont see yet. Also I want to point out ... that even though were being robbed and our money is going offshore ... we still "have" our country and Constitution, etc ... and if these SOB's get too cocky ... the people will have another revolt here and just take over the country, freeze all outside trade, etc ... we are actually capable of being self supportive in this country with a few adjustment's.

Thanx Guy ...