Monday, December 6, 2010

RUTH WHITE/ BAUDELAIRE'S "Les Fleurs du Mal" ... "SPLEEN" ... and "THE CAT" ...

Ruth White

This art/ music posting will be to honour the 20th century American composer and pioneer of synthesized avante garde electronica music (actually for "industrial" music fan's, this is some of your earliest industrial root's)Ms. Ruth White . Also some biography here as well of Ms. White . Not known in the mainstream of composition too much , but truely a trendsetter and original artist/ composer ... who also done score work for film/ tele, but she is one of my favourite's of course in her category.

I was fortunate to find two of my favourite selection's to post here via YouTube where she does classic poetry from Mr. Charles Baudelaire's "Les Fleurs du Mal" piece ... first video is called "Spleen" and the 2nd called "The Cat". Enjoy! :)





Beach Bum said...

Had to wait to get home before I listened, eerie stuff but I really liked it.

Ranch Chimp said...

It is natural that one would feel it errie at first listen ... of course I listened to it many time's over the year's ... for me it is very invigorating and blunt, more like an adrenaline shot I reckon. Glad that you enjoyed the piece's as well Bum! And thanx for your voice here.

rita said...

Weird shit, but I expect nothing less from the internet. Thanx for the Xmas card, do have a soft spot. ;)
I'll have mine out, sometime next week.

Ranch Chimp said...

Your Welcome Rita ... of course I am soft and loving, unfortunately we never met in person, and only know about me from what I write here, if you knew me personally as many have for year's and year's ... you would naturally see how soft, loving, and compassionate I am ... I am very open emotionally in person and very social. My writing's are not as much a display of my feeling's as much as it is a job and personal commitment to display the reality of the condition to those who may read it.

As far as the art/ music piece as being weird(?) ... well Dear, it's different and that it what make's it unique, as well that it's been around even way before the internet was even a conceptual mainstream thought.

Thanx for your word's here Rita, and ya'll have a good un!