Thursday, December 9, 2010

BEATLES/ JOHN LENNON: "You Can't Do That" ... "Paperback Writer" ... "Rain" ... "Helter Skelter" ...

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This music/ art's posting will be to honour Mr. John Lennon exactly 30 year's after his death ... who of course I dont have to say it ... was one of the most influential people in popular music of the 20th century. I never really listened much to John's solo music actually, except the most popular tune's. But I was more familiar with the Beatles music. My first experience of the impact of a concert around that same era, would have been when I lived in Las Vegas as a kid 1964 and the Beatles, I remember the heat that afternoon, and them old tune's like "I wanna hold your Hand", "She love's You", and the noise was tremendous, because it seemed to be mostly girl's who throughout the their visit and concert must have been screaming at the top of their lung's, making it very noisy from fan's. I was excited though as a kid, but the experience of such a crowd being so young and small was the most unforgetable part too. (HERE LINK'S ON THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF LENNON'S DEATH)

But there is so much music Mr. Lennon done solo and with the Beatles, this man as well as his partner's made such a huge impact on the industry and were truely trendsetter's, especially with the late 1960's experimentation as far as electronic's and mixing's. I wanted to post a few of my all time favourite's here though that I really enjoyed, although that was a difficult task as well, because they have so many great piece's as well as the group Beatles ... Enjoy!


"You Can't Do That" ... The Beatles at Convention Hall Las Vegas, NV on 20 August 1964 ... Thanx to ABBEY ROAD

The Beatles- Paperback Writer (live) ... Thanx to TRUEBIGMACMASTER'S CHANNEL

The Beatles- Rain ... Thanx to 94lberto

Paul McCartney- Helter Skelter (Live) ... Thanx to PAUL McCARTNEY MUSIC **** this is Paul McCartney's band 2004



Beach Bum said...

I have no idea how this sounds but I am a big fan of John's solo works and Paul's stuff with Wings. Now I like their Beatle stuff best of all but I was exposed to the tail end of their careers by my aunts and uncles who were just a little bit older than me.

It would be a huge understatment to say the talent of the Beatles collectively and by themselves has never been matched.

Ranch Chimp said...

I agree Bum as far as being matched ... what a collection of work's they done, and so much of it was actauuly experimental and such at the end of the Fab 4 era. I did like also many of Paul's solo project's too. The only time I ever seen any of them "live" was this one performance.

Thanx for your input Bum

Beach Bum said...

I'm serious, as far as pop music is concerned I can't even begin to think of anyone that can match their talent. When this conversation is brought up some have mentioned the Rolling Stones but while I do like their music I just don't see it matching the Beatles.

For me the Stones were always more stage presence. Later, at work and got to run.

Ranch Chimp said...

Also I need to add here that in the above response comment I made to Bum, about the title "Fab 4" ... I meant the "Beatles" ... which was kind of a nick name for them at a time, not to be confused with a group called "Fab 4", which are a cover band of Beatles tunes, who actually dress almost to a tee like them, and sound like them ... which I actually seen in latter year's, when they gave a free show here in Dallas at a local Mall ... and I must say they were excellent, and very good sound, and done such a wide span of Beatles tune's. I would recommend them for those Beatles fan's out there.

Ranch Chimp said...

Oh ... most definitely Bum ... that is also why it is so difficult to write about them ... I mean ... like where would I start? .... and absolutely .... I see no comparrison whatsoever as far as direction even of the art of the Stones and Beatles. Actually Stones were not an experimental band at all ... but a garage type bad boyz band that specifically focused on that raw R&B influenced sound (strongly influenced by the Temptations and C. Berry) ... I seen the Stones "live" by the way in 1980/ 1981 (?) at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas ... in a fairly heavy rain downpour actually, where Mick Jagger was wearing a Dallas Cowboy's Football player's uniform and was running up and down runway's in pouring rain the whole event (using cordless equipment of course) I was on the floor with my gal and a couple friend's (90+ thousand was at that show, as well as the next show the following day, which mean's they sold over 180+ ticket's, which is quite a haul) ... we were all soaked and didnt give a shit and intoxicated drinking tequila and smoking pot, and partied in a rain downpour ... it was the first of 2 back to back show date's they done in the CB, and Texas' "ZZ TOP" was the opening band .... ZZ TOP wouldnt even get out in the rain and stayed under the cover actually. The Stones were more of a party type music band, with their own distinct style though, and alot different how they arranged music.

Middle Ditch said...

Lovely tribute

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You Middle Ditch and for your voice here ... these Gent's deserve it for their contribution's!

Good Day Dear! :)