Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ERIC HOLDER, U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: ... U.S. files Lawsuit on British Petroleum and Associate's ...

This posting will be to CONGRATULATE US Atty Gen. Eric Holder and his crew for their work and announcement on the lawsuit filed against British Petroleum and Associate's, as well as ungoing investigation's into more criminal and civil action's. And able to put this all together in such a timely manner, without the usual BS and delay's that some exhibit. I am just happy and thrilled to see that we still have some very competent worker's in Washington as well, that bust their asses on getting the JOB DONE! :)

Thanx to Eric Holder and Crew!


POST UPDATE: Some have questioned the day after out of skepticism, if this is just another "show" or for real? Which is great at least that people are skeptical enough to ask this. Here is what I can say to that .... Show or no show ... the "fact" is ... that there has been a "civil" lawsuit filed ... which WILL have to be dealt with in the court's any way you slice it ... which is alot different than marching these folk's in front of a Congressional/ Senate Review Panel to be questioned and reprimanded (which I explain here back in June of possible legal action's to come) . However ... there are complication's concerning international law's, regulation's and juristiction's, even though the initial suit is based on offenses that have taken place in this country ... you have to look at the international factor here as far as how the British government as well will react to this or other's. But the bottom line here ... is this is a BENEFICIAL MOVE AND STEP, PERIOD, worthy of commendation to this Crew.



TRUTH 101 said...

Funny, yet probably just. I sawe the BP story and made a dash to log on to my brokerage account and sell my BP stock. The damn power went out and by the time it came back on I'd dropped about a buck and a half a share.

Oh well. Probably deserved it for owning BP shares.

Infidel753 said...

Very good news. Let's hope the slime-buckets get reamed for what they did.

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Truth!

I feel your pain, even though it did sound a tad funny how you put it. Look Guy ... I am frankly NOT anti corporation, even though I sound like it at time's ... I am just for straight business is all, and what I seen is really unbalanced in recent year's ... it simply is not straight or balanced business, and too many have been in my opinion, taking advantage of our generosity, and now with this new wider global playing field ... just have turned their back's on their business associate's, which is America ... the consumer's, and those who contributed so much to making these empire's. That's my only issue with some of these. I am actually 110% for great tax break incentive's and even rewarding those monetarywise ... it's just been a one way street here ... and is the sole reason I flip flopped politically so drastically to voting straight democrat.

Thank you for your input here Truth!

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Evening Infodel!

Yes indeed ... they (BP) need to "put out" on this ... as I mentioned time and again ... none of these folk's will ever see a day in the poor house. I mean ... they made career's on making money, so their good at it, from their experience, and wealth. And I even believe a lil greed is healthy ... but this excessive tight wad, take, take, take ... has been an addiction of those game player's .... yes ... I believe that these game's are an addiction, like playing the game of "Monopoly" by "Parker Brother's", Chess or even just gambling ... I seen too much of this in life on other avenue's ... especially as a kid when my dad was into the market's and casino's working Vegas ... I seen it on the street's bigtime in the drug business (one of the reason's there is so much bloodshed now on the TexMex border) ... so I know it's natural that this even hit's those at the top of "this" game. My dad alway's taught me as a child of the importance of "balance", and even took me to the table's in Vegas and Atlantic City to show and direct me first hand, when/ how you can distinct the difference between indulgence and compulsion. What really urked me so much Guy ... was when I seen all these giving the runaround's and avoiding accountability, I mean ... you knew and seen the game CEO Tony was playing for instance when he was marched to the Hill ... you see the recent advertisement's BP spent million's on, on primetime tele now ... with the "good ole boy" fisherman from Mississippi ranting about how BP isnt perfect .... but their trying their best (with all the emotional music that could bring tear's to your eye's!), and all the other freak show's were getting. Just like all these investment's banker's really urked me on this bailout stunt, which I knew was solely for foreign interest's ... especially for business relation's with China, and they live in this fantasy (like many on the GOP side) ... that the fruit's of the reward's will trickle down even without no law's or regulation's ... and no one will go with their nature, and be able to regulate themselves, etc, etc. We have proof, it isnt working out that way no longer. I am actually for not only tax break's, but even for the least amount of government intervention and oversight, even though I dont sound like it at time's ... but what bloody choice do we have Guy ... when these folk's are out of control and balance? So therefore ... I would go for their throat's on this one, they have broke every business rule in my opinion.

I am also so sick and tired especially of the petro folk's who refuse to update equipment and safety measure's based strictly on excessive profiting ... even clearly knowing through scientific data ... the enviromental hazzard's some of this is, employee safety ... and especially being "player's" and business giant's, they should know that jumping onto these item's, and innovative green tech's ... is the biggest "booming" investment for future endeavor's across the board ... I mean ... they know this. Because when we do go really green, not like the BS we see now ... all these folk's will be at each other's throat's trying to get a piece of the new pie!

Thanx for yur voice here Infodel!