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ENTITLEMENT REFORM: Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs recipe to "PAY MORE- EXPECT LESS" ... with Bernie, Ed, & Ranch Chimp's REFORM to Wall Street's ENTITLEMENT'S (TRUTH OR TREASON 2013 PT.19) & **** POST NOTE UPDATE

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around, and neither do I : )

Part 19 of "Truth or Treason 2013", will be concerning this recent statement alone from Mr. Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs concerning tax increases and entitlement reform's ... again ... I knew this was coming simply because I made this long ago as far as these cut's they were gonna shuffle and deal on us, once they got this election's show out of the way, because both side's were basically avoiding these issue's during the campaign's, making it easy to make this game they were cooking up behind closed door's, to make it short here, which I wanted to point out because of a couple neighbour friend's locally ... Suzy, Wolfgang, and Nick, who wonder why I seem to alwayz be able to "make" these kind's of thing's before they materialize, asking me if I'm "psychic"? ... but NO, and no insult meant to these folk's who may embrace these belief's, but none of this has to do with anything of such like psychic related stuff, but is simply because I "pay atencion" when it come's to "my/ our money" is all. Thanx again especially to Senator Sanders for hammering this when so many of us are stuck to our I-Phones & Pads getting intoxicated with a number of more entertaining thing's ... which I dont blame folk's considering all the miseries that we seem to get hammered with, which I pointed out time and again since the start of this journal over 4 year's ago was coming, as far as these so called reform's, taxes, changes, what's being considered as normal now or the "new normal", what to expect, or this constant nonsense quarter to quarter about the recession is near, here, over, reborn, vanished, never was, etc, etc ... the housing market, job's creation, energy independence nonsense, or retirement plan's such as the 401K stuff, and other related nonsense that's fed to us to make us scared or paranoid that we havent a snowball's chance in Hell, etc, etc. Bottom line ... I DONT make prediction's ... I DO make assessment's, okay? So Bernie's input here below, then of course a few word's I will add.

Lloyd Blankfein is the Face of Class Warfare ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


And I want to be fair here to Mr. Blankfein after watching and reading a few piece's from him seeing all the fear in his eye's which I know is real as far as this "fiscal cliff" talk, so I dont doubt that he is sincere in what he sayz. There's an ole saying ... "you made your bed, now you must lie in it" or similar wording ... it's a long used saying because it's one of proven truth, okay? And I have never doubted that we have some serious spending and budget issue's, however Sir ... this current condition is a result primarily over mistake's made within your circle's, not the overall majority of the people, okay? ... your mis- management, ill investment's, hedge funding, and getting a lil too intoxicated over ya'll's recent gain's, while ignoring for too long your own fault's and need's for reform on ya'll's end. This also include's the endless issue of too big to fail entities who are alwayz hammered by our representation of needing to get downsized or some type of growth capping and slowing the expansion and/ or consolidation of these, but NEVER is really addressed, including by our own President (not blaming the President here, for I know he has too much on his plate to finish). I realize clearly the concern from the large entities and their desperation, because deep down inside, they know they have become no longer needed, I mean, let's face it, without continuously trying to get larger and control more ... they know they will become an obsolete relic of past, therefore more reason for this new buy- out's of failed government/ social entities, and intentionally trying to corner them into failure, etc, and the ratholing of wealth, as well as this new so called "industrial revolution" of mining and drilling even area's that were unknown for mineral wealth until 20 year's ago and confirmed with new science's and technologies. We now know that there is much more competition, and even mom and pop small businesses these dayz can market and sell their product's/ good's better and more efficiently than these mega corporate folk's because of our access to new technologies,etc. I mean ... without controlling us even more, ya'll probably wouldnt last another 20 year's to be honest here ... and ya'll know it deep down inside, or you wouldnt be acting in such madness of desperation, including spending billion's to try to control political influence more than ever in human history like in the last few year's ... not even the biggest spender's spend that foolishly, and ya'll would especially know that.

I know how ya'll think that you can manage the world better than any government or politician can, but it is also fact that NOW, the people on smaller level's can manage better ourselves, spending and even budget's better than even you or the political parties, is the REAL reality that you fear and know. After all, like you, this IS part of our daily lives and work in our survival, small business, prosperity or lack of. Our Social Security for example  is currently sound for at least the next quarter century, providing as well that ya'll keep your hand's out of it, that $2.7 trillion or so reserve's is OUR's ... NOT YOUR's ... and is of no business of your's, especially when the fact is, that your vitality of current is a direct result of OUR GENEROSITY, being in this case, that YA'LL were the recipient's of "entitlement" through our bailing out of ya'll after your ill move's and repetitive failure's, so you can understand my position here Sir. Dont try to sell million's like myself silly marketing gimmick's, like you will tax wealthy people more in EXCHANGE for us giving ya'll more of what is our's ... we have gave ya'll plenty as it is, so be grateful for our generosity as is. There is mucho excessive spending and even entitlement's that can be reformed and CUT from Wall Street's WILD spending spree's as well, rest assured, and they all know it ... so who is REALLY trying to get something for nothing, eh?  Those politician's on Capitalism Hill need to also remember these simple lesson's and result's of your action's also apply ... DO NOT press the American People too much, because it will backfire on you and your career's ... in time ... you too make ya'll's bed.

Enough said ....

Lloyd Blankfein CEO and Ebenezer Scrooge Impersonator ... Thanx to THETHINKINGBLUE **** a lil holiday season closing video here I wanted to add from my man on the left coast ... Ed

**** POST NOTE: Again, the reason I call this the "Truth or Treason" series is because those who are true to their job's of representing the overall majority of the American people and not only the privileged racketeering few that smother our politic's in Washington through this super- pac funding of our Congress and Senate are to be supported, those who allow this legalized racketeering, should be labeled and expelled from their job's in Washington, for they are nothing more than treasonist's. The parties and politician's have NOW a chance to show their true colour's and who is deserving of representing the majority of American's, it is ALL up to them ONLY. Those pundit's/ media's that support this excessive lying, trying to make excuses for why they needed to cut these social programme's that are fully funded by us, need to be ignored, when they say thing's like ... "Well, it isnt that bad" or "They will crack down on the wealthy" or "We are getting a fixed rate on this or that in exchange" or other nonsensical whimper's of passive instability and flip- flopping, etc. If an entire party need's to be abandoned ... so be it. You CANNOT let your personal emotion's get in the way when making importante decision's as a voter or a consumer, you will only lose in the longrun ... example ... I support certain parties/ representative's ... IF any of those I support prove to be not doing their job's and playing around, I will vote and write everything I can about it and them, and VOTE AGAINST them, even if my vote dont count. I have kept to my commitment of supporting this President and his party for the two term's as I promised, and I will equally promise to now hold them accountable for their action's on the job, and credit those who are deserving of such, whether I like them or not.

I understand also that there is much waste in thing's like Medicare/ Medicaid which I pointed out throughout this journal and series, and milking across the board ... however ... that milking and waste is mostly engineered through legislation of special interest's that are lobbying for this or that company, to make law's and rule's that allow them to overprice/ charge and  a number of other shady practice's that they engage in ... only a very, very, small percentage of people actually try to milk the system and many of those get caught in time ... these oversized and overfunded entities almost NEVER get caught or questioned and are alwayz making new engineered rule proposal's that are calculated strictly for excessive profiteering. I also realize that so many contract's and companies, whether it's in defense or the medical industry, or anything else that get's our government and tax support employ many American's, this has alwayz been used as a bargaining chip or hostage card, same like they use women's and homosexual right's as example, when both women and gay's SHOULD have ALL rights across the board (even marriage) signed immediately into law by executive order if needed, but instead are prolonged and toyed with term after term, decade after decade, to use as bagaining chip's and scam's. You cannot clean house or change without taking any action beside's "talk" to do so. A final note to Capitalism Hill ... DO NOT keep pushing our button's ... eventually we will push back, rest assured.


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