Tuesday, November 27, 2012

LIFE, LOVE, & LYING with the LION's ... Dereck & Beverly Joubert ... and The SEDUCTION of The SAVANNA ... (CBS 60 Minutes) (THE OTHER TENANT'S PT.3)

This will be another series for this journal called "The Other Tenant's" (**** yes, I know I dont need to put an apostrophe between the "t" and "s" on "tenant's", but I "choose" to : ) Inspired simply by the fact that probably 99% of the living creature's in this journal are our species only, so this series will simply be to highlight some of the other tenant's of this planet, that are NOT of our species, those perhap's that go un- noticed for most ... and NO ... I dont expect for other ape's to start doing journal's documenting us, however ... if they were advanced as us in writing skill's, language's and so forth, I think they would, and probably would have a Hell of alot to say about how human's fucked up the earth a Hell of alot more than they have: ) So of course when you move into any apartment complex, high- rise, tenament brownstone, flat, condo or whatever, a basic across the board rule is to have some consideration for the "other tenant's". I also included previous posting's on "Gorilla's" as Part's 1 & 2.

This lil ole piece I caught on CBS "60 Minutes" programme this week and thought an excellent piece they done here of a marriage/ romance of Dereck & Beverly Joubert, and the seduction they found of the savanna that just drew them into it ... living their life of love and "in love" amongst the other tenant's of the savanna ... and even lying with the lion's. And a big THANX to ya'll for bringing us folk's these really fine piece's of film work that ya'll do and share! ... Enjoy

Dereck and Beverly Joubert on 60 Minutes ... Thanx to RMORR50912



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