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ENTITLEMENT/ TAX REFORM 2013 & The "FISCAL CLIFF": The "2013 MOMENT of TRUTH" Preview ... "Grand BARGAIN" or "Grand ILLUSION" ? (TRUTH OR TREASON 2013 PT.17) & (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.6)

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Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont

This posting will serve 2 series as well of "Truth or Treason" & "From the Foxhole with Bernie" ... but now, the "Truth or Treason" series will be called "2013" because this is the one I been waiting for of course, the one where I wrote in past posting's that they will wait till after election's then of course present the "bite" and possible "shaft". And of course as usual it's time to put back on our "scary/ frightened" mask's because the newest fear card being dealt is the scary "fiscal cliff" ... and of course as usual, all side's are talking so far in circle's, so ... that is why this one will be called the moment of truth, because this will show all participant's in who play's what card's at the table and how. I want to be fair here and give the Democrat's the benefit of doubt, because they have shown way more than Republican's to be in more interest's of the people of the nation overall. Both of these parties will in time either change/ restructure or become obsolete and replaced, so all have their chance/ opportunity to make well.

I of course have been as well a strong supporter of President Obama throughout this journal, and realize his ball's are to the wall on this one. I kept to my commitment and promised no matter what that I would vote for him and his posse two time's back to back ... I kept and fulfilled that promise and want to see that they also keep to their word(s). I hope he especially does what's REALLY in "his/ parties" best interest as well, because the outcome of this will be a different result than the health care reform stuff, and this time people are even more hip/ aware than a couple year's ago. The President isnt going for re- election, but he need's to understand as well, how his move's on this will be recalled by many over time and it will have a strong impact on the sustainability and strength of the future Democrat Party. Being that "IF", this doesnt go the way more progressive folk's want to see, especially with all the shaft's we been getting in recent year's, many are going to abandon the mainstream Democrat gig, because it will look more and more like they are falling to the side of the corporate dictation's that the GOP is so "heavily" influenced and controlled by. So look out for the usual "shifty" and "shakey" Democrat's and especially the move's they do (you already know what the GOP/ Republican's will do : ) ... this will tell you if their true to what the majority of American's and especially progressive Democrat's want that they represent, or simply feeding you another helping of the same ole same shit that come's a dime a six- pack in todayz representation.

First of all there isnt a thing wrong with Social Security except ya'll needing to keep ya'll's paw's off/ out of it, okay? My 27 year old daughter for instance pay's the largest portion in deduction's from her paycheck in Social Security and million's upon million's of other's like her ... technically she will become eligible by set standard's ya'll have now in place at "85" year's old as far as retirement age (yes, she checked it out she said, however, I will include this SSA link that discusses this) ... Bernie and other's, as well as this journal has pointed out how secure it really is, why, how, and what feed's and sustain's it. Speaking myself here ... dont sell me some nickel/ dime pitch that you will cut a hundred or two of my Social Security and make me feel like I'm getting some deal, by telling me ya'll will raise taxes on millionaire's/ billionaire's from 28% to 35% or similar nonsense ... bottom line, I frankly dont give a shit about what ya'll do with them as much as I'm concerned what ya'll are going to do with our shit, okay? I mean, I know whatever loophole or whatever ya'll close, there is a half dozen more backup's/ backdoor's to. Dont hold up these silly ass pie chart's to show us, showing what percetage of tax the wealthy pay ... it's bullshit and anyone who know's how to make a buck, know's it ... I guarantee any of ya'll that if I had million's of dollar's and the edge they had, I wouldnt have to pay a dime for shit except my personal investment's, I know that my money will generate more for me than any cost's to me whatsoever, okay? I know damn well that just taxing a few rich folk's aint gonna solve the financial mess that they made either, it's gonna take a Hell of alot more than that, and sure as Hell dont need to cut back Social Security and Medicare, or some other twisted shit, and pulling out ya'll's CPI (consumer price index) chart's and such ... we dont give a shit about that, we care about what's "our's" .... not their's as much ... we make all these thing's work, not them, okay? Hell, if it werent for us sitting in anticipation waiting to crack the door's for "Black Friday", ya'll would be shaking like a leaf on a tree as example, not "us" as much, okay? Without US ... ya'll aint nothin, so lighten ya'll's asses up, okay? Each and everyone of ya'll in Washington know's damn well what need's to be cut more and regulated more, so dont fuck around and play this shit like it's too confusing and complicated, okay? And be grateful and feel blessed that we put up with all the nonsense that we do, okay? ... because in the private sector/ real world of ANY business, ya'll would be weeded out for such incompetence, shenanigan's and such. The election's and the party is over, we the people gave our 110% support, dont forget the hand that's feed's you ... and I'm not talking about this united citizen's racketeering cult either.

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