Friday, November 16, 2012

KING COUNTY (GUTHRIE) TEXAS: An anti- OBAMANATION Nation within a Nation ... with special guest's "The Charlie Daniels Band" (TASTE OF TEXAS PT.16)

This Part 16 of the "Taste of Texas" series will be to highlight a place that has probably never even got noticed for much of anything and has only a county population at that of under 300, making it also one of the smallest counties in population in America at that ... King County (Guthrie) Texas . If CNN havent done this piece on King County I probably would have never posted a thing on this county in Texas at that ... I mean (no insult to King County) ... it's the kind of place where you pass through, maybe stop for a burger and a brew (beer) at a local diner or somethin at most ... you just never hear of this place like so many other rural town's across Texas and the nation ... and I have been to so many coast to coast across this country over the year's. But this just goes to show how vast this nation is and the many smaller town's where people are just so uninformed of the rest of the nation and world that they live in. I am sure that many of these folk's simply dont know much of anything about the President ... and if President Obama (or any President for that matter, or famous person) were to make a suprise visit to one of these town's like this, it would be so uplifting to the people, because they in a way feel so isolated from everyone else ... it would be the talk of the town for year's to come, and they would probably place a monument where he stood for that matter.


Visit the most anti- Obama county in the U.S. ... Thanx to CNN

The Charlie Daniels Band- Texas (live 10/ 20/ 1979, Capitol Theatre) CHARLIE DANIELS ON MV ... Thanx to  **** This piece with Charlie and his crew was "live" which I was fortunate enough to find on YouTube because I attended his 1981 tour here in Dallas, where he shared a bill with country legend Ronnie Milsap. I was anxious to see Charlie's crew live back then, being fascinated by the crew's excellent blend of honky tonk style piano work and Charlie's outstanding fiddle work, and what an excellent performance the crew done! Although I havent done an offical induction in this journal on this band, I wanted to include this particular piece into the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society".



Infidel753 said...

Those five Obama voters must feel awfully isolated. Maybe they should secede from King county and start a new county.

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... havent thought about that Infidel ... your probably right, I mean, they felt even uncomfortable according to CNN to even acknowledge that they voted for the President!

Thanx for your input Infidel ....